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    All caught up with the English-translated releases now.

    This game has incredible potential to become the best one in the series so far, and this is coming from someone who read 17 Steps Mahjong. Not only that, but this arc has some absolutely fantastic character moments. I love it.

    On the other hand, I don't know which of these is more despair-inducing... Having to wait indefinitely for a bit more of the story after three days binge-reading, or having no one to chat about it whatsoever. Hopefully a certain friend of mine will hurry the fuck up and catch up, because I'm going to explode sooner or later.
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    As of today, there are only two untranslated volumes of One Poker left, and I have to really thank the amazing work the fkmtkrazy guys do in translating and releasing these chapters so goddamn fast, because we all know how Fukumoto loves taking his sweet, sweet time with a climax. A quadruple release this week alone, plus all the weeks of consistent triple releases before - holy shit.

    I have a good idea of how this is gonna play out for the remainder of the arc, but whether I'm right or not I just can't wait to see it... unfold.
    Pun very much intended.
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    As a bit of a heads up, One Poker's translation has been finished for a few weeks now. It was a great arc and it'll probably make for a fantastic reading marathon. The weekly waits after catching up with the scanlation were agonizing.

    The translation of Part 6 of the manga is also underway and close to catching up to Japanese releases (what a time to be a Kaiji fan). The title of the part itself is kind of a spoiler, though, so tread carefully.
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