Tower of God

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  1. Scruffy8642

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    Really enjoyed this and it surpassed my expectations. Would give it a 4/5. Main complaints being that Bam and Rachel are just pretty shitty characters, but the rest are fine. Pretty shocked to hear this covered like 70 chapters, it really didn't feel rushed to me.

    But I think the main problem is just that this is a stupidly long series, so 13 episodes isn't gonna cut it for getting anywhere decent in the plot or proper character development, and I do wish they started off with 2 cours. I hope for many many more seasons in the future.
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  2. ShinrabanshouGr

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    Started watching this with high expectations thanks to all the hype. The first few episodes were underwhelming at best. After episode 5 or 6 it started picking up, until the 13th and final episode of the season which was horrible.
    After all the action in the last episodes, ending the season with one that wasted 3/5 of it's time to explain the reason why Rachel did what she did (I didn't even care about this bitch), was a really bad decision. It left a bad taste at the end, and reminded me of how average the start was.

    Also, the main character can't pull the series, he is bad, and most of the other main characters outshine him. So, I'm not expecting much from a potential sequel. It can't get much better.

    The two good thing about this, were the OP and ED. Both in my top 3 for the season. The anime in general, 10th or 11th place for the season.
  3. RascaI

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    please no more webtoon anime

  4. Hemfrik

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    I'm surprised by the extent to which the final episodes saves the season.
    Rachel becomes an actual character, the plot turns out to be an actual plot, and som other things and characters behave as would be expected in a decent narrative.

    Not bad, 7/10.
  5. RascaI

    RascaI Well-Known Member

    I'll admit, I was surprised at how good the final episode was compared to the show as a whole. Felt like it was from an entirely different anime that actually knew what it was doing, bringing rachel into best character status in my eyes. But at this point it had been 11 episodes of me just not caring what was going on so it didn't make much of a difference.
  6. OkamiHime95

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    Put this on the back-burner for awhile, but FINALLY I was able to watch episode 10. (I skipped episode 9 for personal reasons...)
    First off, I legit almost went EEEEEEE over mini Gator. :laugh::love: #MiniGatorIsBestGator

    Hoping Bam wins the test.
  7. Kidthegrimreaper8

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    I wonder what's taking so long for episode 8 of the English Dub to come out. Maybe I'm just impatient.
  8. A Spicy meme made by yours truly (Hope you have watched E13) ;P

    Feel free to support Mystic on Reddit of the original post here!
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