Top 15 anime battles/Most epic fights in anime

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    Who doesn't love and enjoy some epic battles in anime from time to time the struggle between good and evil is present in every anime series in different forms and nothing is more satisfying than a happy ending where the big threat is neutralized and defeated & to be honest it just the random fights I picked so there will be another part for it, Anime with epic fights,
    So let's get started without wasting any time
    15. Levi versus Kenny
    14. Jin Mori vs Jegal Taek
    13. Deku versus overhaul
    12. Rengoku vs Akaza
    11. Mob vs Koyama
    10. Saitama versus Boros
    9. Naruto and Sasuke vs Momoshik
    8. Melliodis this is the 10 commandments
    7. Asta versus Ladros
    6. Tanjiro vs Rui demon slayer
    5. Gojo versus Jogo
    4. Benimaru Shinmon vs demon
    3. Itadori and Todo vs Hanami
    2. Goku vs. Jiren
    1. Naruto, boruto and sasuke vs ishiki otsusuki

    This is based on my own opinion, and my word is not the law. I’m happy for you to take my word as gospel, but I’m pretty sure you have your own opinions too, so leave your rankings in the comments and we can have a nice discussion about it, let me know which anime list you want to see next. And don't forget to follow.

  2. charlesmox1

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    Howdy! Anime with epic battles is my passion !!!
    "Saber Alter vs Shirou/Rider".This one is the best I have seen so far!
    I might also add:
    Lee vs Gaara
    Gon vs Hisoka
    Asuka vs. The Eva Series
  3. weebkiid

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    yeahhh its amazing I will be sure to add them in my next list
  4. Patjantess592

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    How about Epic battles that are Sword fights? I'll throw an off beat one out there. Jubei-chan
  5. UniversalParanoia1

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    The final episode of FLCL is the best anime fight of all time and you can’t convince me otherwise! Love that shit!
  6. Rascal

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    Fushi vs The Concept of Mortality - To Your Eternity
    Joe vs Drug Addiction and Depression - Megalo Box 2
    Luffy vs his own feelings of helplessness and anguish - One Piece Sabaody Archipelago
    Violet Evergarden vs her trauma and inability to process emotion - Violet Evergarden
    Rei vs his own crippling depression - March Comes in Like a Lion

    Am I doing this right
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    Quite the amusing take on what a fight is. I can't really bring myself to disagree with it though.
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