The Eleven Deadly Sins Challenge: Spring 2021

Discussion in 'Challenges' started by Feinraf, Mar 25, 2021.

  1. LadyPsychic

    LadyPsychic Well-Known Member

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  2. Cherstal

    Cherstal Well-Known Member

    I'm in for this season!
  3. AssistBot

    AssistBot Database Moderator

    They must have at least one content warning tag and fulfill any other requirements that they may have.
  4. Sabure

    Sabure Well-Known Member

    Just a content warning tag. Bear in mind that some of the group-watch tasks have some restrictions (minimum number of episodes or a minimum run time) as you advance through the levels.
  5. howtoprocrastinate

    howtoprocrastinate Well-Known Member

    I'm in again. IHopefully, I'll actually make it through a layer this time.

    I'm interested in joining this groupwatch.
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  6. Dankvart

    Dankvart Well-Known Member

    I'm in for all.

    Tbh groupwatches proved to be an unbeatable challenge for me last time, since I've joined midway and all active participants had already finished by that time..
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  7. rammyramramram

    rammyramramram Active Member

    This seems like hella fun. Def going all in on this
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  8. QuiqueOsse

    QuiqueOsse Active Member

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  9. JordanJas

    JordanJas Bronze Supporter

    This should get the first 3 layers of groupwatches done I think. There may be 1 more I am forgetting.
  10. QuiqueOsse

    QuiqueOsse Active Member

    This only leaves 1 task open: G) Find your sinmate and group watch an anime with a content warning tag and 5 or more episodes then post about it in the animes forum thread. Minimum runtime of 45 minutes.
  11. JordanJas

    JordanJas Bronze Supporter

    I thought I was missing one. I will add that one here too eventually I guess.
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  12. kamiofdreams

    kamiofdreams Database Moderator Silver Supporter

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  13. Oceanwithwaves

    Oceanwithwaves Well-Known Member

    I'm ready for another round! Bring it on!
  14. DrDorpeling

    DrDorpeling Member

    I'll try this. I'm scared, but I'm in! ゴゴゴ
  15. xyst

    xyst Active Member

    Posted by xyst on Mar 29, 2021
    Sounds fun, I watch anime slowly so this will be a huge challenge for me.
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  16. xyst

    xyst Active Member

    Posted by xyst on Mar 29, 2021
  17. JordanJas

    JordanJas Bronze Supporter

    rewatches are cool too!
  18. Feinraf

    Feinraf Forum Moderator Developer Gold Supporter


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  19. xyst

    xyst Active Member

    Posted by xyst on Mar 29, 2021
    true, would that count for the challenge?
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  20. JordanJas

    JordanJas Bronze Supporter

    Yes it would! Each show can only be claimed once per season though!
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