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Discussion in 'General Anime Discussion' started by ZetsubouKaiji, Feb 19, 2016.

  1. NarkyOtic

    NarkyOtic Narkylepsy

    Hey now, HEY! I was admitting to my lesser-known dubious tastes in light of my burning hatred of other widely-enjoyed productions.

    Be gentle with me. I'm a fragile sap. ;_;
  2. BrainBlow

    BrainBlow Well-Known Member

    Ugly whore slut piece of shit asshole bitch skank and so on and so forth. Every.time.
  3. NarkyOtic

    NarkyOtic Narkylepsy

    That entire sentence was self-fulfilling poetry, rr.

    BB has a salient point, but I'll take a wild whack at the pinata and say that you're not open to actually examining your own behaviour, just defending it without quarter. Eh.

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  4. randomredneck

    randomredneck Well-Known Member

    Your point? If you're so thin-skinned that you can;t handle people calling fictional characters rude names, then that's really a you problem.
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  5. ShoumaTaka

    ShoumaTaka Well-Known Member

    And don't get me started on One Piece, One Punch Man,
    Fullmetal Alchemist caught my attention and I decided to binge watch 5 episodes, payed attention to ep 6 and dropped , one punch man ugh it was funny from ep 1-3 then it became shit but I like Genos's character concept and how he's named after a steakshop., K was also TRASH. Fate/zero almost bored me to death and Id be better off dead then alive watching that anime
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  6. Tents

    Tents Forum Moderator

    Posted by Tents on Feb 19, 2016
    Hey now, be nice to each other.

    Also please avoid double posting when possible.
  7. Gens

    Gens Database Moderator

    Posted by Gens on Feb 19, 2016
    Negative stereotypes? My favourite thing ever.
  8. NarkyOtic

    NarkyOtic Narkylepsy

    Hahaha Tentou-mod Mode: Engage.

    Indeed. Randomredneck kind of has the monopoly on being the forum... 'that guy'... around here. No pushing or shoving.


    Back on topic. I also belatedly remembered that I kind of didn't think that Durarara!! was all that great, to be honest. It was trying to be all snappy and chic and it just ended up boring me. Some characters were great, but ehhhh... not enough.
  9. Tents

    Tents Forum Moderator

    Posted by Tents on Feb 19, 2016
    I actually think this about all of the sequels. I really loved the first season but afterwards it lost its charm on me. I haven't even started the most recent season because... ehh.
  10. randomredneck

    randomredneck Well-Known Member

    x2Ten made me drop the whole franchise.
  11. Etue

    Etue Well-Known Member

    Posted by Etue on Feb 19, 2016
    Sigh, Here we go...

    Hellsing Ultimate had pacing issues in the beginning and the ending was needlessly rushed. There's an eventful ending and skipping over part of the plot to fit within schedule. While I enjoyed the final villain the final episode was pretty weak in my modest opinion.

    Gangsta was pretty weak after episode 8 or so lot's of things felt unimpactful and the fact that it has no ending just makes it completely not worth watching as is in my opinion

    Seraph of the End has to have one of the worst starting arcs ever. While it got better it's horrible start is one of the things I would love to have had rewritten. The whole Yaoi thing going on is just awkward in some scenes to the point of being comedic even in Yuri anime they don't force sexual tension in scenes that are meant to be dark and serious... but seraph doesn't care... it reminds me of netrorare hentai-doujins to be honest, which is hilarious since I hate those with a passion.
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  12. ShoumaTaka

    ShoumaTaka Well-Known Member

    ^ watch the original hellsing.
  13. g3data

    g3data Well-Known Member

    Why? That show blew
  14. StarsMine

    StarsMine Database Moderator

    Opinions are fine, I will gladly hear an argument about how nami is not a great charachter. Just as long as as actually an argument and not just calling her names
    As brain blow pointed out, all those words he used to describe Nami, without reason, just weaken rednecks argument, and comes off as mysognisitic, not critical. Not sure when she became a whore when she has never shown sexual interest in anyone. And even if she was, you still need to make an argument as to why being one weakens her character.

    Redneck fails to make arguments, he makes flaimbait. And gets made when he gets called out on it.

    Same thing happend with his comment on Myazaki. His argument is weak, comes off as trolling, and if isnt doing that, then he still comes of as a dismissive, hateful person. Not exactly quality traits.

    We are here to discuss, not circle jerk, bring quality arguments.

    For my Unpopular Opinion

    G Gundam Fighter
    I can not figure out why people like this gundam show. It goes to absurd shonen levels, but not going far enough to be a parody, just far enough that it should be parodied. Oh look at me I traine din the mountains and now for no unexplained reason can throw a fire punch (the concept of which was never part of the universe that was laid out) and then magicly my gundam can throw a fire punch with no mechanical alterations. In all other gundam shows (except ZZ) the op powers like newtype green light is shown to be a part of the universe, Here... uhg

    The only thing I liked about the show was the novel way they controlled the gundams. Everything else was just the worst part of shonen without any self awareness to make it a joke. You just sit there watching it trying to figure out if it is supposed to be, but with no clues telling you it is.

    For some reason, the vast majority of people who watched it, loved it, or at least enjoyed it to have fond memories of it.
  15. StarsMine

    StarsMine Database Moderator

    Wait, you really think nami goes around trying to find dicks to stick into her? What part of the show brought you to this conclusion?

    Edit: aww he deleted his post, now it looks like I double posted. D:
  16. GekoHayate

    GekoHayate Active Member

    Titan was referencing the expression, "Can't stand the heat (opinions) get out of the kitchen (opinion thread)." Absolutely nothing to do with stereotypes.

    UAO: JoJo's Bizarre Adventure (2012) is kind of boring to sit through, which is disappointing because I am enjoying the manga. I was expecting a bit more high energy cheese, but to me it was only mild cheddar not sharp. Except for Dio, that man is a glorious cocknozzle
  17. Naga

    Naga Well-Known Member

    Posted by Naga on Feb 20, 2016
    unpopular opinion: There's nothing inherently wrong with rape in anime, imho it becomes bad only when it's done horribly in no constructive way whatsoever.

    Yes, I think rape can be used constructively. See: Guts.
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  18. BrainBlow

    BrainBlow Well-Known Member

    Opinion: Original Naruto is a good show. Terribly flawed, but still real good. Way better than most shit that gets put out every season.

    And the soundtrack is superb, though that is not an unpopular opinion.
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  19. Taek

    Taek Well-Known Member

    Posted by Taek on Feb 20, 2016
    And Gen was referencing the stereotypical insults people level at females that RR used.

    Eh, part 1 and 2 are the weakest parts of the manga, and the show actually improves on them for me. Part 8 a best, it's truly the most bizarre.
  20. signorRossi

    signorRossi Active Member

    Yes, I watched it to episode 20-something and still didn't like it enough to watch on. I liked the crude humour when the Shinsengumi are on screen but really started to hate the girl with the big cat after a while and got soon bored by Gintoki's or glasses-guy's antics. I also watched the movie Shinyaku Benizakura-hen, and that one was genuinely unfunny and bad.

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