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    In my opinion, My Hero Academia has been ass for the better part of 2 and a half seasons, and even I think Shigaraki was by far the best part of the last season and a super great villain, mostly because he redefines the entire trope in an interesting way.

    Yes, his goals are basic, to destroy shit, cause chaos, and generally be uncool and make sure life isn't easy for innocent people. But the way they get to that motivation is what makes him interesting, and the fact that in the series definition of a villain, he's actually a perfect one, with the best development and progression of his own. If deku is on track to become the ideal hero then he's on track to become the ideal villain. A hero is selfless, protective, and just acts without thinking in the best interest of someone else. A villain is antithetical to that, acting only in their own interest, selfish, and destructive.

    The series uses those definitions to say that certain characters, deku, all might, ect are meant to be the true heroes, not these other people that just pose as heroes and commercialize it and... you know... run a fucking school for it, and similarly, these "villains" in the show that aren't shigaraki, that just act for some kind of subtle motivation that isn't evil in itself but they serve the role of the antagonist... they aren't REAL villains. Shigaraki, all for one, are those real villains.

    See a real villain doesn't have super elaborate complex goals that ultimately are well-intentioned but have an opposing party that gets damaged, that's just an anti-hero, or someone "misunderstood." The moment where you can say, this character isn't misunderstood, they aren't nuanced, they aren't grey, they are just evil, the embodiment of evil, even though you can SEE how they got to that point in their life and it makes sense... it's still not just. But that's the whole point.

    The series makes the point that true villainy is unjustifiable and will destroy comparatively weak "ends justify the means" characters by having the series main evil
    trump this "Evil" buff doofenshmirtz character who isn't ACTUALLY evil in season 5.

    In that regard, shigaraki is an amazing villain and that's really why people like him. For the type of show that MHA is, he's the PERFECT main antagonist. Maybe in a different kind of show with a different message, like that maybe villains are justifiable and whatever, he wouldn't be a good villain. But for the message MHA is trying to get across, he's perfect.

    I would rather say if i were to have an unpopular opinion on this show, that deku isn't actually the perfect hero the series says he is. He participates in the self righteous culture heroes have just as much as anybody and never EVER puts his own feelings aside for the greater good, and the fact that he as the protagonist remains in the school and still hasn't progressed much from where he started runs antithetical to what the show was trying to say about heroes all along.
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    Alright, I understand all that and it is an interesting dynamic but my issue is that Shigaraki doesn't have much of a personality, he's not fun, he's not scary, he's not terribly intimidating, and he's not even a "love to hate" type he's just kinda edgy and miserable. Hell, All for One has more presence than him and he probably has way less screen time than most of the other villains.

    I may or may not be reading into this too much but I think that's kinda the point, Deku still idealizes heroes and is striving towards that ideal, but the show demonstrates time and again that the heroes aren't exactly the pinnacles of truth and justice Deku likes to think they are and may be hinting that Deku is gonna have to come to terms with that one way or another. Although I'm pretty sure the "stuck in school" aspect is to keep the title relevant and because it's starting to lean in more on the shonen tropes.
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    Everyone oughta be watching Waccha PriMagi. I mean, there are shows this season that look terrible (like Fruit of Evolution) and I wish people would drop those bad ones in favor of PriMagi.
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    Unpopular opinion:

    I think Rent A Girlfriend is pure garbage because the cast of characters are stupid, annoying, and a few of them should probably get a visit from Truck-kun.
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    What the heck, that meme actually has a character page?
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    Honestly that’s not even the best part. The best part is that his first tag is “bloodthirsty” :laugh:
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  8. Thrawn


    Don't you be isekai'ng them shit-tier characters to my beloved trash generic isekais
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    Fair enough, Thrawn. As I said in my review I wouldn't wish that on the innocent people in those worlds.

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