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    Posted by Hoozuki on Sep 6, 2021
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    Posted by Gaunter on Sep 6, 2021
    Ngl, this looks pretty amazing.

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    I will go on record saying that I don't think I've ever been more hyped for a new TV anime. To Your Eternity, Violet Evergarden, Kids on the Slope and... Charlotte are the only ones that I can even compare to how much I'm looking forward to this anime (let's hope it's not like Charlotte). Even if it isn't a 5/5 I'll be watching this show with great interest, simply because of the intrigue of Naoko Yamada starting a new phase of her career at Science SARU, as well as Science SARU welcoming a new director who is very much not Masaaki Yuasa.
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    Please be good, please be good. Cannot wait to see it.
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    It is not just some random anime about some random events.

    The Tale of the Heike focuses on the struggle for power between the Heike and Genji houses in the late twelfth century.

    Longer version:
    The Tale of the Heike focuses on the struggle for power between the Heike and Genji houses in the late twelfth century. It is considered one of the most influential literary works in Japanese literature. The Tale of the Heike gave birth to a number of other Japanese literary works. In fact, there are so many of them that no one will be able to name them all.

    Buddhism also had a great influence on the tale. In fact, there are two main Buddhism themes in The Tale of the Heike. The first being is that your present actions affect what will happen to you in the future and eventually you will be punished by a series of misfortunes for evil deeds. And the second being, impermanence, which means that everything changes and nothing lasts forever. (Karma is endless, only a handful of people are able to escape it and reach nirvana; it is nearly impossible to escape karma and reach it without the help of Buddha).

    The Tale of the Heike was mostly told by the biwa houshi. Usually, they were blind and earned their bread by reciting vocal literature to the accompaniment of biwa music. They were pretty much like Sara from Samurai Champloo. But she is not a biwa houshi. Anyways, that is why biwa is the main focus of this anime.

    *It looks like Sonny Boy, but in different eras.

    *I really love heterochromia and I really love that the main protagonist has it.

    *Well, yes, Biwa is a girl. It was kinda obvious, was not it? But her dad made her pretend to be a boy for very obvious reason.

    *Biwa playing biwa, heh.

    *Listening to some guitar pieces was kinda weird, ngl. I was hoping for a more traditional Japanese music. But I guess this also works.

    Already hyped as hell for episode 2.
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    Episode 1 certainly lived up to the hype! I thought the trailer was a good primer for what the show ended up being (which has its advantages and disadvantages) but for anyone on the fence about watching this show, PLEASE WATCH IT. And not just so I have people to talk to about it :P

    I'm amazed how in such a short time I can already feel empathy for these characters. It's a testiment to the voice acting and the overall aethetic, which while a unique and stylized take on the human figure, is nonetheless expressive and emotional.

    Trying to keep track of all these characters is gonna be a nightmare, but its evident that the writers are dedicated to developing them properly, having their desires and motivations clearly outlined from the start (or at least implicit in how they're portrayed).

    For such a serious show, I'm also glad they took time to breathe and had a few funny moments as well.

    I'll link some relevant Twitter threads I've come across (spoilers obviously):

    "Yamada is a genius. Stunning first episode of Heike Monogatari. Just the most insane mix of delicate quietness, dramatic intensity, and somehow perfectly natural comedic interludes all wrapped up in one immaculate package. Wildly different from her KyoAni work and yet not at all."

    "I've spoken about Art Director Tomotaka Kubo a lot before, but as it relates to Heike Monogatari, I would consider him the most important creative piece after Naoko Yamada herself. Here, his Ghibli experience is met by the soft pastels of Promare in a remarkably sophisticated way"

    "NAOKO YAMADA................" (image thread)

    "Naoko Yamada mobs"
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    Wow. Just as with Keep Your Hands Off Eizouken! I can feel the love and passion for their work through the episode (had to check if it was the same studio, since I got a similar feeling when I started that). It's not often I'm stunned after a first episode like this, of course that'll just make me have even higher expectations for the future of the show.
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