The Vampire Dies in No Time

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  1. AnnaSartin

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    Agree completely. Cats are gonna cat, and he was catting it up with the best of them. Hail our furry little overlords. Gotta love how he got bested by a true cat lover, even if dude is kind of an adult male version of Elmyra Duff.
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    Posted by Guest on Nov 5, 2021
    The anime is rumored to get a second series.
    ‘Online Japanese retail site Rakuten briefly listed in its description of Itaru Bonnoki's 19 The Vampire Dies in No Time (Kyūketsuki Sugu Shinu) manga volume on Friday that the manga's television anime will have a second series. The description has now been edited, but an older version is still viewable through Google Cache. The volume ships on January 7.’
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  3. randomredneck

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    Episode 6.
    That episode was a hoot and a half.
    Between Adam's plus sized stalker turning into a freaking Vampire Empress and stealing his heart, Paul McCartney the pole dancer and that board game insanity, that episode was good stuff right there.
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  4. randomredneck

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    Episode 7.
    A vampire that forces you to admit your that is a scary vampire I would avoid at all costs. That segment was funny as Hell. Heck, all 3 were.

    Also, John the DJ with his little turntable. Love that little guy.
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  5. AnnaSartin

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    Not gonna lie, I'd love to meet him. I might learn more about myself in addition to everyone around me!
  6. AceofGreed

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    Don't you think that Dralc can be asexual?
  7. evilneko

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    I have a weird relationship with this show. Every week I'm like, "Meh, this is dumb, Imma watch something else and put this one off."

    And then I finally actually watch it and I enjoy it. Even if some of it is cringey.
  8. randomredneck

    randomredneck Well-Known Member

    Episode 8.
    Best boy John finally getting a focus episode.
    So not only is he a DJ, he's a futsal pro on top of everything. Also, the entire neighborhood coming to search for him like the second someone even assumes he's in trouble. They really should just call this The John Show.
  9. GroovyZeta2040

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    This sounds up my alley, gotta see this. Remember stuff like Master of Mosquiton? Nutty vampire comedy is always worth a look.
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  10. randomredneck

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    Episode 9.
    This author has a very specific kink, and it was all over this episode. Hilarious as Hell though.
    Micro bikini vampire. I was dying over here, I tell ya.

    And poor John...

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