That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime Season 2

Discussion in 'Specific Anime Discussion' started by ZetsubouKaiji, Mar 17, 2019.

  1. eemil4222

    eemil4222 Member

    judging from the first season, I bet this season is also good
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  2. emiha7444

    emiha7444 New Member

    seems really interesting
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  3. NoName213

    NoName213 New Member

    who that cant wait for season 2 better start with the manga there already some of the parts that will be on season 2
  4. verygentlecriminal

    verygentlecriminal New Member

    Does anyone know if they will include the tournament arc from the light novel or web novel?
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  5. Sarcataclysmal

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    This is an adaptation of the manga, not the web novel or light novel, so that's up to whether or not the manga includes that.
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  6. InutileInfo

    InutileInfo New Member

    Wow you typed a book LOL
  7. XIBandoIX

    XIBandoIX New Member

    Season 2 first episode is FIRE!
  8. MisterPhantomAgent

    MisterPhantomAgent New Member

    There was like 5 minutes of recap at the start, but a fight already? Pretty nice.
  9. 4the0ueen

    4the0ueen New Member

    i watched season one four times so im really excited for this!
  10. TheSMoresAwakens

    TheSMoresAwakens Silver Supporter

    Still mindless but entertaining. I'm not sure this anime rates commenting on, but I'm bored, so I did it. Which was the same thing that motivated me to watch S2E1. #NoRegerts
  11. Dankvart

    Dankvart Well-Known Member

    I'm sort of upset that they gave us quite a touching and definite good-bye scene with the Academy kids in ep.23 of the first season, and this season begins with...
    wait, what, he's back in the Academy as if nothing has happened? Yes, I understand that OVAs chronologically ocurred somewhere shortly before ep.23, it makes sense for a side arc, but why start new season also from an earlier timeline point? Or is this retconing, and we are to see yet another 'good-bye' scene? Sigh..
    Furthermore, ahem... that 'diplomatic' delegation which
    immediately upon arrival starts throwing insults and picking fights Gabiru-style? At least Gabiru, an idiot, was unaware of Rimuru status and powers, but these guys were supposed to have all the necessary knowledge. So are they way dumber than the narcissist halfwit-lizard? Or it's the director who, in order to make things 'lively' for the season opening, and to appease simpletons in the audience, made them behave like morons? Sigh...

    So we shall see where this goes :S

    Upd.: Oh, I see now that there is a new director. This might affect the show quite a lot indeed...
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  12. Rascal

    Rascal Silver Supporter


    Man I missed this show's sharp action and animation. This was a nice start.
    Idk how I feel about the demon king's subordinates randomly starting a fight though. I'm beginning to think this demon king guy isn't such a competent ruler
  13. tootalls

    tootalls Well-Known Member

    Ep 2

    I'm glad the word "mundane" was used in this episode because that's how most of this stuff feels with Rimiru executing the task of a great ruler. Initially, it was fun to see him build up a small weak poor goblin village to what it is now, but the ins and outs of that job has become a bore. They need to quickly streamline the focus on some kind of conflict or something if this is gonna be a show I look forward to weekly like I used to, especially with all the strong competition it has this season.
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  14. MrLolo

    MrLolo Active Member

    Episode 2

    ...nothing happened.
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  15. Aratakun

    Aratakun Active Member

    Episode 1
    Starts:-quick flashback of season 1 and ova then how life is going now. End:-fight scene also cliffhanger.
    Episode 2
    starts:- what fight is already over so early. Rimuru's show off then again how life is going some funny scenes. End:- Seems main antagonist for this season from previous season.
    So till two episodes nothing happened special but looking forward to next episode and I am sure lots of things is about to happen season 2 is just started.
  16. TheSMoresAwakens

    TheSMoresAwakens Silver Supporter

    Hmmmm... Judging by the comments maybe I should wait a week to watch episode 2, so I can at least roll onto 3 after.
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  17. Rascal

    Rascal Silver Supporter

    People say nothing happened but it wasn't boring in my opinion same old show as always, its still nice to watch
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  18. MrLolo

    MrLolo Active Member

    Yeah, it wasn't boring but it went by too fast. They're still setting up the plot so I'm sure things are gonna start happening soon.
  19. Shadexo

    Shadexo Member

    Wow. they totally messed up the timeline. Don't know which source they're following but the events of the first two episodes are happening before the ending of the first season. I hope they're doing a properly transition towards the events which are yet to come.
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  20. Rascal

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