The Case Study of Vanitas

Discussion in 'Currently Airing Anime' started by Zed, Mar 28, 2021.

  1. Akishima

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    You make a really good point here- something I'd forgotten about in my attempts to enjoy anime anime without thinking too much about how sexist it can be. Taking a female character that's stated to be powerful and having her overpowered by a man, not just physically, but psychologically and in a sexual way is an old cliche that should have died out a long time ago. You don't see this done with male characters unless it's a yaoi story. There's no issue with a character overpowering another in the course of a story, but making that sexual is both unnecessary and downright repulsive.
  2. izehlee

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    I totally agree! I was surprised how they were running away from her for a second, and then the other vanitas was taking advantage of her.
    what was the reason??? it didn't make sense for him to just do that out of nowhere.
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  3. Axbox360

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    This anime is based of a shounen manga written by a woman. So was she sexist to herself? :lenny:
  4. Rascal

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    The discourse of "is sexual assault wrong" is unaffected by who wrote the sexual assault into the story. Could not be less relevant.
  5. it's sexual assault, even if it's written by a woman it doesn't make it any right
  6. Hesperide

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    She was not writing about herself, so no. I also don't think anyone here is trying to start up a sexism in anime/manga discussion, which is in itself a massive discussion with multiple points of view across a vast swath of people both in and out of the industry and far larger than this one scene in this show alone can scratch.

    What they are discussing is this "single scene". Which was unnecessary, disgusting, sinister, confusing, manipulative, awful, tasteless, nauseous, belittling, and provoking.

    They could not have made it a more unpleasant scene if they had had him fill sacks with kittens and toss them in a river. Although that will probably be in one of the upcoming episodes. I've seen some people say he is not a "morally good" character, and we are not supposed to like him; I am so glad to hear that too since I seriously don't.
  7. Akishima

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    Not to get off topic, but I'm going to answer this seriously- yes, it's entirely possible to be sexist to yourself- anyone can be sexist and it's really easy to do it when it's ingrained in society. A lot of times, you don't even realize what's happening because you learn to think and believe certain things based on what you hear and see around you.
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  8. watching this with my door open was a mistake
    we have two blood sucking scenes, one in the beginning and one in the end of the episode
    see, the last one was especially worse because of the noise and how long it lasted, which would make anyone suspect it to be something else. not a complaint, just a nitpick, really
    as for vanitas.. he's being creepy towards jeanne again. fuck this guy
    i like the characters so far. noƩ is nice, luca seems to be pretty nice, domi is pretty, jeanne is cool, but vanitas? welll, no. if the whole point was to make him not likeable, they could've gone sooo much better with it, honestly. doing that with jeanne two episodes in a row is just.. ugh
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  9. Clotilde

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    Damn, i get behind by one ep and everyone is talking about sexual assault, Yikes
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  10. randomredneck

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    Episode 4.
    I have never gotten why people try and make vampire blood sucking romantic, and I never will. It's just icky. And that 2nd one got like, super icky.
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  11. Cordierite

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    I don't see how it could have been a joke. I do think something should have happened like a punch to the face or even a simple "WTF was that?" to emphasize that his behavior was improper, but I in no way see how it is being treated as a joke.
  12. Rascal

    Rascal Silver Supporter


    I am

    Going to throw up

    I hate this. I hate this. An anime just full of absolute piece of shit characters that they expect us to care about and a bunch of super nasty weirdly sexual stuff which for me just cancels out anything good about it. Why did I pick up a vampire anime of all things, anyway? Why did I expect anything different?

    Probably just because it was studio bones.

    Stalled at 1/10. I'll binge what I can stomach of it when it's over to get through it I guess.
  13. something about vampires releasing an aphrodisiac to their victims. i personally don't get it either, i just find it really gross and it surely is a way to make me absolutely dislike whatever i'm gonna be looking at. even if i enjoy vampire stories, that just doesn't work for me, and hopefully for anyone
  14. OshiriPenPen

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    Episode 4:
    Maybe it's just me, but the guy calling the little boy "my little kitten" grossed me out. The blood sucking grossed me out. When Vanitas was giving that child a flower, it grossed me out, because first thing that came to mind was that Vanitas is a predator who shouldn't be near children.

    I still watch it for Noe and Luca, but everyone else can fuck right off. And luckily I can skip through the gross stuff.
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  15. randomredneck

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    Well put.
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  16. Rascal

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    Exactly sums up my thoughts on it.
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  17. SilverNoise

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    This show really drops the ball in the particularly bizarre way it makes one of the main guys such a reprehensible bastard. I mean, don't get me wrong, I've loved many series where one of the main protagonists is evil or at least not morally righteous, but the way this show expects us to care for said bastard and lightheartedly laugh at his antics a mere scene after he's been absolute scum makes the whole thing feel super weird and gross.

    It just makes me sad because the extremely good studio Bones animation and Yuki Kajiura soundtrack have been so freaking fantasitc.
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  18. daisicles

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    I dunno, it seems pretty obvious to me - sucking blood is inherently a deeply intimate act that involves a lot of physical closeness and contact, especially if the bite is on the neck, and blood is pretty symbolic too. Plus, while blood is gross, is it really that much grosser than all the various bodily fluids involved in other physical acts of intimacy?

    Of course, I like vampire stories and the blood sucking thing works for me as a metaphor. And I'm also not particularly bothered by Vanitas' behavior in eps 3 and 4, even if I know it's terrible, so maybe that's just me.
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  19. hiyorii

    hiyorii Member

    I barely watched half of the first ep, and based off what I'm seeing in these comments, it's clear that it isn't going in such a great direction, I doubt that I'll finish this series I'm probably going to stop watching it
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  20. Akishima

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    I'm definitely not bothered enough to stop watching- there's plenty of squicky things in anime that get hand-waved all the time, and when it comes down to it, it's fiction. The blood thing also makes sense to me- I feel it's a lot less gross than sex although that second situation was certainly, ahem, questionable. Anyway, regardless, Vanitas is not a hero, I view him more as a somewhat deranged doctor who may be doing some good by the by, but his motivations, which are becoming clearer each episode, are less than pure. At this point, it sounds like a personal vendetta.
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