The case files of Jeweler Richard

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    It's a slow moving work life anime. It's got niche appeal, but it was never going to be explosively popular. I enjoy the show quite a bit though.
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    Ep 6:

    Oh man, this was a fun one. Seigi making two different kinds of sweets for Richard to thank him and then going "idk what my boss likes, I'm only a part-timer!" at their client who also just wanted to thank Richard was amazing. Do you really not know what Richard likes, Seigi, really? Bc you and I both know you do and maybe you need to examine why you still haven't asked out your gemstone-loving lady friend even though by all accounts you like her and she enjoys your company, just saying.

    And action Richard in full on "let's go con us some con artists" mode was amazing, I need more of that... esp if it turns out that he was definitely one of those con artists once upon a time (and maybe not related to that Sri Lankan grandmother after all?). This is the second time we've gotten hostility from him about people complimenting his looks and I'm very curious where that comes from, if it's internalized loathing of what he was doing selling fake gems by dazzling people or if it was something external.

    All in all, it was a nice change of pace from the usual stuff but still not too far afield AND backstory, I like it.
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    Episode 6

    "Get the salt!"
    I completely lost it and cracked up laughing at that line. XD

    As for the rest...character development! And Richard used to scam folks...was not expecting that. When Seigi was talking about it and Richard's reaction at first, I just thought it was some sort of "pride in the business" sort of thing.

    Starting to wonder if there's some deeper complex or something relating to Richard's looks.
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    EP: 6
    Richard is everything I want to be as a guy, brilliant, beautiful and composed. He's even good at theatre. Among other things. If he was a shounen character he'd be Goku in terms of power level.

    Generally high quality =//= popularity
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    Episode 6:

    I think he is.

    Richard trolling the scammers was hilarious. He looked even more suave in that suit with his hair slicked back. I'm excited to see Richard's backstory next week.
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    Man, I'm loving this show so far. I usually don't even watch what's airing seasonally, but this show which I didn't hear about until weeks after it initially started seems like the perfect example of something you didn't know you wanted or needed until it plopped down in your lap out of nowhere. Never saw one with such a tranquil atmosphere while still having serious drama and covering some real major social and economic issues, coming-of-age adjustment to a new occupation, history, etc.

    I would love to know if there are any more of if there has ever been a Mystery + Drama + Slice of Life + Iyashikei series like this.
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    I'd say Holmes of Kyoto fits the bill pretty well. Going a bit further afield, you could try Hyouka. If you're ok with a bit more of a supernatural slice-of-life mystery period drama, try We Rent Tsukumogami.
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