Tower of Druaga: The Sword of Uruk

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  1. Julianlivre

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    [sadht=Druaga no To: the Aegis of Uruk]Tower of Druaga: The Sword of Uruk[/sadht][sadhl=2266]tower-of-druaga-the-sword-of-uruk[/sadhl][sadhdc][/sadhdc]

    Title: Druaga no To: the Aegis of Uruk
    Airs: 05.04.2008
    Episodes: -
    Genre: -

    Story: The Summer of "Anu": In a summer once every five years, demons in the mysterious Tower of Druaga lose their powers due to the magic spell cast by a god named "Anu". King Gilgamesh, ruler of the kingdom Uruk, uses the appearance of demons as an excuse to invade the tower and find out the construct's secrets. As 80 years passed, the Uruk army managed to fight back the demons and built a fortress city and safe haven on the very first floor of Druaga - Metz Kier. Thus begins the story of a warrior named Gil who, finding companions along the way, embarks on a quest for the fabled Blue Crystal Rod, a powerful artifact rumored to be in the highest floor of Druaga. However, other competitors, including the kingdom of Uruk itself, want the treasure, all for their own reasons.

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  2. Warhad

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    Posted by Warhad on Jan 9, 2009
    The new season first episode of Druaga has come. I realy enjoyed it and I must tell... that episode is realy interesting. The continue of first season is suprising, I didn't expect that Capitan will be a Chief in his restaurant... I can't tell more about this season after watching a single episode but now I can say that it will be a realy good fabular sh*t xD How do you think.. the new season will be better or worse than the older one??

    and.. one thing left... Opening sux xD
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  3. Adam

    Adam New Member

    Posted by Adam on Jan 10, 2009
    Re: Druaga No To ~Sword of Uruk~

    Fatina was making fun of Jil for never having sex.


    I'm so happy this isn't the first season all over again.
  4. Xennon

    Xennon New Member

    Posted by Xennon on Jan 10, 2009
    Re: Druaga No To ~Sword of Uruk~

    Love this show, couldn't wait any longer for the second season.

    Yeah for a Fatina and Jil relationship! I wanted them to get together since the beginning.
  5. Adam

    Adam New Member

    Posted by Adam on Jan 10, 2009
    Re: Druaga No To ~Sword of Uruk~

    I honestly think he's still going to go for Kaaya, which pisses me off.
  6. Lan

    Lan New Member

    Posted by Lan on Jan 10, 2009
    Re: Druaga No To ~Sword of Uruk~

    The first ep was pretty funny. There were quite a few things I wasn't expecting.
    Ya I think jil is going go for the other girl. Its been half a year and he is still bummed out.
  7. BTime

    BTime Guest

    Posted by BTime on Jan 13, 2009
    Very pleased with the first episode. Great way to continue on from last season..
  8. Warhad

    Warhad New Member

    Posted by Warhad on Jan 17, 2009
    hmm new episode is great. Jil and his team are going to the tower again. But what now? what is on the other side of tower? I can't wait for the new episode
  9. Aelphais

    Aelphais New Member

    I agree with Adam and Xennon

    Jil+Fatina == win, Jil+Kaaya == fail, unfortunately I foresee the Jil+Kaaya end.

    Hopefully Melt and Coopa will stay pretty much the same as last season though, they were such a funny pair. Had me laughing almost every other line they said.
  10. Xennon

    Xennon New Member

    I think what is going to go on is he will end up with Fatina. What I mean is, that something will happen when they get to the top, and Kaaya will disappear for whatever reason. She won't be killed, just that when she achieves her mission, she is gone. Little late here and I am pretty tired, so you guys might not get what I am trying to say, but it makes sense in my mind.

    I don't think he is settling for Fatina. I believe he honestly has feelings for her, just that he also can't forget about Kaaya and is worried about her. Whether he will place her before Fatina towards the end, I dunno, although I hope not. I hope it won't come down to some stupid decision were he has to choose between the two in the middle of some battle or some bs like that.

    Damn, I have seen way to many shows like this.
  11. Adam

    Adam New Member

    Posted by Adam on Jan 19, 2009
    I hope the romance crap doesn't become a huge focus as they get closer to the top. D:

    Second episode was alright; it set up things nicely for the rest of the season and I'm excited for the return of a certain duo. :D
  12. Crazy49er

    Crazy49er New Member

    Just went back and watched the first season, I laughed hard. I was quite amused at the use of 2d graphics and arcade style combat towards the middle of the season.

    Just watched the first 2 episodes of this season and I will be watching this one, it shows promise. I don't get into the whole relationship thing saying this character should or should not end up with this other character. Its up to the writers planning or lack of, I see some hints at there could be a flame going between Jil and Fatina, that much has been hinted at since the last season. However doubtful that is who will end up together. The skys the limit... or in this case the next tower is. I hope they keep a good deal of the humor from the first season in these new episodes, its a sad thing when a show begins to take itself much too seriously.
  13. Crazy49er

    Crazy49er New Member

    ack doublemint gum
  14. Xennon

    Xennon New Member

    Well if you watched the first two episodes, they ARE in a relationship.
  15. Adam

    Adam New Member

    Posted by Adam on Jan 22, 2009
    But they don't have sex, as Fatina pointed out.
  16. DemonRoach

    DemonRoach Banned

    1 phrase for you

    "Spoon up the butt hole"
  17. DemonRoach

    DemonRoach Banned

    They "almost" in a relationship. They are starting to like each other is more like it. They ARENT boyfriend/girlfriend.
  18. Xennon

    Xennon New Member

    Episode 3 was great.

    I loved the The Great Escape parody. And the avalanche was good.
  19. Lan

    Lan New Member

    Posted by Lan on Jan 22, 2009
    Ep 3 was funny and again I wasn't expecting what they threw at us. Like 24 themed Avalanche episode.
  20. Crazy49er

    Crazy49er New Member

    ^ Yes that is still an interesting aspect about this anime, they do a good deal of the unexpected.
    The arcade, poisoning the the main character, avalanche with the countdown, the beginning dream sequence, the random magic morphing traps, etc...


    Agreed, at this point they are still friends keeping close for mutual comfort. Fatina brings up the subject in the tent about "starting over" together meaning it does not yet exist. But I digress, like I said I'm not big into the who pairs up with whom thing. Just calling it as I see it.

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