The Saint's Magic Power is Omnipotent

Discussion in 'Currently Airing Anime' started by Zed, Sep 6, 2020.

  1. Zed

    Zed Database Moderator

    Posted by Zed on Sep 6, 2020
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  2. Ebonyslayer

    Ebonyslayer Well-Known Member

    Another isekai, why am I not surprised? Judging from the plot, it seems like its an isekai version of Shirayuki. Can't say I'm thrilled about the anime to be honest.
  3. Thrawn


    Posted by Thrawn on Sep 7, 2020
    I can't tell if I already read some of this or not.
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  4. HasseRovdjur

    HasseRovdjur Breast Claw

    The genre in a nutshell.
  5. Windyxii

    Windyxii Member

    My first manga ive read that got an Anime adaptation, holy shit
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  6. Madoka

    Madoka Bronze Supporter

    Posted by Madoka on Apr 6, 2021
    I generally avoid Isekai's outside the odd one due to reasons i feel i explained but... when you tell me it follows the "not so strong" one and her every day life making potions and stuff... who wouldn't give it a go (please be SoL in disguise of isekai!)

    Episode 1
    Wasn't bad for my expectation, so baring in mind i'm watching this hoping it just follows the reject saint in her everyday life making potions or whatever, yeah i was okay with this. I don't care for the idea she will be the real saint though, i am really watching this to chill out.
    Does it deliver then? Well... yeah, sort of. It's nothing special but i did get a show closely resembling what i wanted, the stuff about miasma and the other saint not being around bore me as it likens the feel to the other saint is just a waste and this girl is the real deal... which i clearly don't want.
    Long story short, did i get potions? Yes.
    Will i watch again, yes.
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  7. TheNuisance1

    TheNuisance1 Active Member

    Ep1: it’s good to see a FL who isn’t dumb and the fact she is interested to making herbs, makes her character quite interesting to say the least!
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  8. yezelhlev

    yezelhlev New Member

    i love how it was drawn, but damn they used too many still images throughout the episode
  9. apoc9

    apoc9 Well-Known Member

    Posted by apoc9 on Apr 6, 2021
    The first episode was enjoyable.
    I didn't expect two women would get isekaied. It's pretty obvious the captain is going to fall in love with her.
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  10. randomredneck

    randomredneck Well-Known Member

    They sure didn't waste no time, did they? Isekaied her like 2 minutes in right when she got home. Talk about speedy.
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  11. EvilSMores

    EvilSMores Silver Supporter

    Episode 1

    Was tainted by Funimation's shitty ass video player. That thing's even worse than CR. I couldn't get the damn player controls to minimize no matter what I tried. Shit was infuriating.

    Episode seemed alright. Slow and obvious, but laid back and the MC doesn't suck like most isekai.

    That's 100% what this is, but not as good.
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  12. renorxukuth

    renorxukuth Well-Known Member

    It somewhat reminds me of the 'Snow White with the Red Hair', but I feel the FL for that is better then one here. I mean time will only tell, but its just a feeling.
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  13. Theshadowswinger

    Theshadowswinger Active Member

    Umm... I see this as a refreshing anime as of now. Like... Not something I'm gonna be very into. Just something to help me pass time. That does not mean I don't particularly like the story. It ain't bad. Neither is it boring. It's just that I don't really see where the plot is headed as of now. And... The information revealed and not revealed in the first episode might have been better compiled I guess. I'm not saying it was bad. It just wasn't as attractive of an first ep as most of its type.
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  14. Fionka

    Fionka Active Member

    I agree!

    I quite enjoyed the first episode to be honest. I think this has a potential of me liking it quite a bit, but only time will tell. For now after the first episode, pretty nice.
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  15. XxGalaxyGirlxX

    XxGalaxyGirlxX New Member

    Does anyone know where I can watch this for free. If you do please tell me.
  16. randomredneck

    randomredneck Well-Known Member

    Episode 2.
    Feels a bit rushed.
    She meets Elizabeth in one scene, and the very next one suddenly says they've become such good friends that she calls her Liz now. Feels like they skipped over a lot there.
  17. Theshadowswinger

    Theshadowswinger Active Member

    The intro was beautiful and very soothing. Not just the song. The animation was calming too.
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  18. TheNuisance1

    TheNuisance1 Active Member

    I see the director and the woman ship Sei with prince blondboymcgee
  19. bobhikes

    bobhikes Well-Known Member

    This is such an innocents anime, its refreshing. I really hope they don't drag the romance along and that they don't get to violent when the action starts to happen.
  20. Mayobe

    Mayobe Active Member

    Ep. 3
    Ugh. I've been on dates like that. Women who behave that way are insufferable.

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