Tower Of God

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    Posted by Yakoz on Aug 3, 2017
    Ahhhh I'm so glad someone had the same issues xD Now they look too good and I can't stop reading it, dammit!
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    Download webtoon on your device to read tower of god
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    Man, I'm just waiting for this manga to finish to read it hahah
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    The anime brought up some thing i forgot a little about, so i went on the TOG Wiki to check one thing, then i ended up wasting two hours reading about all the little details i'd forgotten. I almost forgot what an incredibly vast world this series is built upon, the tiny details are insane. Can't believe it's apparently nearly seven years since i started reading this, this was one of the best recommendations anyone ever gave me, and i still love it as much now as i ever did.

    I just hope the anime doesn't get cancelled, otherwise we'll miss out on so many amazing arcs.
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    Posted by Vega on Apr 23, 2020
    I'm really hoping the anime leads to more people reading the webtoon, maybe we'll see a revival of this thread! I'd love to see part 2 adapted as well if possible but we'll see what happens. I haven't read the webtoon since the end of the Workshop Battle arc so it's been... 6 years or so since I last read it. Really looking forward to jumping back in (and when I do I'm gonna start at the beginning of part 2 cause I remember next to nothing...)
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    You've got a lot of fun stuff to come if you stopped at that point. If memory serves me right, that arc may be one where i thought it dragged on a little too long, but you'll always get that with something so long-running.
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    Posted by Vega on Jun 7, 2020
    I know I initially said I was going to wait for the anime to be over before I started binging this again but... since I remember more or less the important parts that are coming up in the last few episodes of the anime I think I'm going to start my binge now! Going to be starting from the beginning so I can refresh my memory on details that got cut but I'll mostly be skimming through part 1. The temptation is just way too strong
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    Posted by Vega on Jun 7, 2020
    Just finished rereading all of part 1! Still just as fun as it always was and I'm glad I decided to start at the beginning to refresh my memory a bit. Hard for me to say if the anime or webtoon is better though so I'll just go by arc and I'm posting this in here instead of the anime thread because I'm far more blatant with the spoilers in this case:
    Chapters leading up to the Crown Game: More or less equal, not a whole lot to say but I'll get to this a bit later when I talk about the one thing that the webtoon does far better than the anime.

    Crown Game: Anime is better here. As fun as the Crown Game is I felt like the start of it was a bit oddly paced. For example the part where Anaak makes a bet with Bam over the Black March takes up an entire chapter. About midway through the arc is where SIU seems to find his footing but I prefer how the anime did it.

    Hide and Seek: My thoughts are kinda complicated when comparing these two. I still enjoy how the anime did it (Serena's backstory is one thing that to me, was done better in the anime with this arc), but the webtoon is better in some aspects including complexity and tone. The tone in particular was much better since the overall darker atmosphere of the testing area adds to it (and when I say dark I mean there's times when the backgrounds are pitch black), unlike the anime where the area is just dim. That and some parts are just cooler looking in the webtoon like Quant jumping onto a spear instead of just dodging it along with minor details that more blatantly add to the sense of scale.

    Thoughts on how they're going to adapt the last arc and epilogue: There's no way they can fit every single aspect of this into the remaining episodes. My guess is they'll trim down anything and everything that doesn't have anything to do with Anaak/Endorsi vs Ren and Rachel trying to kill Bam. They'll also likely need a significant chunk of time to dedicate to the epilogue chapters but I suspect that some aspects of it can be moved to a possible second season to keep things intact. Leaving parts of the epilogue out completely without even touching on them in the second season can and probably will lead to confusion.

    I hold both the anime and webtoon in more or less equal regard as each have their strengths and weaknesses but there's one aspect the webtoon does far better than the anime: the worldbuilding. There's so much of it in the webtoon which goes hand in hand with it's heavy amounts of exposition, and the anime just does not have the amount of episodes that would be needed to accommodate for this. That and the heavy amounts of exposition in this case likely wouldn't go over as well in an anime medium.
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    Posted by Vega on Jun 9, 2020
    Been binging the hell out of Part 2 and I've now finished the entire Workshop Battle arc and it's epilogue. Ended up actually liking it even more than I originally did and just... wow what a ride. To me that arc is damn near perfect. There's great moments and fun interactions with both old and new characters, loads and loads of scheming that leads to all sorts of craziness, god-tier artwork that makes the constantly escalating fights a lot of fun to look at, there's just so much that they did so well here!
    The ultimate payoff, with Bam reuniting with his friends and finally being free from FUG was amazing too. Even though that aspect is likely very predictable for some, it's still immensely satisfying to see.
    Looking forward to starting the Hell Train arc! Might be starting it tomorrow if I don't get distracted.

    One issue though and this is the fault of Webtoon: the translation is fucking awful. The plot is still comprehensible but there are a ton of grammar errors (and some phrasing they use at times makes some characters sound very off) and the translators clearly can't keep the names consistent. I think they need to have someone go through every chapter and fix it up. Not something that ruins it for me but good lord.

    Quick note: If a forum mod happens to see this and wants to move this to the thread for Part 2, feel free. Didn't even realize Part 2 had it's own thread!
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  10. Now on chapter 52 of the webtoon. Very enjoyable read, lots of action, Kuhn is definitely the standout for me.
  11. Stalled a bit at season 2 chapter 93, there are just so many characters it can occasionally be tough to keep up. From what I've read, it's solid but I enjoyed season 1 a bit more. Hoping the rest can be a bit of an improvement.

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