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  1. sothis

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    Posted by sothis on Jul 13, 2018
    Those of you who have been on the moderating team, or who have been on A-P for awhile, will appreciate this news.

    Back in January of 2014, the manga database was in fairly bad shape. We had a total of two manga moderators besides myself (Bamboocha, and Jahu). Their jobs were to deal with daily needs for the manga database, including:

    • Adding or editing user requests

    • Adding missing manga

    • Updating chapter counts for existing manga

    Not to mention helping create guidelines for how we'd list manga entries, trying to plan QOL improvement projects for the manga database, etc. Everything was perpetually behind. We had no time to train any new moderators. A vast majority of the manga database had the old small image sizes, no synopses, no tags, and were unhelpful. Plus the sheer quantity of missing titles that had yet to be added.

    At that point, we started trying to get new mods onboard, and started the "manga updating project", in which we would personally triage and update every single manga in the database (20,000+). This, in addition to training new moderators (a lengthy process), and dealing with all daily duties.

    The project morphed many times over the years as new features got added:

    • We didn't start listing magazine information until well into the project.

    • Many tags were added or their scope changed during that time.

    • We decided to add all webtoons, which led to a massive increase in missing titles to add.

    • Etc.

    The manga mod team grew over the years, and now is a healthy size of around 10-15 moderators, with new trainees in the wings from month to month. We're on top of user requests and adding missing content much faster now, within 24 hours at most. But the manga updating project has been underway this entire time, with mods chipping away at it daily.

    Today, 3.5 years later, we finished.

    I am so grateful to all of the moderators who worked on this project. Of everyone on the team, RoyalOss is the last "surviving" member who was around since the beginning. We let him update the last manga to close out the project. Yakoz joined very early on as well.

    Please join me in thanking all of the moderators who have helped with this over the years - in alphabetical order:

    The old guard / first moderators

    • Bamboocha
    • chikoritaBH
    • HasseRovdjur
    • Jahu
    • RoyalOss
    • thor123
    • sothis
    • Yakoz

    Current moderators

    • AngelBeatsYui
    • AnnaSartin
    • arianne1
    • CaptainSlow
    • Damias
    • Grizz
    • Helbaworshipper
    • Hoozuki
    • limeskydemon
    • LupaLunae
    • Madiz
    • MythicalTurkey
    • Rastamepas
    • RoyalOss
    • sothis
    • Yakoz
    • Yaoicuteness
    • YariMari

    Past moderators (thank you for everything you did!!)

    • Canal
    • CommanderKarasu
    • J24601
    • jtir123
    • Lizi
    • matteroffact
    • Mrblank
    • XMrNiceguyX
    • Ose93
    • Rfsancho
    • Serpico
    • Shanuk
    • Taek
    • Thrawn
    • Vega

    What's next?

    Now that the project is off our plates, the manga mods will move on to many other projects:

    • Quarterly triage of any manga marked "ongoing", to make sure things are updated and completed faster.

    • Continuing to do daily chapter, missing content updates, user requests.

    • Further 'fixing' passes - our guidelines have changed a lot over the past 3 years, so some of the older "fixed" entries need updating again. We'll have some targeted efforts to do this faster.

    • Cleaning up the magazine database - de-duplicating, adding missing ones, filling out missing titles.

    • Coming up with a process to add all new manga that get released in Japan, and light novels. We'll now have the bandwidth to start tackling that.

    • Fleshing out the light novel database, including adding publisher information and imprints.

    • Adding missing Harlequin titles (my own personal masochistic project)

    I am so grateful to all of you who volunteer on Anime-Planet - without you, this community wouldn't be what it is today. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart.

  2. SpanglishJC

    SpanglishJC Well-Known Member

    Really happy to read this post. I think the whole team have done really well to complete such an enormous task in what is a pretty timely fashion all things considered.
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  3. Vega

    Vega Well-Known Member

    Posted by Vega on Jul 13, 2018
    Just wanted to say I'm glad I was able to help even though I wasn't around as long as some of you guys. Congratulations everyone!
  4. Grizz

    Grizz Database Moderator

    Posted by Grizz on Jul 13, 2018
    Fun stats people may be interested in knowing about the MangaDB:
    Total Manga 3.5 Years ago: Around 12,000 (Estimated)
    Total Manga NOW: 26,741 (892 Pages)

    186 Pages of Shoujo
    140 Pages of Yaoi (and 31 Pages of Shounen-Ai)
    159 Pages of Shounen
    153 Pages of Seinen
    63 Pages of Josei

    736 Pages of Manga
    84 Pages of One Shots
    76 Pages of Light Novels
    57 Pages of Manhwa
    43 Pages of Webtoons
    24 Pages of Manhua
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  5. Starra

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    Posted by Starra on Jul 13, 2018
    Yay! I've only been a character mod for a short time so I haven't helped with the manga DB side of things but this is great to hear. Hopefully it'll be easier to keep on top of things now!

    Not nearly enough, if you ask me.
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  6. ShinShini

    ShinShini Well-Known Member

    Wow, congratulations on that. That are some impressive statistics.
  7. GlennMagusHarvey

    GlennMagusHarvey Well-Known Member

    Congratulations to everyone! Not much of a manga reader myself, but I still appreciate this!
  8. YariMari

    YariMari Database Moderator

    Woop Woop! I only recently joined the manga team and I'm still in training as I'm originally a character mod. So my contribution hasn't been as big as the rest of the team. But I'm still happy to have helped and I'm proud of the team (both past and present) for their work. This is a huge feat and I'm looking forward to taking part in future projects :D
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  9. chad28

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    Posted by chad28 on Jul 14, 2018
    Congrats on finishing such a huge project.
    Thanks so much for all the hard work everyone.
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  10. thor123

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    Awesome! good job guys :D
  11. RustedOxigene

    RustedOxigene New Member

    Amazing, keep up the good work you wonderful people~
  12. Bestanimeserie

    Bestanimeserie Well-Known Member

    That's quite the list, congrats to the team on finishing the manga project and for all the hard work you guys put in!
  13. NarkyOtic

    NarkyOtic Narkylepsy

    Huge props to everyone! What an amazing feat!
  14. Zed

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    Posted by Zed on Sep 17, 2018
    How do you watch manga on AP?
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