The Night Beyond the Tricornered Window

Discussion in 'Specific Anime Discussion' started by Hoozuki, Dec 6, 2020.

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    Posted by Hoozuki on Dec 6, 2020
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  2. daisicles

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    Teaser trailer:

    We'll see how it turns out. I wasn't expecting an October release date at this point.
  3. Thrawn


    Posted by Thrawn on Jul 2, 2021
    With a title like that, it has to be gorgeous.
  4. Clotilde

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    Damn, i just realized the author of this manga is the same one for hibari no asa! I haven't finished reading it, but from just the first 4 chapters, it was an amazingly written manga. I'm really excited to see how this will turn out. :drink:
  5. daisicles

    daisicles Well-Known Member

    New teaser:

    I'm still so-so on the character designs (it's hard to translate the manga's art style), but it feels like they've got the right vibe going, so I'm excited.
  6. aaaksh

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    Posted by aaaksh on Aug 11, 2021
    Just saw the new trailer and it looks great! Really excited for this :)
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  7. LailanD

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    The character art looks..... Fine, I guess? It's not what you can call 'perfect' but... Still looking forward! I like mystery and the yellow head looks pretty, so I'm in!
  8. daisicles

    daisicles Well-Known Member

    New teaser (how many teasers does one show need?):

    It was really nice of them to just jam the most suggestive bits from the first few vols of the manga into a pv like that.
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  9. daisicles

    daisicles Well-Known Member

    Crunchyroll got this up a lot quicker than I expected.

    I'm coming at this as a huge, huge fan of the manga, so I'm wondering how people who haven't accidentally memorized the first volume of said manga by too much rereading took the pacing in this episode. They got a lot in here, but I thought it worked well myself, considering.

    The atmosphere was nicely creepy, with Hiyakawa's whole "let's eat this random thing from next to these dead women's body parts" just adding the cherry on top by the end. I liked how the exorcism was shown, though I wonder how often that'll actually turn up on screen. I think I'd get tired of it.

    I was really worried how this anime would turn out, but I feel better about it now.
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  10. OshiriPenPen

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    Episode 1:
    The pacing is.. weird.. I like the story, but it also feels like one of these 90s - 00s yaoi anime, mainly because of the odd pacing and forceful dynamic between the lovers. I guess there's a market for that, although I like my gay anime more.. lovingly.
    Also, the voice actor for blonde boy sounds kinda odd. I liked him in other roles, but something is weird in this one. Probably because they wanted to point out that he speaks in an odd way, but I think the voice actor is overselling it. Or maybe it's the sound-mixing? Can't quite put the finger on it.

    Anyway, gonna watch a couple more episodes to see if it grows on me. Bl anime are rare enough, I can't be too picky.
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  11. Akishima

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    Welp, The Night Beyond the Tricornered Window is serviceable so far- thank heavens they made Hiyakawa appropriately disturbing, but having just read this, they sure are skipping stuff- I don't know if it was necessary stuff, but it was an odd choice to include the tail end of the story in the middle of the episode without context.

    The second episode should settle into the main plot, and even the manga kinda jumped right into the action at first before settling into the more episodic storytelling. I'm just relieved they didn't do cgi characters- the first few frames had me concerned because the character animation seemed really stiff. Definitely not a high-budget production, but I wasn't expecting it would be. I'm gonna have to speed up my reading though, or the anime is gonna get ahead of where I'm at really quickly.

    It is kind of a shame that Hiyakawa doesn't come off as nearly as handsome as he does in the manga (obviously they're not going to put budget into that, but I get the feel from the books that he should look more like Jean Otus from Acca with that loving character animation. Oh well.)
  12. daisicles

    daisicles Well-Known Member

    If they're trying to get all of the main story in, which I think they might, they'll have to cut some stuff. That doesn't bother me - the whole thing's been out in Japan for a while, so they should know what can be cut and what can't. (Plus they've already announced drama cds for material that couldn't make it into the anime, so there's that.)

    I'm expecting them to leave out some of the cases, like the "but there's only one bed" case, Mikado's old classmate's girlfriend's mother issues case, and probably Mikado's side trip with Mukae. The early part of the manga is pretty episodic for worldbuilding purposes and I'm fine with them skipping over a lot of it and sticking to the meat of things in the interests of time.

    I think they'll introduce Mukae next time and maybe get to the school to get Erika fully on screen.
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  13. Akishima

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    Yeah, you're right- that transition to the middle of that exorcism where Hiyakawa is carrying Mikado just seemed like an odd choice to jump in at (because there's no explanation for why he's carrying him), but they got the important part of that case in their conversation in the restaurant. I agree- they're going to skip the episodic stuff in favor of the Erika Hiura main story, because there's no way they can make it a one-for-one animation of the manga, but since the other stories have important building moments for the characters, it'll be interesting to see how they keep that in- if they rework it in somewhere else, or just show little clips like they did here- if they skip entirely, we're going to have some rather disjointed understanding of the characters, I feel.

    I just rewatched the episode, and now that I know what to expect, it felt like it worked worked better to me than the first time I watched it, when I was too busy being distracted by what they cut out. This is why I generally don't read manga for anime I'm going to watch.
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  14. Nekus

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    Posted by Nekus on Oct 4, 2021

    Sigh... Why is it almost always like this. Why can't we have more positive stuff like Umibe no Etranger more often. Anyway yeah, dropped it.
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    Those two words saved my time, thank you!
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  16. daisicles

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    While I understand not wanting to watch - and it's entirely possible that this show won't be your cup of tea anyway - I will say that the manga is deliberate in its approach to consent/use of common bl tropes that takes a little bit to build up to the point. You're supposed to find the situation uncomfortable, that largely is the point. It's horror, not romance, and people are the scariest of all.

    But again, it may not be your cup of tea. It's not a cute romance and if that's what you want, this is not gonna deliver at all.
  17. OshiriPenPen

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    There are ghosts, murderers and curses. I don't think being rapey on top is really necessary for the horror flair.
  18. daisicles

    daisicles Well-Known Member

    Consent, boundary issues, and agency are fundamental parts of this story. In the beginning it's centered on Hiyakawa's casual appropriation of Mikado, something that's hardly framed as being a-okay even if it's being taken more lightly at first, later on it's with other characters in ways that aren't even remotely sexual.

    Like I said, you can dislike it all you want to, not every story is for every person. But it's not for flair. The ghosts are for flair.
  19. featherstone

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