The Garden of Sinners Movie 1: Overlooking View (Thanatos.)

Discussion in 'Specific Anime Discussion' started by ZetsubouKaiji, Oct 10, 2018.

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    Guys. I need help with The Garden of Sinners movies as well as Lunar Legend Tsukihime. My roommates and I are going to watch but don't know what order to watch any of it in.

    Looks like the series came before the movies. The movies seem out of order with the timeline. If someone can please help with this we would greatly appreciate it. Thanks in advance.
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    The Garden of Sinners movies are in their intended order. You're supposed to be watching the time line out of order. Just watch them in their release order.

    Lunar Legend is only tangentially related so it doesn't matter which you watch first.
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    Thanks. I appreciate that. Lol. I was wondering. You guys are awesome.
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    Posted by Vega on Jul 2, 2020
    Just finished watching this and to be honest, I didn't like it. The best way I can describe my opinion of this movie is that it's an animation and cinematography wankfest and everything else is a huge mixed bag. Don't get me wrong, the animation and cinematography in this movie is fucking phenomenal and they're the only parts of this movie I really liked.

    The art style was just... I don't know if maybe this is just some kind of weird aspect that they get rid of in the future movies but in most shots the characters look like they've had vaseline smeared all over them. It just didn't look good to me and that's a shame considering how beautiful the backgrounds are. The action scenes are cool and thankfully don't suffer from the vaseline problem as much,
    there's even a sequence that reminded me a lot of Evil Dead 2 which was honestly my favorite part of this movie.

    I don't really know what to say about the plot either. I understand that this is probably one of those cases where this is a prologue of sorts but there's nothing that really hooked me and what was there was a bunch of philosophical babble which meant little. When I don't care about the characters or what's going on this sort of thing just doesn't click with me as much as it otherwise could. When I saw the preview for the next movie at the end I couldn't help but feel that it's likely just more of the stuff I don't care about.

    I don't think I'll be watching the other movies given how much I disliked this one. 2/5 from me.

    I also remembered as I was typing this that this shit is by Nasu. That explains part of why I didn't like this movie much at all.
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    it was okay i guess. gotta watch more to figure out the story.
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    here for eds
    im not sure how i feel about this one the animation is good but the plot isn’t very interesting
    so im kinda surprised by the high ratings
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    You would need to watch the rest of the movies to understand everything that happened in this first one (they are out of order chronologically). Personally I thought it was one of the weakest in the series. They shouldn't have started with this one, as it leaves many things unexplained and could easily come off as pseudo-deep drivel to many as a result. There are subsequent movies that are a lot more solid than this. And I expect that many people assigned a score that is an average across all the entries in the series.
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    ooh thanks for the info. i was totally about to watch it chronologically xD
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    I don't know what I just watched...flying? floating? WHAT?
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    what would be the right way to watch though?
  12. AardvarkRex

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    Chronologically they are organized as follows

    Movie 2 (murder speculation a) -> August 1995
    Movie 4 (the hollow shrine) -> June 1998
    Movie 3 (remaining sense of pain) -> July 1998
    Movie 8 (future gospel/recalled out summer, 1st part) -> August 1998
    Movie 1 (overlooking view) -> September 1998
    Movie 5 (paradox paradigm) -> November 1998
    Movie 6 (oblivion recording) -> January 1999
    Movie 7 (murder speculation b) -> February 1999
    Epilogue special -> March 1999
    Movie 8 (future gospel/recalled out summer, 2nd part) -> August 2010 = actual epilogue
    Extra Chorus special -> contains three short stories taking place after events in Movies 3,5&6 respectively

    Whether it's the right way to go about it isn't a given. The creators obviously wanted everyone to watch in the release order instead. Perhaps watching it once each way is the answer.

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