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  1. SodaFox

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    I agree this episode just didn't do it for me. I didn't really like the first few episodes either but 4-8 or so were decent if generic. I hope it bounces back because I'm actually interested in adventuring through the world more and opening a shop.
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  2. randomredneck

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    Episode 9.
    So every time he aims a bow, he dies and comes back stronger? I do not follow how that works.

    Also, I don't know about you, but if two super strong and hot chicks were fighting over who gets to rock my world first, I don't think I'd run like he did.

    And it appears the wasting of the spider people's design is complete. Talk about a dumb choice.
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  3. featherstone

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    Ep10 That wand sound effect killed me today =D
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  4. SodaFox

    SodaFox Active Member

    This one?

    This episode was certainly back in the direction I was hoping for! Yay some world building. Also:

    Yay red head added to the party! And a dood to boot! Much pleased.
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  5. featherstone

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  6. SodaFox

    SodaFox Active Member

    Not gonna lie I definitely thought you were pulling a "wand=wang" joke, too. :p I didn't catch the wand one. I'll have to rewatch that scene.
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  7. nucl3arGzus

    nucl3arGzus Member

    lol. That wet fart when the wand fails.
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  8. Shimejii

    Shimejii New Member

    Its honestly too bad that they already messed up the show this much, Just skipping through elements of the story that help make more sense of things is kinda silly.
  9. randomredneck

    randomredneck Well-Known Member

    Episode 10.
    ...Really? Aqua and Eris? Oi.

    Anyway, apparently being this guy's servant just automatically makes you hot...also, Tomoe appears to be dead. That's inconvenient.
  10. apoc9

    apoc9 Well-Known Member

    Posted by apoc9 on Sep 15, 2021
    I'm comparing to the manga adaptation. They skipped a lot, but finally the story gets to some OP fights. Looking forward to the next episode (12).
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  11. SodaFox

    SodaFox Active Member

    Just a thought but could MC's ugliness be equated to racism? I don't know why I thought of it this episode, I guess because other humans commented on his appearance, but he's not drawn ugly.
    If it were just a matter of his deadly stare at the adventurer woman I could see that looking ugly, but even the merchant guy and butler, in a friendly setting, found him ugly.

    Have we seen humans of other races? I think pretty much all of them, including the goddess, are Caucasian/white/whatever the equivalent is in that world. If that's how all humans look then it makes sense that they find a Japanese person ugly. Also, he doesn't speak their language instead speaking Japanese, right?

    Also, do we know his parents are from this world? They could've come to Earth from a different world, right? I'm pretty sure they established that there are many different worlds in the last episode but maybe I misunderstood.

    Anyway, I don't think MC is actually ugly. I just think the goddess and people of this world aren't familiar with the Japanese so he looks different and therefore ugly to them for that reason alone.
  12. WolfgangHype

    WolfgangHype New Member

    Well in the first episode I believe it is implied that he was pulled to this world basically in exchange for his parents being able to stay on Earth, so pretty sure this is his parent's world. I think the Goddess even makes a comment about his parents.

    I don't think it's a race thing. I don't recall them making any reference to his school friend being foreign (the one that confessed to him) and we have someone that looks just like her in this world. Also if both his parents are from this world he would be the same ethnicity. I think he's just average and the goddess has ridiculous beauty standards. It's implied that pretty much every human in this world is by common earth standards beautiful.
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  13. KazeVongola

    KazeVongola Well-Known Member

    Absolutely not. First of all, there aren't any "races" of humans in most anime, this one included. Japanese entertainment isn't obsessed with "races" like the US. But lets say you're right and he's the only asian in this world full of caucasians. How come he never even mentions it? Not even a fleeting thought of "Hey everyone else is white, that's pretty strange." What he did say is that everyone looks beautiful. But I'll humor you even more, lets say he just didn't care. His parents are from this world, if they're white, he's white. His childhood friend looks identical to Toa (minus the hair color), so if Toa's white, that Japanese girl should also be white. So yeah, interesting theory, but it just doesn't make much sense.

    Pretty sure he's just an average looking guy, but in this world where everyone is beautiful, he looks ugly by comparison. Well, that and the whole 'goddess cursing him to look repulsive to humans' deal. Notice how only humans get repulsed by him, others just think he looks average. Just like how he can only speak demi-human, his looks are probably also like a demi-human's in the eyes of humans, maybe something almost human to add that uncanny valley feeling, which would explain people's reactions.

    I really liked how they resolved "that" incident. You rarely see anime protagonists behaving like actual people, with actual people feelings and reactions. We are very emotional, reactive creatures after all.
    That said we got another instance of something very dark instantly getting downplayed by silliness, like they did in an earlier episode, which is a huge problem with a lot of anime nowadays. Honestly the only anime that did the whole 'switch from drama to humor' thing effectively was Gintama.
    Still, I think this is one of the better anime this season, despite its generic genre.
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  14. SodaFox

    SodaFox Active Member

    Yeah I uh... definitely wasn't very interested in the premise of the show at first. My husband started watching it (with me semi listening while doing other things) and I picked it up with him a few episodes in so I definitely don't remember anything from the first 3 or so episodes, haha. I knew he was cursed not to speak human (which is why he writes) but wasn't aware his appearance was also cursed by the goddess or that she had commented on his parents.
  15. Shimejii

    Shimejii New Member

    Ep 11

    They are truly speedrunning through this and not explaining things to the viewer. Whomever was in charge of That really needs to adjust that, Without reading the manga, this would be just What just happened and why and not in a good way.
  16. SodaFox

    SodaFox Active Member

    Could you explain in a spoiler what exactly you're referring to? Because as a non-manga reader I feel like I got the gist of it.
  17. randomredneck

    randomredneck Well-Known Member

    Episode 11.
    ...What the fuck, man?
    This show is supposed to be funny. But now all of a sudden it's all bloody vengeance, dismemberment and death. Like Goddamn...
  18. Gaunter

    Gaunter Silver Supporter

    The series will get a second season. PV:
  19. randomredneck

    randomredneck Well-Known Member

    Good show. Went a little off the rails there in those last couple episodes, but whatever.
    Also, a new mini Tomoe. Hooray!

    4 out of 5.
  20. Shimejii

    Shimejii New Member

    So In general Theres a reason why Rembrandt was hated, he killed a LOT of people, and did some pretty messed up stuff to his employees. There was a few backstory details that went on for a few chapters to really explain the details, and also MC buying a plot of land and then also renting it was a little key nugget of info that would have been pretty funny but they skipped it.

    The War Part and the other Summoned people got skipped entirely, i assume they will do more about them in season 2, but there was a good amount of material they just skipped. In the manga you were introduced to the war and they were fighting in it, and on the other hand MC was preparing for going to the School to learn. The anime just has him preping to go without much background then immediate poof dropped into things. I get that they only had 12 episodes instead of 24 that would have allowed them, but doing this then doing a full flashback just seems meh.

    Overall the animation was great its just the skipped just details that help make the story better then what was shown.
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