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    Will watch , I hope it is dark as images suggest
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    Posted by PinkyI on Jun 30, 2014
    I'm hoping for
    Though I don't think I'll get quite that, these aren't the 80s
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    ^ You're going to be really disappointed. The gore in the manga is actually pretty sparse, but used to great effect. Instead of numbing the audience by inundating them with gore, the manga chooses its moments carefully, just when you relax it will hit you with something horrific to remind you this is still a world with man-eating ghouls.

    I've got a pretty good idea where the anime is going to end too. This will be a show that's more about world building and character development more than actual action and violence. The thing I can probably compare it to most is Noragami, but with less comedy and a much darker atmosphere.
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  4. BrainBlow

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    Reversed roles, woo!

    Anyways, I'll most likely start this, though chances are I'll hold off a little bit so I get a bit of a buffer.
    Unless it's like "ohmigawd so fukken' amazah!"
  5. ZetsubouKaiji

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    You see kids this is why a hyphen can be so important. :laugh:
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    I'm still remembering what you said about this and Noragami ZK...
  7. ZetsubouKaiji

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    You'll have to excuse me today I am making typos all over the place. I meant Noragami, not Kamigami.
  8. CaptainPancakes

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    Oh no, I didn't mean to correct your typo. I just said I remembered how this is apparently similar to Noragami.

    And my siggy shows my high expectations as a result. :P
  9. Naga

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    Posted by Naga on Jul 2, 2014
    I'd argue Tokyo Ghoul did it better...

    But if you liked Noragami, I think it's safe to say you'll like this as well. Even though it has a different premise, tone and style. :)

    Today is the day.
  10. LinkSword


    ^ Damn! I didn't realize this was airing today.

    I will tune in for sure. Also this is going to be my first anime episode watched in over a month, so hopefully I'll get re-started on the right foot.
  11. LinkSword


    I know, it's insane. :crying:
    After that fiasco I sought shelter in American TV goodness and never looked back... until now!

    Pierrot is well worth the skepticism as an overall studio. However I hope for something different from this since the trailers looked so good and it seems a project that'd be treated with care and the director seems professional. Crossing my fingers anyway.
  12. BrainBlow

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    Hah, yeah, I started watching all five seasons of Archer the last time I had an "anime slump".
  13. Gens

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    Posted by Gens on Jul 3, 2014
    Episode 1:

    I think I actually had a small problem with this.

    The pacing I'm going to have to say as someone who's read the material is really a bit off and too fast for my liking. They ended up skipping things and cramming roughly 5 chapters worth in this one episode. I'm really not sure how I feel about that, although admittedly the start is somewhat generic and slow with the typical boy gets turned into a monster deal stuff so I didn't mind too much. However I do hope they don't keep rushing like this because it might make future events pretty jarring and less impactful with how frantic this was.

    On a more positive note that OST was absolutely phenomenal as hell and couldn't be better. The animation is also thankfully looking quite slick and impressive, considering this is Pierrot I'm impressed with that so no qualms there. And the colour choice fits very well indeed with the gritty atmosphere and tone. It does seem like they upped the gore here a fair amount and a bit of the subtlety is lost there but it's not entirely bad. Kaneki admittedly isn't the most impressionable of individuals though so I imagine some people might find him a bit bland in personality which is pretty understandable and it took a little while for me to warm up to him. In fact the characters I always find slightly weak but they do undergo some good decent development and it's true strength as said before is pretty much all in the world building with how human society has been built around with Ghouls mixed in as really the most interesting aspect. On a last note, I think the direction is at least very spot on with the mood being setup well.

    Anyway, I'm looking forward to more albeit the pacing is the only concerning thing to me and kinda worried this might only just be one cour judging from that.
  14. LinkSword


    Just watched it.

    It was good. :megusta:

    I felt some parts were a bit rushed, like Kaneki just waking up in the hospital after suffering severe injuries and the next scene having him walk around the city, obviously an event that had to occur days or weeks after he woke up there. It also felt as though there wasn't much thought put into the dialogue here and there, like they just wanted to establish the scene and move on to the next.

    It is only a minor complaint about the transitions though. I imagine they had a lot to fit in in just 20 minutes as pilot chapters for manga are usually the largest.

    That being out of the way, I enjoyed several aspects of this. One of which being that the existence of ghouls is not something unknown to the general public, albeit their characteristics are obviously not common knowledge but rather something the police keep to themselves and a few connoisseurs divulge on TV. It's an interesting view of a world just like ours that has grown used to this obscure threat that unless they have really bad luck doesn't interfere with their normal lives.

    The doctor must have been in the know with what they did, though, because apparently the ghouls' bodies can't be cut with blades and obviously they had to use scalpels and such to make the organ transplant.

    Another enjoyable thing was Kaneki's transition into a ghoul, with the crushing realization, the denial and the growing craving for human flesh. I really liked the camera work in the scene where he's desperately trying to eat whatever from the fridge and helplessly throws everything up, it helped to take a peek inside his head at the moment. It was also remarkable when he was in the crowded street looking at all the humans around him, or at the end when he was resisting the temptation to eat the flesh.

    The characters look promising as well. I especially liked Toka (who is obviously a badass), and her face-off with Nishiki. The action, and movements in general are well animated and the colors are vibrant, truly pleasant to the eye. The concept of the ghoul's faction that tries to divide the feeding territories squarely was also welcome, although entirely expected for this setting.

    The OST complemented the scenes really well, I thought. Overall I'd say the direction so far has been fantastic bar the few hiccups in pacing.

    Many doubts are open as to where the story will go from now on, but obviously in the next week or two we'll be following Kaneki as he becomes used to this new life he never asked for. This opening episode has left me pumped for more, honestly, and I only hope the script and technical values stay just as competent.

    P.S. The closing theme came in at the most hilarious time. Toka: "Do you wish to eat?" *cue song* I waaaant it, I waaaaant it~" :laugh:
    Also, rest in peace, Kazuo. You were a nice monster. :crying:
  15. Naga

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    Posted by Naga on Jul 3, 2014
    Episode 1:

    Gen already pointed out the problem with the pacing. Something about punting 5 chapters in a single episode and excluding some of the content doesn't sit well with me, but I'm kinda satisfied with the end result. Tho, if they keep up with this, I just can't see it turning out well. Manga was a lot slower, and tone wasn't so dark and edgy, but at the same time I think it was very well done.

    However, they did make some good decisions. In manga MC didn't turn down his friend and actually went out with him for a hamburger (and then learned he couldn't eat food). That part didn't really have any real importance beside that, and decision to do all of that (him realizing he doesn't feel like eating) in hospital after he was in the process of recovery was a pretty good decision. It looked natural and they got to speed up the pace. I guess I don't mind at all how they changed Toka's introduction (it had that one disgusting cliche)... but ehh... I did like some things about that part. In a way, I really like this introduction, but I'm still a bit skeptical about it. It seems like direction is on a good way, but they still have some slips here and there. I can live with that, I guess. As long as they know what they're doing...

    I am kinda disappointed in facial expressions. I mean,
    come on. :yunoguy:

    Animation wasn't the most fluid one, but I found it pretty. I don't' remember there was this much gore... but ehh, censoring took care of that. :pokerface:

    I liked music a lot, and it seems to me that the same guys who did Psycho-Pass ed did this one (Egoist?), which is great because I liked that shit. But I'm disappointed we didn't get op this episode. :C

    So yeah, we learned quite a bit about the Ghouls; what they are, what they do, how they do, and some general world building around it. I also liked how they managed to show a variety between them in just 1 episode. Kazuo was a nice Ghoul #neverforget. Crazy chick who is voiced by KanaHana was entertaining too. Toka is cute, but I'm upset with the fact they let out some of her good lines (and how their interactions played out differently, but ehh). MC is your standard good guy turned monster, but following his mental state while he's coming to terms with the fact he can never again eat in McDonalds was fun. Visual presentation was good, and it was easy to feel bad for him in all situations and get a good impression of what's in his head.

    Good episode.
  16. LinkSword


    ^ If you mean the first Psycho-Pass opening, I also think it's the same artist. It's a very characteristic type of singing. Pretty sure Egoist is the girl (+band) who sang the Psycho-Pass endings, though, but I'd have to check.

    EDIT: Yep. The group for this is called Ling Tosite Sigure or something. Initially this wasn't my cup of tea but the opening grew on me a lot, so I expect the same to happen to Tokyo Ghoul's.

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