Toilet-Bound Hanako-kun

Discussion in 'Specific Anime Discussion' started by Zed, Mar 15, 2019.

  1. Claptrap

    Claptrap Database Moderator

    Hanako-kun definitely does have a fanbase, so I'm surprised they kind of half-assed this adaptation as much as they did. I mean, it's a successful property.

    Anyway, I enjoyed the anime but I don't feel it improves on the manga content and in certain cases undermines it so I'll just stick with that.
  2. demision

    demision Member

    Caught up to the dub by Funi, at episode 9 as of today, and this show is great. The dub is honestly really good, and it's something that I would recommend
    Thinking about picking up the manga, the show is cute enough. I'm a huge fan of Nene lol
  3. asiansky

    asiansky New Member

    Is this really so interesting? I watched first episode but I don't think I like it. Art style is really interesting and different but the rest...

    LUCIIIII Active Member

    Loved the anime, it just had something to do with the amazing art
    Plus the voice- actors are pretty good too <33
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  5. NyaaArigato

    NyaaArigato New Member

    I thought the same, but believe me, continue to watch and you'll fall in LOVE with the characters and the mysterious STORYLINE it provides!
    Episode 2, you need to literally keep your eyes on the screen, because there are these little hints and small moments that really can make you go "OMG WTF"
  6. avanator26

    avanator26 New Member

    I def think its worth it. With most anime, you have to get past the first few eps to rly get into it. I love the characters and the story of this show and will always recommend it.
  7. Rascal

    Rascal Silver Supporter

    I lied. I guess at the time I was trying not to admit how much I hated this anime due to how excited I was for it.

    Revising my score to a 1/10 after a partial rewatch a year later. I really regret revisiting this. There is nothing redeeming about this anime, it makes me want to claw my throat out. Every character moment is cringeworthy. The characters are insufferable. The story is boring and goes nowhere. The animation is nonexistant. There is no funny humor. This anime fails at everything it tries to do. It legitimately belongs in the toilet. Fuck this anime all to hell.

    I want my two hours back from trying to give this one another shot.
  8. Aerythrin

    Aerythrin Active Member

    Didn’t wind up enjoying this as much as I expected. First couple of episodes are stronger than the rest, but everything began to feel a bit dragged out to me by the middle; the only reason I didn’t falter and stall this for the third time was because of the mystery concerning Hanako and his doppelganger Tsukasa. It’s a cute show, but apart from the odd chuckle and the Kou/Mitsuba episode I didn’t find much that was more than just okay.
  9. AnimeBinger123

    AnimeBinger123 New Member

    I want a season 2. Some people say they aren't prepared cause of the manga and I have no idea what happened in the manga or where to read it legally, but I genuinely want to know what happened between Hanako-Kun and his brother. There are theories, but I want to know which one is true (if any)
  10. Taybella99

    Taybella99 Well-Known Member

    Here for the eds groupwatch.

    I really enjoyed this anime. I had been avoiding it because the cover image made my think Yashiro was going to be a whiny fem. protagonist, but I was happy that it wasn't so. The art style kind of annoyed me at the beginning, but as I got used to it, it wasn't too bad. Hoping for a season 2 to explain Hanako-kun's history.
  11. JordanJas

    JordanJas Bronze Supporter

    So I came here for an EDS and ABC Groupwatch. I was a little unsure from the beginning if I was going to like it or not. I ended up just thinking it was meh the whole time. The art style and colours were not to my liking even though I can watch pretty much anything without too much trouble. Nene was really whiney to me and she couldn't get herself out of anything that she got herself into and relied too much on Hanako in my opinion. If this does get another season I probably will not watch it due to said issues.

    Though I am curious about why Hanako killed his brother. He does seem like an abusive little shit though.
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  12. Beth0410

    Beth0410 Well-Known Member

    Rewatched for EDS groupwatch

    I really liked the artstyle and animation. Story was good to and like the mystery it gives to the characters especially about Hanako. Still hoping for s2 or might just have to go find the manga.
  13. kamiofdreams

    kamiofdreams Database Moderator Silver Supporter

    Here for the groupwatch!

    I actually liked it as much as I was hyped up to like it. The art is lovely and the character grown through the series was nice as well. I really liked Nene as a character and how Hanako played into her life.
  14. Mentallysighing

    Mentallysighing Well-Known Member

    Here for EDS groupwatch

    I liked it, the different art style. I did enjoyed the characters but I will say Nene & Kou would be in trouble without Hanako.
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  15. Max4444

    Max4444 Well-Known Member

    I rewatched this for the eds groupwatch.

    I like this anime a lot, it's very light hearted for most of the time but it has some hard-hitting dark moments as well. The artstyle took some getting used to, but I ended up liking it. I like the characters a lot, especially Hanako and Mitsuba, they're very cute. I also love the relationship between Kou and Mitsuba, very shippable.

  16. Todeku66

    Todeku66 New Member

    The show was really great and the art style was truely something else. It showed different aspects of a school mystery or ghost (Don't know what they are called been awhile since last seen it) an dhow the feel for humans.
  17. chamele0n

    chamele0n New Member

  18. chamele0n

    chamele0n New Member

    just watched from the end of the 5th ep to 8th. on local tv.

    8th ep (Mitsuba) rly got me.. (´;︵;`) .. dawww poor Mitsuba i feel so deeply with her... err. i mean him. (っ˘̩╭╮˘̩)っ

    also, im hooked w/ the art/story style.
    cute light hearted +sad and deep. i love the combination.

    (haven't watched anime for such a long time now. wow loved it.
    i wanna keep watching it now..

    it was not a boring pace, so all gud
  19. automotivated

    automotivated Well-Known Member

    Episode 1

    Decided to check this out.

    First thought is the concept is interesting, i have a soft spot for supernatural tropes. I like the art style, too. Its cutesy in a way i cant describe well, but it stands out.

    If im being honest despite the cute art style and the supernatural aspect, first episode was a bit boring. i can definitely watch school settings, but when the female lead was describing she liked the one blond guy because he picked up her pencil case i just. ugh. theyre kids, though, so i guess something small like that is enough to gain a crush.

    Hanako's design is probably my favorite. Its cute as hell, and i love the VA's style.

    The mermaid scale thing was.. interesting. I understand the point was to conveniently have both main characters bound to each other to be able to continue the story that will obviously end up with the female lead getting more involved in a eclectic supernatural world, buuut idk. Im being picky but it also feels like a cheapshot for romance? or am i just looking into it too deeply?

    anyways, ill continue just to see what turns things take.
  20. ZetsubouKaiji

    ZetsubouKaiji Well-Known Member

    I bet Hanako has seen some shit.

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