TONIKAWA: Over the Moon for You

Discussion in 'Currently Airing Anime' started by Zed, Mar 4, 2020.

  1. Zed

    Zed Database Moderator

    Posted by Zed on Mar 4, 2020
  2. Zed

    Zed Database Moderator

    Posted by Zed on Mar 4, 2020
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  3. BrainBlow

    BrainBlow Well-Known Member

    Hell the fuck YES!! Reiwa energy romance series! Hype hype hype!
    I hope they'll also adapt all the .5 chapters, but won't be surprised if they don't.
  4. Zed

    Zed Database Moderator

    Posted by Zed on Mar 4, 2020
    I dunno, I don't expect anything with a title like that to be anything less than Krap.
  5. Nicknames

    Nicknames Database Moderator

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  6. BrainBlow

    BrainBlow Well-Known Member

    The English title of the series is Fly me to the Moon.
    It's a romance series (with an underlying mystery) that doesn't beat around the bush on making the main pair hook up and live together. No love triangles. No will-they-won't-they.(unless you're talking about fuuuuugin', I guess)
    A true reiwa romance!
  7. Zed

    Zed Database Moderator

    Posted by Zed on Mar 4, 2020
    I'm just joking about the terrible official romanization of the title which really pisses me off.

    Also when I read the announcement October 2020 for Fly Me to the Moon I thought it was the film adaption of To the Moon finally getting somewhere and was excited. You can't blame me for being pissed a little.

    That said, I think I'll watch it probably maybe.
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  8. Ebonyslayer

    Ebonyslayer Well-Known Member

    Am I the only one who is thinking of the Evangelion song Fly Me To The Moon, cause that's what came to my mind. As for the series itself, its possible it might be interesting. A huge maybe though, so I guess the only thing to do is keep an eye out for it. For now, here's a song.
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  9. BrainBlow

    BrainBlow Well-Known Member

    Pretty sure Fly Me To the Moon, the song, predates evangelion by a lot. But that would be the song that the English title of this series references quite directly, yes.
    I'd say this series will have a pretty reliable certified cozy stamp, though obviously studio and director choice will have a lot to say on if it can capture the same feel as the manga, or do it even better.
  10. BrainBlow

    BrainBlow Well-Known Member

    Promo, but with no animation footage for some reason.
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  11. AdmiralMuffin

    AdmiralMuffin Well-Known Member

    Episode 1:

    That OP was pretty cute.

    Big fan of Hayate but never did found the chance to read the manga of this. Anyhoo, this was okay so far. I heard the manga was full of fluff and comfy and I'm totally down with that.

    Also, that Klaus cameo...

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  12. oninosweeney

    oninosweeney Well-Known Member

    Episode 1.... when you think rom com theme song, the last thing I was expecting was to be waiting for the bass to drop!
    This was pretty surprising all over. Not reading anything but the like 3 line synopsis, I was just expecting high school hijinks.... but this is so much deeper story and personality wise.
    Supernatural elements.
    Personal inner struggle.
    Good comedic timing.
    Instantly hooked!

    I am concerned with the amount of characters in the OP; they start to get in the way of everything I like with unnecessary complexity... like Bluer Than Indigo was ruined.
    This was a good choice.
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  13. dhaifZzz

    dhaifZzz New Member

  14. Da4366

    Da4366 New Member

    Posted by Da4366 on Oct 5, 2020
    He be really living out our dreams.
  15. Scalpelexis

    Scalpelexis Database Moderator

    The animation is straight up horrendous. It looks to me similar graphically like "My Sister, My Writer". Hopefuly it doesn't meet the same fate.
  16. Kataphraktoi

    Kataphraktoi Member

    Looks like self insert fantasy, hardpass
  17. Ebonyslayer

    Ebonyslayer Well-Known Member

    Episode 1 impression:
    So the protagonist Nasa falls for a girl and then proceeds to get hit by a truck. I feel like the author is poking fun at isekai tropes. But I don't think the characters are clicking with me. Though I am impressed that the protagonist was able to confess to the girl Tsukasa, despite having serious injuries. Since this is by the author of Combat Butler, it still has that particular art style, which I don't think I'm a fan of. As much as I want to like this rom-com, I can't unfortunately.

    Even that being the case, I still think others can enjoy the anime and that's what matters the most.
  18. Anisio

    Anisio New Member

    Posted by Anisio on Oct 7, 2020
    Disgusting first episode. Bass drop intro, isekai start without isekai, non-expressed faces, retarded and non-sense couple, explicit handholding. Hope the slice of life makes me enjoy it
  19. Lenachan3ko

    Lenachan3ko Member

    Nice first episode, gets straight to the point, art style is nostalgic to me in some way, the characters seem interesting, and I enjoyed their interaction in the first episode.

    Can't wait to see more, I think this will get me through 2020. :)
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  20. oninosweeney

    oninosweeney Well-Known Member

    Episode 2... they're so adorable I might just die!
    Just the two of them playing off each other in an embarrassment-off is actually pretty quality. I enjoy that it's being taken slowly.

    Some actual plot thoughts:
    • She's had to get parental permission to get married, he didn't... that means she's younger than him, possibly substantially (minimum age for marriage in Japan is 13 with parental approval).
    • Had her suitcase in a coin locker, most likely at a bus station/train station/capsule hotel.
    • She has not produced any money as of yet.
    • She has very little in the way of basic possessions, including underwear.
    Who the fuck is she and where was she staying? A whole bunch of this doesn't add up!
    ... and I love it!

    I think I'm hooked....

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