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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by ZetsubouKaiji, Feb 19, 2016.

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    This is just like the Unpopular Anime Opinions thread, but for general discussion so the unpopular opinions can be about anything and everything. Maybe you don't think Trump is a talking sphincter or maybe you didn't care for Deadpool or whatever opinion you hold that isn't particularly popular or you might be that guy that just has to point out that hey Hitler had some good ideas.

    Just like in the anime version of this thread there are probably going to be posts that you strongly disagree with, but just keep in mind that's why the thread is called unpopular opinions. Discussion is encouraged, but this isn't the place to try to convince someone their opinion is wrong. This is more of a place to vent about things that go against commonly held opinions.

    Anyway have at it!
  2. BrainBlow

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    Hitler wasn't that bad.

    Unpopular opinion: Most of the opinions voiced will probably be about stuff most people don't actually care or even know about.
    Or at least that's my experience seeing every single reddit thread themed with something like this.

    JEKYLLnHYDE Well-Known Member

    why is it that often if you express an unpopular opinion about "side" about a 2 sided subject ppl automaticly think that you must like the other side ??

    i critisize winston churchill so ppl think that i like hitler
    or if i critisize isreal ppl think i support hamas

    i dont , im just pointing out theres bad on both sides

    so why do ppl do that ?
  4. r18

    r18 Ojii-san

    Posted by r18 on Feb 19, 2016
    comes down to people are stupid....i have told people that we should be glad that hitler was in charge of the 3rd Reich instead of some one like Rommel and they are all like ...what are you a nazi??? do you like what he did....without realizing that he almost single handedly destroyed the german military and it's war fighting ability...
  5. Taek

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    Posted by Taek on Feb 19, 2016
    There's a reason Churchill was voted out almost as soon as WW2 had ended, he may have been a pretty good war leader, but he was an awful prime minster.
    Exactly, if it had been Rommel or Goering, we may have had a very different history indeed.
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  6. Naga

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    Posted by Naga on Feb 19, 2016
    Rommel was actually pretty based. Although I doubt Germany under his rule would be anything like Hitler's - in a way that I doubt there would be an ambition to conquer the world, even though Prussia was militaristic, it probably wouldn't go very far.

    unpopular opinion: i dislike psychology and sociology, even though i appreciate their accomplishments
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    JEKYLLnHYDE Well-Known Member

    actully churchill wasnt that great a war leader

    im betting most of you dont know that churchill wanted to drop poison gas on germany in retaliation for the v1 and v2 blitz
    also all those churchill radio speechs ,,,,, he nvr made them he was too drunk by that time of the evening so a bbc voice actor actully did them all i forget the guys name but the same guy did the voice for larry the lamb
    also churchill deliberatly send bomber command to bomb berlin several times to get hitler to bomb british citys , but for almost a week hitler kept his air force bombing our air fields and militry targets b4 he responded in kind
    also churchill was only 1 time in london when it was being bombed the rest of the time he went out to the country then he would drive back early in the morning and go visit the destroyed homes to make the ppl think he was there with them
    tbh the guy was just a big a war criminal as hitler or stalin
    youv heard of the raid on dresen right

    well bomber command did 1000 raids like that on citys during the war
    for 20thousand civilians to die in a an hour 3 nights a week from british bombs was nothing unusual

    tbh in my opinion if leaders wana go to war we should lock the leaderships of the 2 countrys ina room and let em go at it untill 1 side wins
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  8. BrainBlow

    BrainBlow Well-Known Member

    ^ carpet bombing civilian cities and industrial areas was standard practice in that era. Literally every side partaking in the war did it, and it wasn't made a war crime until 1977.
    And Churchill not hanging out in London during the blitz is just common sense.

    JEKYLLnHYDE Well-Known Member

    yes but churchill did it first
    even wen the us came in they went after factorys not houses
    and whats more churchill did it so that hitler would do it too

    what most ppl dont know is that there was a 5050 split in the uk peace and war but wen hitler bombed london the peace movement died a death as churchill knew it would
    basicly if the peace movement had won churchill would have been out of a job and so he sent bomber command to bomb citys

    nb heres a little churchill irony
    churchill was against the breaking up of the britsh empire , he campaingd feircely against indian home rule
    and yet in fighting the war he the one man who did more to ensure its break up
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  10. signorRossi

    signorRossi Active Member

    IIRC the rationale behind that was to relieve British air defences from direct German attacks because they were collapsing at that stage of the Battle of Britain from relentless German raids.
  11. r18

    r18 Ojii-san

    Posted by r18 on Feb 20, 2016
    here is one i know will be unpopular....i see the comment about carpet bombing being bad thing well why is it that civilians ...who are the ones who start wars should be exempted from the consequences of the war that they started in most places the military does not decided who or where they fight it is a civilian who decides .and during war it is civilians who go to their jobs and make the instruments of war that they give to soldiers to fight the war they started...so why should they be exempt from the consequences of war???
  12. Gens

    Gens Database Moderator

    Posted by Gens on Feb 20, 2016
    Unpopular opinion: I really don't find Russell Peters all that funny.
  13. StarsMine

    StarsMine Database Moderator

    Carpet bombing civilian areas was justified at the time (and still could today) because of what sort of war it was. It wasnt two militaries going at each other. It was two states. The countries participating in world war 2 did not just mobilize the military and the military industrial complex, they mobilized every citizen they had. Every single person was part of the war effort. We have not had a war since WWII like that, but if we ever did, then it would be an appropriate tactic.

    Its not like todays wars where we are not really effected with things like rationing. we dont have the majority of factories switching from civilian output to military ones. England was not fighting the German military, they were fighting germany.

    ISIS is fighting for a state, they do not have one. There is mass resistance to them in the civilian areas they control. So you are right that we dont have the right to do it today, it makes no sense to do so tactically or diplomacy wise. We cant take away a state that is not a state.

    Civilians start wars? Huh?
  14. r18

    r18 Ojii-san

    Posted by r18 on Feb 20, 2016
    who else does ...it is a governmental action always has been and in any country that is not a military dictatorship it is the civilians who comprise the government that declare war ... when i was in the military the stupid civilians blamed me/ the military for an unpopular war which their duly elected civilian government decided to fight ...
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  15. Naga

    Naga Well-Known Member

    Posted by Naga on Feb 20, 2016
    unpopular opinions:

    Totalitarian state is, in fact, not a state, metaphysically speaking. You might use the simplest definition like: group of people on a governed territory type of definition and you wouldn't be wrong by doing so, but through examination of its roots and groundwork it has no resemblance of state whatsoever.

    Totalitarianism is in no logical way radical right wing. Trying to ground it in such limited view is ridiculous.

    Also, Italy was never totalitarian, fascist yes, but not totalitarian. Only totalitarian states that ever existed were Thrid Reich and Stalin's Russia.
  16. Taek

    Taek Well-Known Member

    Posted by Taek on Feb 20, 2016
    Is this just the History thread now?
  17. BrainBlow

    BrainBlow Well-Known Member

    What? Germany carpet-bombed the Netherlands and Poland first, and had already done carpet bombing in Spain just a few years prior.
    And targeting factories is the point.

    Hitler killed the "peace movement." You do know why the phrase "Peace for our time" is basically considered one of the most ironic statements in human history, right? Trying to strike "peace" with Hitler failed miserably the entire way, as the Munich Agreement ended up proving.

  18. Naga

    Naga Well-Known Member

    Posted by Naga on Feb 20, 2016
    History is a good basis for unpopular opinions tbh.

    unpopular opinion:

    Descartes and Spinoza are second rate compared to Leibniz.
  19. Taek

    Taek Well-Known Member

    Posted by Taek on Feb 20, 2016
    Beyonce's music just isn't all that great, even in the context of 21st century R&B.

    JEKYLLnHYDE Well-Known Member

    sorry but germany didnt have any heavy bombers
    all they had was medium bombers
    snd yes they did bomb poland and netherlands but it wasnt carpet bombing
    they didnt have the means too ,,,, thank our luck stars

    earnst udet who was second in command of the luftwaffa in the 30s tried to get georing and milch to build a heavy bomber but they wouldnt listen and in the end udet could see what the nazi where about and what would happen and commited suicide a couple years b4 the war

    btw u might have noticed i know alot about this stuff and in detail
    thts because iv studyd ww2 for 25 years
    tbh i used to accept the historical party line but because of my family history in ww2 i found out from my elders that we were being lied too , witch led me on a life time quest to rly find out about ww2
    my father is 83 and lived thru the war both grand fathers fought in it a great uncle was a pow in germany and well the jewish side of my family (witch had stayed in germany) disapaired into the camps with only 1 surviving
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