Tokyo Ghoul

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  1. Paperbagz

    Paperbagz New Member

    man now I'm sad.
    I thought Kaneki was the good guy, not anymore I guess
  2. Max11030

    Max11030 New Member

    After watching this a second time and beginning Parasyte, I realize I'm an idiot for not noticing. I was too focused on everything, but what the story is trying to tell us. One of things they're trying to show is our eating ways. The ghouls are like us, we eat because we need to. There is always some of all species that are psychos/not nice when it comes to killing for survival. Some of us are just plain innocent and others optimistic. We, and omnivores, can be vegetarians or change our meals, but carnivores, herbvivores, and ghouls can't go away from their stricter diet. (Yah, there is cases where they lived instead on plants/meat, but not for their whole life. Well, that I know of at least.) Wow, I just needed to say all of this.
  3. Max11030

    Max11030 New Member

    Also just a note for people wanting to watch this, please read the manga. I watched the show, and like many others have said, it gets really confusing and everythings a mess. The people of the anime tried their best to fit all the emotions and information in the adaptation, but they failed. Miserably. Too be honest, I watch the anime series because I like knowing what it looks like in color, action, and with voices. You're going to spend equal time reading the manga as watching the animes anyway. It's your own choice though on what you do.
  4. NinthSon

    NinthSon New Member

    I don't understand, the gore keeps getting more and more censored every time I watch this series.
  5. Kalash3412san

    Kalash3412san Well-Known Member

    i started watching this today and boy am i glad i did. this looks really cool and promising compared to some of the other crap anime of the same category i have watched lately.
  6. Kalash3412san

    Kalash3412san Well-Known Member

    i just finished watching all 12 episodes, what comes next in the chronological order?
  7. ZetsubouKaiji

    ZetsubouKaiji Forum Moderator Database Moderator

    Reading the manga.
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  8. animuwaifu69

    animuwaifu69 Well-Known Member

    OSHIETE YO...OSHIETE YO...Sorry had to get it out of my system.
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  9. Kalash3412san

    Kalash3412san Well-Known Member

    lol no i ment what comes next after the original series as far as if i wanna continue the story.

    tokyo ghoul : RE
    tokyo ghoul √A
  10. ZetsubouKaiji

    ZetsubouKaiji Forum Moderator Database Moderator

    Reading the manga. Root of A is a filler story that only sort of tells the next part of the story and :re is the part II of the manga. Literally the only way to see the original story as intended to completion is to read the manga.
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  11. Kalash3412san

    Kalash3412san Well-Known Member

    i watched tokyo ghoul jack , there isnt a specific thread for it so i just figured i post here. it felt like a sidequest mission in a rpg. lol .

    not really related to the main story but its set in the same world as tokyo ghoul...
  12. LightGeeta

    LightGeeta New Member

    Hey Guys. i need a recommendation . I am about to watch this show. Should i watch it in sub or dub. I do think original jap audio is flawless for every anime.but its hard for me to keep my eyes on both scene and subtitle. So its eaiser for me in English . But if i watch it in english i need to know that the voice actors did a good job in providing justice to the roles with even decent dubbing. I watched ANOTHER in dubbing and it was so shitty and sucked and i dont like to watch any dubbing like it. So im willing to watch it in japanese if the dub sucks ......... What do you think.
  13. Kalash3412san

    Kalash3412san Well-Known Member

    i watched it subtitled so i dont know exactly what the dubs were like. im going to go ahead and guess the first season or two the dubs are okay. the last season or two seemed alittle........ off .. from what i saw even with english subtitles. everyone told me i should have read the manga. maybe i will eventually...

    i had high hopes for a better more drawn out ending but it was kinda cool how main character got so OP. this was one of those shows i just got really burned out on and tired of fast. same thing over and over and was repetitive? the first season or 2 was really good then it was just like every other anime. a whole lot of lame battles and fighting without much dialogue or adding any context to the story.

    just my opinion. it was a really great anime dont get me wrong at all. i just think the last season or two was probably really really rushed. especially from what i heard they left out a truckload from the manga so i have been told many times.

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