The case files of Jeweler Richard

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    It's a slow moving work life anime. It's got niche appeal, but it was never going to be explosively popular. I enjoy the show quite a bit though.
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    Ep 6:

    Oh man, this was a fun one. Seigi making two different kinds of sweets for Richard to thank him and then going "idk what my boss likes, I'm only a part-timer!" at their client who also just wanted to thank Richard was amazing. Do you really not know what Richard likes, Seigi, really? Bc you and I both know you do and maybe you need to examine why you still haven't asked out your gemstone-loving lady friend even though by all accounts you like her and she enjoys your company, just saying.

    And action Richard in full on "let's go con us some con artists" mode was amazing, I need more of that... esp if it turns out that he was definitely one of those con artists once upon a time (and maybe not related to that Sri Lankan grandmother after all?). This is the second time we've gotten hostility from him about people complimenting his looks and I'm very curious where that comes from, if it's internalized loathing of what he was doing selling fake gems by dazzling people or if it was something external.

    All in all, it was a nice change of pace from the usual stuff but still not too far afield AND backstory, I like it.
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  3. mdchan

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    Episode 6

    "Get the salt!"
    I completely lost it and cracked up laughing at that line. XD

    As for the rest...character development! And Richard used to scam folks...was not expecting that. When Seigi was talking about it and Richard's reaction at first, I just thought it was some sort of "pride in the business" sort of thing.

    Starting to wonder if there's some deeper complex or something relating to Richard's looks.
  4. MisterDapper

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    EP: 6
    Richard is everything I want to be as a guy, brilliant, beautiful and composed. He's even good at theatre. Among other things. If he was a shounen character he'd be Goku in terms of power level.

    Generally high quality =//= popularity
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  5. ZetsubouKaiji

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    Episode 6:

    I think he is.

    Richard trolling the scammers was hilarious. He looked even more suave in that suit with his hair slicked back. I'm excited to see Richard's backstory next week.
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    Man, I'm loving this show so far. I usually don't even watch what's airing seasonally, but this show which I didn't hear about until weeks after it initially started seems like the perfect example of something you didn't know you wanted or needed until it plopped down in your lap out of nowhere. Never saw one with such a tranquil atmosphere while still having serious drama and covering some real major social and economic issues, coming-of-age adjustment to a new occupation, history, etc.

    I would love to know if there are any more of if there has ever been a Mystery + Drama + Slice of Life + Iyashikei series like this.
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    I'd say Holmes of Kyoto fits the bill pretty well. Going a bit further afield, you could try Hyouka. If you're ok with a bit more of a supernatural slice-of-life mystery period drama, try We Rent Tsukumogami.
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    Episode 7...

    I have no coherent words for this episode except: "I ship it."
  9. daisicles

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    Ep 7 (or, obviously there's a reason why the op and ed for this show are more romantic than the ones for the last actual romance anime I watched):

    I'm with @mdchan, most of what I can say is that I ship it. Congratulations on somehow managing to level up in gayness without actually having a kiss, show, it's pretty impressive.






    Anyway, Seigi is still champion of the oblivious bisexuals (struck dumb by Richard's face on a daily basis and still not asking himself why, love you Seigi) and Richard definitely likes seeing him in that stupid t-shirt, which is clearly the real reason why he told him not to dress up for the auction, bag boy my ass.

    I'm curious if Richard told Seigi everything - whatever everything actually means, since we don't really know - during that little timeskip dinner (and also it's hilarious that Richard had that parfait while Seigi had curry, which either means Seigi's idea of a light snack is a whole-ass meal or Richard's idea of a meal is a dessert). Does Seigi know exactly who that man was aside from "rival in gemstone trade"? Will we get to meet Richard's mentor beyond that flashback scene last week? I want to know everything! Share!!

    I'm just so pleased by how delightful this show is week by week. I've added the light novels to my list of title requests in Seven Seas' monthly licensing surveys so I can dream of just maybe getting to read them in English and get all the other details the anime hasn't included.
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    I think this show is missing a tag

    Also, "I just hate guys that force themselves onto others who don't want to be kissed."
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    I wonder what this show would be like without heterosexuality being the norm. I don’t feel like Seigi has had enough interaction with Tanimoto to validate this development. We’re 8 episodes in and he likes her? Regardless of his development with Richard? How does Richard feel?
  12. daisicles

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    Seigi's had a crush on Tanimoto since the beginning, really - he blushes when he talks to her and thinks she's cool. He clearly feels the same way (and then some) about Richard without realizing it, but such is the way of the oblivious bisexuals crushing on people of different genders at the same time. If Tanimoto were returning his feelings, I'd think it was kinda farfetched bc *she's* never shown much interest beyond friendship (and the way she talked in this ep made her read potentially ace), but it seems painfully realistic to me for Seigi to only twig to his crush on her. It definitely would be different without compulsive heterosexuality, though, I absolutely agree there.

    Ep 8:

    There sure were a lot of emotions going on in this ep and I'm not sure they paced it as well as they could have, though it probably would've played better if I hadn't had to pause several times.

    Seigi: still hasn't asked out his lady friend after months, assures Richard that he's gonna come right back after giving said lady friend a gemstone, also tells Richard he really likes him
    Richard: definitely shot his shot by asking Seigi out to dinner after he got all mopey but realized it was probably a bad idea to get so close to this complete idiot and had to flee the country (and/or just didn't want to tell Seigi about his prior travel plans)
    Tanimoto: was super happy to just have a gemstone friend to talk to, fine without romance to worry about, unfortunately not as insightful about Seigi as Richard but it's not her fault that Seigi never actually talks to her the way he does Richard

    Somehow this ep kept moving from "Tanimoto's here to provide plausible deniability" to "wow, Tanimoto is actually clearing the way for full-homo" to "well, maybe Tanimoto is here for plausible deniability" to finally "wtf are you even doing, Seigi?". It was almost impressive. I've heard she has a lot bigger presence in the light novels, which might explain some of it? It's a shame either way.

    But basically...


  13. mdchan

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    Episode 8

    I'm still trying to unscramble everything from that episode.
    Was pretty obvious that Richard was going to be leaving as soon as he said he was "glad to have met Seigi" and then cemented it with the "goodbye", but it sort of just...came out of nowhere?

    Some people feel that foreshadowing can sometimes reveal a little too much and make things predictable, and I'll definitely admit that I did not expect Richard to up and leave (not yet, at least; I expected something from his past to catch up with him, but not this soon). However, I feel this could have benefited from more foreshadowing that something big was about to go down aside from the conversation between Seigi and Richard in the very episode, itself.

    Also, the entire thing with Tanimoto (I think that's her name?) just felt sort of forced and contrived. Someone else mentioned that she didn't feel like she was shown enough or developed enough to have these sort of revelations with, and I agree. We didn't even see her and Seigi go to that mineral exhibit from way back when (though they obviously went, just off camera). She just sort of was there in the beginning of the show and then appeared a couple times typically near the start of the episodes when she popped up.
    I didn't even remember her name until today's episode as it was said over and over again.

    Not just saying this since I've gotten on board a Seigi and Richard ship, but it felt like there was much more to the Seigi & Richard relationship (something even deeper than "friends" or "mentor/mentee")...something genuine there. That something just isn't there with the other people Seigi interacts with, so this episode was a little hard to wrap my head around.

    Whether or not Seigi and Richard have that sort of relationship, I'm fine with the decision either way. But even though we knew that Seigi had a crush on Tanimoto and a life outside of Estrange, since we never actually see more than a minute or two of that we don't get to see any sort of development between the characters.

    It can even go back to the issues I had in character development at the beginning of the series (particularly with Richard). Though he is a much more developed character now and has a solid connection with Seigi, development and relations between other characters isn't done very well and then just pops up like it did in this episode.

    That whole thing with Seigi's upperclassman in a previous episode? Had me crying when Seigi started to cry in the car.
    This episode? Not a single emotion drawn from me except for confusion. What was in the previous episodes which had me glued to the screen just wasn't there and wasn't as powerful as usual, combined with a lack of developing characters whose names aren't "Seigi" or "Richard" and the episode feeling very crunched for time...welp, it just wasn't a very enjoyable experience this week.
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    Posted by mdchan on Mar 5, 2020
    Episode 9

    Oof...(family) political intrigue. I'm not very good with that, and sort of gave up on trying to follow the complicated family tree stuff; Eventually understood by the end of the episode.

    Though, I had to re-watch the last third of the episode because ever since they got to London, I kept thinking: Uh oh...Seigi looks like he's sick or something.
    Then the end of the episode sort of confirmed it. As if things weren't dramatic enough...welp, I guess I shouldn't be surprised for an additional factor to up the drama. XD

    The one month time skip was, uh...a little unexpected. I really hate timeskips because they can make it difficult to keep up with chronological events, and can be used for the writers to hide things from the viewers (look'n at you, Kabukichou Sherlock).

    I really felt for Seigi during the first half, because I've had so many people I thought were friends do the same to me during my school years. At the end of high school, I found out that they did it because I was "strange" to them (due to my panic attacks), but I was in that same spot that Seigi was in.
    Granted, I also felt bad because I've done it, too. I left without really saying "goodbye" at one job I had been working at because I felt too ashamed to tell the co-workers I was friendly with that I was fired because of panic attacks causing me to call out or leave early.

    So, that part of the episode was the most hard-hitting for me; it was nice that they slowed down (a little) from the "wait, whut?" situation last episode to explore it. Part of me wishes that they had taken a little more time to explore Seigi's feelings on the matter (instead of the one-month timeskip), but it honestly would have just been a month of him angsting and not understanding how he's feeling, so I suppose this time I'll give the writers a pass on not showing all of it to us.
    The scene between him and Tanimoto was powerful enough to make up for least, to me it was.
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    Ep 9, or "are you sure this isn't a romance?":

    Well, I think this retroactively makes the last ep make more sense but holy shit, this was a lot all on its own.

    - Seigi being lowkey interrogated by Richard's mentor who I swear probably thought exactly the same thing as Richard's cousin and was poking him to see if he was worthy of Richard
    - Tanimoto just blatantly going "ohhh, the relationship between you two is like the relationship between us!", though I'm more inclined to think she meant it in a platonic way, unlike everyone else. Tanimoto: oblivious ace to go with Seigi the oblivious bisexual
    - Sure, why not hop a plane to London to go find Richard? Who among us would not take an international flight from Japan to England just to yell at our boss for leaving with no notice? I for one am forever following people across the world.
    - Jeffrey's passport definitely did not say his name was Jeffrey
    - "So have you slept with Richard yet or...?"




    - Honestly, if I'd been drinking something, I probably would've spat it out from sheer surprise here.
    - This has gone a bit far afield of the usual stuff in this show thus far, but I did like how they still tied gems back in with both the diamond and the alexandrite. I'm also glad Richard's cousin isn't evil or anything despite being a bit on the ethically challenged side, he just needs money to help out his brother.
    - Did he have to bribe away any boyfriends before, though? I need to know!

    So yeah, this was a lot of fun. A bit ridiculous but fun.
  16. ZetsubouKaiji

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    Episode 10:

    Oh god, can't they just fuck already. This is some real cock tease shit.

    The drama is all conveniently and neatly solved. I kind do wish that Richard and Seigi's relationship could have advanced further because it's clear their feelings for each other go beyond friendship. Instead, the anime just reverts them back to the status quo at the start. Still there is progress that they expressed how they feel to each other. It's something.
  17. howtoprocrastinate

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    Episode 10
    ...I think Seigi doesn't know how to propose. He obviously forgot to get on one knee when he gave the ring to Richard
  18. mdchan

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    Episode 10

    Pudding can save the world and mend broken relationships!
    ...that's what they wanted me to take away from this, right? XD
    If only it were that easy in real life...

    I think I gave up and went along with the flow within the first couple minutes past the opening credits, and if I hadn't then I wouldn't have enjoyed it as much.

    Even so, the emotional impact was lessened by the ongoing tension within Richard's family (and confusing family dynamics), and the jumble of tense family dynamics was lessened by the emotional impact.

    This moved so quickly that I just sort of gave up on thinking mid-way through and just let the ride take me wherever the heck it was going to take me.

    I rarely ever say this since I dislike stall tactics and drawing things out, but I feel this anime would have benefited from this part of the plot being drawn out an additional episode.
    They could have lightly touched on the Seigi and Richard stuff but kept the main focus of this episode on the wonky family dynamics, and then in the next episode touch more on the emotions and drama between Seigi and Richard.

    ...especially since it looks like only a couple of months or so passed between them exchanging the gems and the scene after the ending credits.

    Unrelated, did anyone else expect the "diamond" to shatter when it hit the ground? I totally expected it to be fake (glass or something). Well, I mean, it sort of was fake...but yea. XD
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    I agree with those above me.
    Just fakkin kiss or confess or anything maaaan! It is nice to see this sort of relationship as well, that you can be so close friends without it having to be anything sexual or such feelings involved. Buuut- make that for another show. I want these two to just go at it mate.
    I laughed hard when Seigi mentioned his previous "boyfriend" and Richard just O.O wha- I haven't had any male lovers.
    Not yet, Richard-san. Not yet ;)))
    I seriously wonder how the rest is gonna continue. If they don't end up living together or be bffs forever, I don't know what to do with myself
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