The Promised Neverland

Discussion in 'Specific Anime Discussion' started by ZetsubouKaiji, Aug 22, 2018.

  1. AndrewGon

    AndrewGon New Member

    I asked the same question about the secret room scene with Don and Gilda. Tried not to think too hard about it
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  2. Zeldaonice

    Zeldaonice New Member

    What, eleven-year-olds? No, I don't think an average evelen-year-old could handle watching a show like that.
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  3. Zeldaonice

    Zeldaonice New Member

    I think they were just small enough to slither away unnoticed.
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  4. jShumway19

    jShumway19 New Member

    I watched this without knowing anything about it. All I can say is, once it was time for Conny to go I immediately knew something was up.
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  5. SheriGoddart75

    SheriGoddart75 New Member

    I really like your opinion. I completely agree with you.
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  6. xo6sad

    xo6sad New Member

    i was at first bored and confused as hell but damn the end of this episode was fire ngl lol :duck:
  7. Teakachu

    Teakachu New Member

    Why don't they try and kill mama? There over twenty of them, and while they are young, you could easily overwhelm her. You might lose a few, but you wouldnt have to worry about her finding you again.
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  8. iver97

    iver97 New Member

    This helped fill the Attack on Titan shaped hole in my heart while I wait for next month's chapter and next week's episode, highly recommend it to anyone looking for a show with a similar vibe to AOT
  9. Thrawn


    Phil hard af and the real OG. And just absolutely adorable.
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  10. RascaI

    RascaI Well-Known Member

    Phil is the CIA
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  11. NingenJanai

    NingenJanai Member

    Two episodes in
    Norman: "...I'm gonna protect her at all costs because I love her."
    Me: yep he's gonna die
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  12. elegantxskies

    elegantxskies New Member

    this anime is amazing and well thought but BOI IS IT CRAZY. i cant belive that on episode 8 emmas like went SNAP! overall this anime is defiently for an audience who like gore, adeventure and horror (even if its not that scary)
  13. XxGalaxyGirlxX

    XxGalaxyGirlxX New Member

    I never thought that I would like this anime so much. But here I am giving this anime a 10/10
  14. NingenJanai

    NingenJanai Member

    top notch foreshadowing if i say so myself :P

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