The Day I Became a God

Discussion in 'Currently Airing Anime' started by Hoozuki, May 10, 2020.

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    Yeah, her ignorance of relatively normal world things is what makes me question her god-status even more, or at least, the all-knowing part. Maybe she's an alien. Or she has amnesia. Idk. You never know with Key shows. I guess that's why I still watch them.
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    Posted by Crua9 on Oct 10, 2020
    I'm going to give this until Ep 3, but I might drop this if it doesn't get better. IMO this one isn't that good as far as the first EP goes.

    I think it's a stupid way of doing comedy. Like it seems to be a show that isn't meant to be taken too seriously at all. Like with what is happening in x amount of days, I would think the person who be trying to look more into that. And him listing and following through with her advice kinda proves he somewhat believes her.
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    Watching this with headphones was a mistake.
  4. tootalls

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    well I certainly think some parts are the baseball thing. the 5th swing that never happened, may still be something in the future. While the entire setup was meant to play out the way it did for whatever reason......But yeah I'm in agreement, it would be annoying for her moments of ignorance was just conveniently placed and randomly turns off and on with zero methodologies to it.

    As for my thoughts on the seems alright, there is definitely a plot here....I like plots, and it looks nice.....I don't really think this has the potential to blow anyone away, it'll probably be above average, in any case I'll most likely stick with it to the end.
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    Have you never seen a Key show? The first half is comedy, the second is tearing your heart out. Kanon (2006), Air, CLANNAD, Little Busters, Angel Beats Charlotte, etc.
  6. oninosweeney

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    I forgot about Little Busters!
    I went in thinking it was gonna be a straight up sports anime.... I was wrong; so very, very wrong.
  7. Crua9

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    Posted by Crua9 on Oct 11, 2020
    Same. But I haven't seen the ones listed I believe. So IDK.
  8. oninosweeney

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    I'd recommend Angel Beats! and a fist full of tissues. It's the one that will get you sucked in the quickest.
  9. AardvarkRex

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    A cosplaying loli asking a highschooler to take her to his house to "live with him". If anything that looks more like an undercover FBI sting. Maybe that's where the drama aspect crops up. His ass gets arrested.
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    Ayyy I'll just share my opinion real quick. I really liked the first episode!
    It looks promising imo. Of course, that can change if they mess it up. But it looks like I'll probably be watching this anime till the end, while most likely enjoying it too!
    The only thing I didn't really like was the start, it just started like BOOM. So it was kinda weird at first, but I got used to it halfway through.
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    I'd argue Clannad got to the tearing your heart out part quicker than that. Remember: Fuko's arc is first.

    Speaking of Little Busters I think they missed a trick not having some cameo during the baseball scene.
  12. oninosweeney

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    Episode 2... wow, like night and day.
    Yes, she's still annoying and useless, but everyone else really stepped up and took this show into quality land.
    The sister is great, the parents are even better, even Yota got more tolerable than last episode.
    Armageddon, Rocky, & Edward Scissorhands... odd mix, but okay, all famous. Izanami asking if her father has a job cracked me up.
    I was waiting for the song to be something plagiarized as well, like "Love Story" or the love song to "Star Wars", but actually got surprised. Which leads me to my theory about Odin....
    I think she's a cousin who happens to be a super genius and a photographic memory, like the tv show Psych. Might have had an older brother who probably visited Yota's family when they were young. He's now sick and dying, only has 30 days left to live, parents sent her away to be with relatives for the duration. Her brother told her about his cousins and how much fun they were, that's where she learned about all of them.
    I still got no answer for the horse race thing, though.

    Also, I think Yota's sister is hooking up with his best friend.
    If this show keeps this level of quality for the 3rd episode, I'll be sticking around until the end.
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  13. Nekus

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    Posted by Nekus on Oct 17, 2020
    Here I am for this season's Lottery pick!
    My dude @interregnum never disappoints and perfectly explained my main problem with episode 1:
    Other than that I don't really have much to say about episode one, just that that bothered me a lot. And the comedy never made my laugh.
    Let's get on with episode 2 now:
    This.. just was not funny at all to me.
    I think that a normal comedy can develop pretty well into a drama, and Key works did it a bunch before. But this is now slapstick parody comedy.
    When they got the Armageddon costumes I was still fine with it, after all they said that they bought them or something. But then a boxing ring appeared? Where the fuck did they get that? Same for the Edward Scissor hand costume? Am I not supposed to take those scenes seriously? But they didn't look like fantasies at all, they played them pretty straight.

    The issue of Omniscience is still present, although maybe we got the hint that she doesn't have powers but instead she's just really smart and has attention to detail with her remembering the books on the Girl's desk? But that does not explain her knowing it will rain or the horse race results.

    Also, I never expected to say this about a Jun Maeda work but... the soundtrack is kind of a mess. The pieces themselves are not bad, I quite like them but they are used horribly. Especially in one of the scenes at the start of the episode, Hina starts to talk about home life, an EXTREMELY SAD track starts playing for like 30 seconds and then it get's immediately interrupted by a lame joke and the tone shifts immediately to something more standard. Like, that sad track was something I would expect on a series finale and it was used.. as a joke? was the sad moment part of the joke or not? I just got hit by the biggest tonal whiplash and I didn't enjoy it one bit.

    Other than Hina the only other character with a slither of personality was the MC's sister with her... 10 lines. Everyone else is the blandest representation of their stereotype that you could possibly have.
    The plot barely developed and I'm still wondering what this show is trying to do.
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  14. BurntJelly

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    The movies were funny.
    But... didn't that girl have lines?
    Well, I guess maybe the point was for her to NOT have lines.
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  15. Madoka

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    Ep 1 and 2
    The good thing about starting 2 episodes in, you don't make initial impressions.

    I said before, i am a bias Key loving fanboy so chances are i will over look stuff to make stuff good because... Key! That aside, i will skip mostly to ep2, not much to say on 1 which can't be merged!
    Omniscience - is it real or not? i want it to be so, some stuff can be explained and others can't, you could argue Hina watched the weather and predicted the rain fall, it's possible but she got the timing and everything right, she knew the traffic issues, again it's not impossible not to predict, if you are fore-warned on future road works or read passingly about a traffic accident, it's not hard to guess there is traffic but she got it spot on about being quicker on foot... that's a guess.
    The horse racing however i think is the killer here, you can get a lucky guess (or 3 in her first race) but she got the exact entire listing order on the following race, either she is working with some weird underground Yakuza who are controlling horse racing to make money or that would be a little beyond luck, it isn't winning a lottery luck but it's the same principle in that the probability is beyond a shot in the dark chuunibyou guess.
    She equally knew his crushes tastes, hobbies and the use of music... not all impossible to learn but again, she is doing well is this is all chance. To know instantly she visits certain baseball games in summer ect is a shot in the dark on someone she never met.
    Some stuff can be explained - her notice of the books, it's a fair comment she could have a near photographic like memory to learn them.
    She equally was highly skilled to write such a song so young - not that this is impossible, just man i loved that bit of music (when played correctly!)

    I'm not denying there could be more here - more just that i hope it's true over "she is smart and got lucky" - it would be more fun this way.

    Her identity is my current interest, her parents sort of seem to know her, she wasn't wrong about them accepting her, that could be Omniscience again or more likely, she was told by her current guardians/parents she will be staying there, but honestly, they seem very unwilling to talk, i don't put this on her being a god, it actually tells me her family are breaking apart (or something) and she is there to not be amongst it.
    Either way, her current ID is foggy to us which makes it fun for me.

    I like the sister, despite being background material, she is quite fun.
    The movies was awesome, a good laugh.

    I liked the crush/friend this episode, she seemed so boring and dull (a empty shell) on ep1 but she really shined a bit more this week, maybe because we learned her story a bit more but i think her jab about his dad not having a job and seeing her in her house, it made me not want to write her off right away like ep1 left me wanting to do, she is bouncing back (i hope).

    Might have missed something but (in the end of the episode) his sister looked like someone punched her, wasn't like she was seriously damaged, just looked bruised. On that, Hina called that one too....

    Either way, i will be here until the end so lets hope for a good one!

    true, i loved shows like Hanasaku and Asukara (and Angel Beats) and seeing PA back in the day (to me) usually felt like a capable or good show was coming, now days it's pretty mixed baggage.

    On a side - i do like the ending counter, 24 days left! I expect it's all in a bubble about her world ends in this time (parents divorce or die maybe?) but part of me really wants The world to end... because why not?
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  16. interregnum

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    So, I quite like Odin. And, like everyone else, I am totally on board with the sister. (Even flashback-her in the sandbox cracked me up: she really, really wanted to pack that side of the sand hill tightly.) And Yota's parents are okay.

    The rest of it...I dunno.

    I don't particularly care about Yota or his crush--both his having one and the girl herself--which...this is me, we're talking about, who starts to forgive EVERYTHING if a romance plot pops up. And everything else we have, so far is just so frikkin' weird. Like, I do not understand what we're driving at, right now--except that, y'know, we're doin' the old wacky stuff up front, serious stuff near the end routine.

    That thing I think we can definitely say, though, is that Odin is NOT omniscient. (More on that later.) So it's nice to know we've gotten that sort of cleared up.

    Heh, I jumped to Sherlock Holmes, but...yes. (More on this later.)

    Man, I haven't thought about Psych in, what, 10 years? Which is odd, only in that I am working my way through my Burn Notice DVDs, and those shows were on at the same time and on the same channel. Then again, until just now, I wasn't thinking about Royal Pains, Fairly Legal, Monk, White Collar, Suits, or Covert Affairs either.

    Um...but I digress.

    Wait...what? Is this a gut thing, or did my confused disinterest in this week's episode blind me to a clue I will feel very stupid for overlooking?

    Or, wait, did you interpret the father's concern for how frequently the daughter isn't around for dinner, lately, as "is she f***ing some boy?" 'Cus that's definitely how I twigged it.

    Yeah, I don't know what was up with that sequence. The Armageddon part worked, I thought, but following up with Rocky and Edward Scissorhands was...a bridge too far, both in terms of your concern about the believability of it and the general worry that nothing was happening, stoytelling-wise.

    That said, I really liked that the sister was so excited not because she was ignorant of the fact that all of the scenes were plagiarized, but because she could see through all of it to the attempt by her brother to get his crush to like him.

    Heh, I just want to weigh in to say that I rarely notice or care about the music in episodes. It's just one of those things that typically gets filtered out. So, I am less than useless, in that arena.

    I know! It's like she didn't know why she was asked to be there. Which...maybe she wasn't?

    That said, most of that sequence didn't make sense, was on brand, I guess.

    Depending on which direction they go with her character explanation, this could either be utterly contrived or slightly unbelievable...unless she really does have psychic abilities, of some kind, when she activates the power.

    ...but did she, though?

    I was thinking about it, after reading this part of your post, and...we never see any proof that the baseball or movies stuff is true. The only thing Odin gets right (or seems to) is the point about music...because she saw the Psychology of Sound books at the library.

    More than likely, when it comes to things she seems to get right, she's just exceptionally smart/observant. Like, it doesn't take a lot to notice that rain is on the way. If she can persuade a baseball team (and an umpire!) to assemble just to let a guy strike out, she can certainly tell the pitcher what sequence of pitches to throw at a guy who isn't going to swing because she suckered him into waiting for a fifth pitch when three of the first four were strikes. She only mentions that Yota has a crush after seeing him talk to her, which would have been obvious to anyone. And her attempt to channel Natsume Soseki was to recite the opening to one of his famous novels. (And I'd be willing to bet she knew what the sister was really out doing, which would allow her to, based on the time, deduce that something was amiss.)

    The only thing that isn't immediately easy to rationalize (beyond luck) is the horse races. Which...I guess they could have been repeats of races from earlier in the day, which she knew and memorized, and then she unleashed the information at a key moment.
    Fun fact: by choosing when to interject into a conversation only when you know information no one else knows, you can very quickly build up a reputation for being exceptionally smart. You may be smart, of course, but people will think you're brilliant if you know three bits of well placed trivia.
    But everything else is easily chalked up to cleverness and misdirection.

    I mean...she really seemed far less "omniscient," this week, didn't she? And, when referencing her "omniscience," she very clearly made it seem like a skill she had to activate, rather than something simply inherent to her.

    To which I say...


    These are both good guesses, based on what we know and what we don't. (I was too concerned with hoping there was an actual supernatural element to the show to have thought rationally beyond the "maybe she's just very observant" point, original theory from me, I'm afraid.)
    Actually, that's not true, now that I think about it. (I'm jumping back to this portion of my post much later on, which is why it's an addend--you don't care about that. Never mind.)

    My crazy theory was that everyone was a god but her.

    I didn't say it was a good theory, nor that I'd spent any time on it. It was just a passing thought I had, during the scene where Yota's parents are watchign her sleep.

    The 30 days thing is probably the most helpful clue, because the hard deadline is the only thing she seems genuinely concerned about: something is going to happen in 30 days that is going to change her world forever--as she sees it, anyway. And, whatever it is, Yota's parents are more than happy to go along with the whole thing, which means it's probably not an unserious situation.

    Logically, it would have to be something definite, and the death of a loved one is probably a little too squishy, in terms of timing. A dangerous surgical procedure could be on the docket [hears violin music and tries very hard not to start weeping], as could parental separation, moving to a totally new place...something that is big enough that Odin's parents (assuming they're around) would be okay with letting her chuuni her way to distant cousins/"cousins" for about a month.

    Also, she blames the 30 days thing on "humanity's foolish choices." So we could assume she thinks the coming change is happening for stupid reasons. Which could be said about anything, I know, but it does add another spot of credence to the idea that she's reacting to something she doesn't like.

    I would also note how immediately Odin disliked the sister.

    Y'know, the one Yota seems to dote on.

    Which is the second--of two--girl in his life she's been displeased to come across.

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  17. Nekus

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    Posted by Nekus on Oct 18, 2020
    Yeah, while I an't say that this is 100% a problem.. I'm still worried. We might still get an amazing plot later on, but won't these episode feel incredibly useless when this is all done?
    "easily" you sure about that? lol

    Anyway, the show does seem to point to her not really having supernatural powers but some of the scenes become so weird knowing that. Like the whole horse race business, setting aside the HOW of doing that... why would she try so hard to make others believe she has those powers? And not only trying, but straight up manipulating others to achieve that. She really does not seem that kind of character so I want to know what's her endgame here.

    My biggest worry on that front is that we get a "oh she was just faking everything" but with zero explanation of how she managed that. Maybe it's because I grew up watching the aforementioned Psych, Royal Pains, Fairly Legal, Monk, White Collar, Suits, or Covert Affairs and many others that I NEED explanations to mysteries like that. If I don't get it... yeah I'll be mad.
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  18. interregnum

    interregnum Well-Known Member

    Heh, well, easy for us to explain. Less easy for her to do, of course. didn't mention Burn Notice. Which is the most important one.


    But, yeah, this all better be explained. And I mean all of it. Else I'm gonna wonder quite loudly why this isn't a show about Yota's sister.

    We're only two episodes in, so with the qualifier that we can only speculate based on the little information we have...

    The only thing we know, in that regard, is that she "chose" Yota. (She says she showed up at the basketball court just to talk to him. It could be read as she's talking to him deliberately, as in she wants to talk to whoever is playing basketball, but I think she's there to talk to him.) So I imagine this is all to get his attention.

    I would further speculate that she knows him from a loooooooong time ago that he doesn't remember anymore.
    1. The very beginning of the first episode is her sitting in a director-style chair, as though she is doing some kind of on-set interview. She refers to memories of the past as being treasures. (I think that's the word she uses.) The past, in this sense, is really non-specific. Could be this is reflecting on the story we're watching unfold, or it could be she's talking about what happened before any of what we're seeing.
    2. There's been an emphasis on Yota's childhood, thus far, mostly
    3. The parents don't need to have permission from distant relatives to be okay with her staying. They just need to know who the girl is. And they clearly know who she is...even if they don't know who she is. Regardless, they are letting her stay. Which is very, very telling.
      • Corollary: Odin is quite insistent she doesn't have parents to worry about. So...orphan? (Further: orphanage?)
    4. It's possible that she's a memorable (to the adults) little girl Yota met from an unfortunate situation who made a promise with him to...something something something and now she's come to make that a reality.

    Specifically why the whole god thing? I couldn't say.

    But I'm more than confident this is about Yota.

    [prepares for Ep 3 to totally contradict all of this]

    There is a shady business-y/science-y man-and-woman duo in the OP that makes me nervous.

    Very "my parents experimented on me" vibes, yo.
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  19. Nekus

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    Posted by Nekus on Oct 18, 2020
    Sorry to disappoint, but that is one I never watched...
    All the things you mentioned makes sense, but they all make me ask... why did she need to ask his name and surname then? You could say she was acting, but she genuinely looked shocked when learning them.
    But we are getting a bit too deep for now as you said, I hope episode 3 gives us a bit more meat to chew on.
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    Burn Notice AND a Columbo reference?! Forget Nekus, I'll be you're new best friend!
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