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    Any recommendations for an anime where the plot starts off with a tragic scenario that is overcome, peace is restored and everything is good, but then something happens that breaks that peace again?
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    Alderamin on the Sky - A small group of soldiers get into a shipwreck on an island behind enemy lines, through some clever tactics and luck they manage to make it home, but the war will bring more tragedy later in the series.
    Izetta: The Last Witch - A small country is being bullied by a much larger country until it finds a secret weapon to defend themselves, Izetta. She has the power to defend her country, but at a severe cost to herself.
    Puella Magi Madoka Magica- This one might be a bit of a stretch but I will throw it out there anyway. Madoka becomes a magical girl because it is the only way to save someone's life, but in doing so she discovers a whole new world full of despair.
    Romeo x Juliet - You can probably tell by the title how this one is going to go. I still enjoyed watching it.

    The entire Isekai genre probably has some of what you are looking for. The protagonist dies and gets reincarnated into some fantasy world that is full of problems and they have to save it somehow. Here are a couple of isekai suggestions
    Youjo Senki: Saga of Tanya the Evil
    The Rising of the Shield Hero
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    Blast of Tempest (save the world half way through, everything's great but then new threat shows up)
    Stars Align (if you want a tragic sports anime)
    Heroman (maybe? About the same as Blast of Tempest but with more of a mini arc between both events)
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    Thanks, will check them out. The only thing about Isekai's though is that it isn't the "tragedy" scenario that I'm looking for. I don't consider many of those protagonist deaths to be necessarily tragic. I'm talking more along the lines of world is in ruins, people band together to fix it and everything is good until another obstacle comes and tears that down.

    Somewhat like what @Franzi said in his post "save the world half way through, everything's great but then new threat shows up"
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    LUCIIIII Active Member

    I would recommend:
    Banana Fish: Extremely painful ending
    Beyond the Boundary: Has a quite impactful start and a really sad ending, if you watch the anime, and the 2 extra movies.
    A Lull in the Sea: Starts with a sad atmosphere, ends with an even sadder one.
    Weathering With You:Has a sad atmosphere, and beautiful, beautiful ending
    Wolf Children: Beautifully, beautiful start, "peaceful" middle, and a sad sad ending.
    Orange: Sad start, unrequited love feelings in the middle, and a melancholy ending.
    ERASED: Has a general, beginning an peaceful middle and a really sad end.

    Assassination Classroom: I wouldnt say that this is an tragic anime, but the end did really struck me and this si one of my favourite anime.
    I hope you find some of them good!!:balloon:

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