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Discussion in 'General Anime Discussion' started by ZetsubouKaiji, Feb 19, 2016.

  1. Claptrap

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    Oofuri is my favourite, because I prefer more grounded sports drama that focuses on character growth / development and well, the character archetypes really appeal to me.

    But I think there's a bit of an issue overall with sports series discussions and referencing Haikyuu. I like Haikyuu, but I see everyone treat it as this untouchable godtier sports anime when imo, it's... much like all sports anime?

    and even if I prefer realistic sports anime, I think there's an issue with treating unrealistic sports anime as a flaw. I think what people have to realize is that it's a preference. If Kuroko no Basuke doesn't appeal to someone (which I'll be honest, it didn't for me), it's okay to not like it. But it's another thing for people to criticize it for its lack of realism - KnB never, ever pretends it's going to be realistic. I see similar criticisms of a lot of 'out there' sports anime, and a lot of it comes off like criticizing a fantasy show for magic. It's one thing if a show acts like it's going to be realistic and then there's magic powers, but these criticisms almost always come for shows that have never ever pretended it's not going to be magic esque sports

    Btw, I do love super silly out there sports anime like Sk8 and Inazuma Eleven, KnB just didn't click with me for whatever reason. I think it's partially a bit of a shallow reason though, as the character designs aren't really in my ballpark.
  2. Gens

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    Yeah sk8 really screams so loudly and in your face, that it's a dumb as fuck over the top show that defies the laws of physics. If someone didn't understand that from watching the preview trailer and premise, I don't know wtf they were watching honestly lol

    I think degree of realism can sometimes depends on how actively involved the person is as well in the sport. Because when you're deeply invested in a particular sport as an actual active participant, I think you can't help but notice the flaws a lot more than the average joe and for some people that can bother them to a certain extent that it subconsciously affects their ability to enjoy it for them. I can still really enjoy the hell out of my silly shounen sports anime and I don't think being unrealistic is really a flaw, but when it comes to a sport I'm intimately familiar with. It's hard not to nitpick at least a little bit in my mind unintentionally and that's more out of passion than anything else, not actually looking for reasons to hate it.
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  3. Claptrap

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    I think it often depends HOW wrong things get, and also on how many examples there are of a sport - like, if something is more niche, you might be more annoyed/frustrated when something portrays it inaccurately. But, at the same time, I guess that's why it's hard for me to understand critcism of KnB and Ina11/Tsubasa or Prince of Tennis - basketball, soccer and tennis are all super popular, I think

    Like if it's SLIGHTLY unrealistic, I think that opens it up more to nitpicks - like, I know how soccer is played but when the superpowers come out in Inazuma Eleven and then they fight aliens with soccer it really gets hard to criticize at all because they're so clearly not going for realism. I kinda feel that way about Sk8 and KnB too, actually what surprised me more about Sk8 was things that did exist irl - like Adam's longboard dancing (though not to the same frantic anime extent)

    But I agree, a bit, I think that's why baseball series tend to be more grounded and realistic than other type of sports in anime - because most people in Japan have experience with baseball, and thus it's a little harder to suspend belief about epic magical baseball. Similarly, baseball is a centerpiece for nostalgia and memories and highschool drama because so many people can relate to the concept in Japan, whereas other sports don't quite have the same feeling

    Maybe I'll be able to relate to people's griping about inaccuracies when we finally get a hockey anime since that has all the perfect notes for people to get really upset about its portrayal
  4. Cherstal

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    Y'know what.. you make some good points.
    I'm glad we got both seasons, I don't think the show would be complete without the cast-wide thematic development of S2 and the focused, character development + payoff for Kuroko and the GoM in S3, but honestly I think I see what you're saying about S3 lacking some of the punch of S2 with how it grappled with the purpose of basketball itself.

    I still think that Kuroko no Basket as a whole is better with season 3 than without it. But you know, maybe I should do a rewatch soon.. I think I need to see S2 again :D
    Couldn't agree more! I can't help but wonder how it got to this point. There were other huge sports anime franchises that arose in the 2010's, like KnB, Yowapeda, Free, Diamond no Ace, but in the end it's Haikyuu that's become the gold standard that every new sports anime should aim to achieve (yet inevitably fail to).

    People are free to not watch fantasy shows 'cause they don't like magic, but when you go ahead and use that preference to say that Star Trek is the best TV show ever made because it's sci-fi, not fantasy, and all TV shows should be sci-fi and just like Star Trek... It doesn't really make any sense.
  5. Gens

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    All the sports I enjoy playing are extremely niche so yeah, I think in my particular case I'd just personally prefer a more accurate portrayal at the moment lol

    Speaking of hockey, I know Noda, the author of Golden Kamuy interestingly actually did a hockey manga called Supinamarada! Even if it's a bit short, been meaning to check that out randomly.
  6. Starletka

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    Oh dear, oh god
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  7. HasseRovdjur

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    One of the characters is the definition of "thunder thighs", I can tell you that much.
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  8. Saeryen

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    I liked KnB S3 the best because it had the most character drama and development.
  9. Rascal

    Rascal Silver Supporter

    I actually don't think that's shallow at all, I take points off from things due to character designs a lot.

    And Kuroko's... yeah, they're more than a bit generic-looking.
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  10. GlennMagusHarvey

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    Unpopular opinion of the moment: I am not enamored with Kana Hanazawa's roles and I basically can't pick them out (nor can I pick out her voice).

    Though I guess this goes in the general category of "unpopular opinions on popular celebs", such as me not being enamored with Gen Urobuchi.
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  12. rickyrickk

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    Mononoke was kind of obnoxious at times
  13. Akishima

    Akishima Well-Known Member

    I assume this is an unpopular opinion, but I find the character designs for Demon Slayer incredibly ugly. It's hard to pinpoint what puts me off most about them- they come off as short, blocky, spikey and generally lacking any sort of grace. The proportions feel really off in a bad way- and anime isn't really known for accuracy in that department. I don't think I've found a show in recent memory that had more unappealing character designs.
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  14. Rascal

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    Completely agreed. But if you're talking about the anime... yeah. The manga however, is way, WAY worse. They did all they could to pretty up the character designs for the anime but it wasn't enough.
    Spoilers for content like, midway through season 1 i guess
    like goddamn
  15. Akishima

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    They're actually kind of cute in an ugly way, lol. I don't want to make fun of someone's artwork, but it's definitely not my thing. I also find the art of Dragonball and One Piece incredibly ugly, but plenty of people seem to enjoy all of these series just fine, so it's obviously just my perspective on it. In general, cartoon characters are often deformed in various ways, so I guess it's kinda surprising we've come to expect beauty from most anime/manga. I think for a lot of people, the story is what pulls them in, but for me, the art is the most important thing, otherwise, I'd just read a book with no pictures.
  16. Rascal

    Rascal Silver Supporter

    Well that's kind of on purpose though, at least for one piece.
  17. Akishima

    Akishima Well-Known Member

    Well, there's a long tradition of caricature design in comics, so makes sense. I'd definitely prefer it to be intentional, even if I don't care for it.
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  18. Rascal

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    After being fully immersed in Legend of the Galactic Heroes - watched the OVA, watched the Gaiden prequel OVA's, watched and rewatched the remakes -

    It has ruined absolutely zero other anime for me.

    I love it, it's in my top 10 for sure, but everyone always says "if you watch it it will ruin other anime for you" but... no? No it absolutely does not? And I don't even know where that elitist mentality comes from, because like, a lot of characters in it are exemplary embodiments of humility and subtlety, you'd think a fandom that worships an anime like this wouldn't go around making such bold statements.

    I guess I've mentioned this before, but even after thinking about it and discussing it with other people a lot and even getting into the fandom a bit... I don't get it. I don't see how it ruins other anime, or is even above most other anime.

    What it set out to do is just so incredibly different than the goal of most other media, anime or not, and it radically succeeded at conveying what it wanted to, but like... I dunno. My feelings on other anime have not changed at all and I in fact feel like I enjoy anime now more than I have in a while.
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  19. FoodLife

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    UA: the manga version of Demon Slayer and Haikyuu is way better than the anime
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  20. SilentBookworm

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    Not sure how popular the opposing opinion is but, after finishing Season 5 of My Hero Academia, I can definitively say that I still think Tomura Shigaraki is an incredibly dull and uncompelling villain. His goals are almost Saturday Morning Cartoon levels of basic and he neither has the personality nor charisma to elevate that. I'd honestly go so far as to say it's a shame that more interesting villains are cast aside solely just to give him a power boost.

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