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    Episodes 8+9:

    To be fair, episode 8 was admittedly a little slow. I did like the small character moments, like Saikawa looking at a sleeping Nishinosono and then realizing he maybe shouldn't ogle her like that. Quite the gentleman. ;) Nishinosono telling the floating tank girl off like that was great too. Saved a screencap of that for potential forum use. c: It took until episode 9 for things to really get going when it comes to the plot though. Looks like both Saikawa and Nishinosono have figured out the killer's identity. I liked the moment where Saikawa was going all "man, I'm an IDIOT!" because I felt the same way. OF COURSE it was the kid. I honestly should have seen that coming myself. I had figured out already that the motive for Dr. Magata's murder of her parents was likely her relationship with the director, which was heavily implied to be sexual in nature.

    Now let's see if I have the rest figured out properly: Dr. Magata herself raised her own daughter as "Shiki Magata", and set up for her own murder, along with the director's, in 15 years. Why? Because the new "Shiki" Magata would then be free. Free of being a victim of child sexual abuse, that is.

    Slow pacing or not, I am enjoying this show. Looking forward to seeing how it ends. :) I might even watch the remaining two episodes later on.
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    Episode 10:

    Man, for a moment I felt really smart for predicting things correctly. Then I felt like an idiot because I was wrong after all. I'll admit that despite being somewhat of a fan of mystery anime, I'm usually not particularly good at solving them. For me, this is a good thing though, because it means the show can surprise me. In this case, it worked, because I once again did not see the body switch coming.

    I do feel smart about one thing though. To quote myself from the episode 4 summary I did:

    Right on the money there.

    Only one more episode to go. I'll leave it for tomorrow since I need something to watch before school. I think I'll post my overall thoughts on the series after I've seen the ending.

    Episode 11:

    That was pretty good. :)

    I really like the way they wrapped up the character relationship between Nishinosono and Saikawa. While part of me WAS hoping she'd get a kiss from him, I honestly think it's better this way. Saikawa just isn't the right person for that kind of thing, and it wouldn't have fit the show. Instead, we get to see him finally going out with her. Of course, it's not exactly the most romantic of dates, if you could even call it one. But it's a step in the right direction. I feel this whole sequence was not only brilliantly directed - with the two of them being far apart at first and gradually standing or sitting closer together - it also gives answers to this plotline without just explicitly spelling everything out. It's clear that Saikawa cares deeply for Nishinosono, and they'll probably end up together sooner or later, finally giving her what she wants. Well done.

    As for the Dr. Matage plotline, that one left me with some questions. I'm not really sure I understand the whole concept of "killing is a form of love", though it reminded me of Buddhist teachings in a way. If life is seen as an illness, then escaping that life is a positive thing. I think that's what she meant. Tragic outlook on life, though somewhat understandable given what she's been through.

    I sure would like to know what made Saikawa explode in laughter though. He did realize something - apparently that the doctor did indeed escape once again - but how or why, I'm not sure. I'll have to think about that one.

    Some quick overall thoughts before I have to leave for school: As far as I can gather, this wasn't exactly the most popular show on this board when it aired. I'm grateful that I haven't read any of the commentary yet, because I feel going into it without reservations really helped me form my own opinion. And that opinion is a rather positive one. The show is no master piece, and it certainly does have its issues, but I thoroughly enjoyed watching it. I get the impression that my Secret Santa certainly did their research - this show has many things that I tend to enjoy. So thanks once again, Santa. :)

    I'll read up on the thread later when I have more time.
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