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  1. Gens

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    Posted by Gens on Aug 30, 2021

    Hayase was pretty mega cringe in her desperation. She just gets left on that boat, and I'm like "good, you piece of SHIT". I can't think of anything possibly more revolting really than literally becoming one with Hayase if Fushi killed her.


    This season basically ends how it started, breaking my heart again. Pioran basically having dementia was fucking painful. I've watched my own grandmother lose her mind slowly over the years and I think it's a fate worse than death honestly not knowing what is going on at all. This topic makes me cry every single time with how close to home it hits and what an inescapable hell it is.

    I can take some solace that Tonari survives at least.

    I can safely say this was easily the most emotional anime of the year and give it a 5/5 for this masterpiece. I feel like I'm giving out 5's more often these days, cause I've just eased up a lot since those early hey days and think my overall gut reaction and enjoyment is more important than any tiny things I could nitpick.
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    Episode 20:
    After exploring a lot of outward experiences and action scenes in the island arc, they ended this season with a somber note. I must say, it was great to slow the pace and show more of Fushi's inner thoughts and emotions.
    I got tired a bit of the predictable tragedies, drama and death in the island arc, mainly because Bitch Supreme Hayase was a bit too over the top for me. The death of half the kids were a bit too tacked on for me, too, as if to fulfill some sort of death quota for the finale.

    So I really appreciate that they made granny's death so.. personal? I never particularly cared for her, but damn, that was almost cruel to the viewer. They simply showed matter of factly how she slowly succumbed to her illness without exploiting it. Fushi struggled, out of love for her, and gave his best to care for her.
    They really did well in showcasing how lonely they both felt. The moment when granny leapt into his arms made me go 'aww' and Fushi was really sweet before they met again in the forest.

    I wish other shows learned how to properly slow down like this and let the viewer experience some emotions.
  3. Sajonji

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    Not everyones cup of tea, but i really liked the overall slow pace of building up the MC from literally nothing (or a rock if you'd like). Also liked the world building in this unobtrusive way, we get a sense of different regions and cultures, but without it being shoved too much into our faces.
    The show did a great job of getting you attached to characters only to ... you know.
    For whatever reason the Jananda island arc didn't click for me much, but the rest of the arcs were really great. And i'm very happy how they ended it with the last episode, reminding me again why i liked this show to begin with. In the feels x1000.
    btw: i would have never guessed who the purple hair girl in the OP was, lol.
    9 / 10 and looking forward to season 2 :)
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  4. Quakes

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    This show was a journey. I gotta say, there's not many animes that have so many well written characters as this one.
    I'd say Gugu is probably the best one, followed by March, Pioran and Parona.
    The only part of the show where I felt not that invested was the prison island arc, but it wasn't all that bad. Went in it disliking some characters and ended up not disliking them so much in the end.
    Overrall it's a great watch leaving me longing for more after each episode.
    Even if the sequel is going to come a year from now, I'm just glad there's one coming. At least we know that for a fact which is not a given nowadays with anime.

    The last episode was the right way to leave us imho, a nice chill episode that doesn't really set up the story for the future, but wraps up some of the journey Fushi has experienced.
    I have rated animes 10/10 in the past (and in retrospect I should probably go back and change my ratings accordingly whever I get the time/will to do that) but this one deserves it most.
    Young pioran kinda cute tho. Didn't expect that.

    Didn't encapsulate the whole thing in spoilers since I don't think I wrote anything meaningfull that gives away the plot.
  5. featherstone

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    The depiction of loud and violent behavior of old people just before they die was really nicely done, since it's so common. The overall bittersweet story was nicely done, with all those characters that we liked so much, but died in one way or another. It's really nice that there will be next season, so the show could keep it's pacing. I hope to see more smile on Fushi's face
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  6. Claptrap

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    Great series.

    Honestly, not much to say. Happy it got a s2

    Loved Gugu and Pioran especially
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  7. Crua9

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    Posted by Crua9 on Sep 6, 2021
    I was sad to see there isn't another ep. It's odd they ended it on ep 20 and not 24 or 12 like most other shows.

    But I'm happy to see season 2 will be back hopefully by fall of next year
  8. Siobhan100

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    IDK why but I only realised it ended today, I was expecting to watch the new episode but I didn't know it finished already last week.
    What a cliffhanger for next season
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  9. Cattrah

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    This show hit me so much in the feels. I also was suprised it ended. I was like...but I need 24 episodes??? lol. I'm so glad it's renewed for next year. Also felt much the same as the rest of you, not a fan of island prison arc and really love Gugu and Pioran.
  10. RavenheartN1Anime

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    There are no happy endings in this Anime, only bright futures to look ahead for.
    I only left this Anime with a slight emotional scarring. 10/10 would make an emotional mess out of myself again.
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  11. Beth0410

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    Rewatched for eds groupwatch

    This was a beautiful anime that captured the emotions perfectly. It hits you in the feels a lot as the time goes on
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  12. Taybella99

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    here for the eds groupwatch

    I read the manga past where the anime ended, so it wasn't anything too surprising plot-wise, but I really enjoyed the anime. I'm excited for season 2 next year.
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  13. Anzion

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    For some reason I couldn't stop thinking: "Oh, so this is the back story of Ginko."
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  14. JordanJas

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    Watched this for an EDS groupwatch.

    I had been considering watching this show for a little while now. It had an interesting premise, looked nice, and had a lot of people talking about it.

    Personally, I thought it was alright. It started off strong in the first few episodes and It had me hooked. Though the ending of the season was weak and they don't really explain much about the villains. I also was not a fan of how he stopped wandering time and time again and spent a lot of time with certain people.

    I have added S2 to my wtw list as it could be interesting but I will likely wait a bit to watch it.
  15. AnnaSartin

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    Now that you've said it, I can't unsee it. :laugh:
    Meanwhile, this one had me thinking "If Ginko got replaced with a Chinese chick..." as I watched it:
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  16. Mentallysighing

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    Here for EDS groupwatch

    Wow just wow I don't really cry when I watch something but damn this one just hits the gut. Watching Fushi grow, learning things and experience all kinds of things was done so well I couldn't stop watching it. I love like almost all the characters mainly March, Gugu, Pioran and Parona.
    The little preview for season 2 Fushi goes a bit crazy
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  17. antmbjr

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    How was Fushi able to change to Parona when she returned to the village alive? Fushi stated that he can only take on the shape if they have died so is Fushi able to change into anyone he has met when they die? I guess I will find out in the next episode.If this is true then why is Fushi unable to change into the first Nokker that he killed when traveling with Pioran to Takunaha.
  18. g3data

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    Keep in mind that Fushi himself doesn't really understand the full extent of his own capabilities, so you shouldn't take his word on that matter.
  19. antmbjr

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    well I just finished watching the last epsiode and got some of the answers to the questions I asked. I am looking forward to season 2 and how black robe guy will bring back Pioran.

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