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    You're welcome.
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    Bob Ross: Beauty is Everywhere on Netfix, I wanted something chill while I waited for a delivery and went for this and it was the most amazing chill enjoyable thing. Bob's soothing voice, perfect niceness, perfect technique in painting and how mesmerizing it is to do wet-on-wet and creating all these gorgeous landscapes that makes you want to get up and paint some awesome landscapes and shit. I had some breakfast but sometimes I would just stop eating and stare at him painting these happy little trees and seeing it all come together. The mountains and fluffing up clouds, it was so serene and tranquil. It was perfection.


    And bringing in the little bird and those adorable squirrels, so Bob, all Ross.
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    The Good Place better get some kind of award for "Janet(s)". Cause D'Arcy Carden freaking nailed that episode.
    Playing your character, who is actually the other four characters, and even one of those four characters pretending to be one of the others...I mean goddamn. That woman has talent.
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    Holiday Gingerbread Showdown

    Some of the stuff they make is so fucking awesome as fuck. This gingerbread Victorian house is absolutely gorgeous and filled with details! There's little toys in the house, a tree with lights, more toys, and just an unbelievable amount of detail. It is literally perfect.The windows have little emblems in them, the door has a doorknocker, a perfect sleigh, absolutely gorgeous. The other ones are pretty good, nice detail and artistic sense but that house while not entirely "Santa's Workshop" was amazing.
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    Narrated by David Attenborough, it was while I was waiting for a package to arrive that hasn't arrived yet but it's really fascinating. Absolutely gorgeous, even in it's death world landscapes of sweeping desert or salt lakes, cold dank caves where the only life in it's fossil waters are blind catfish. How these adorable, cute widdle baby turtles were making their way to the water when some douchebag crows, falcon things and this punk ass motherfucking shiteating crab try to kill them. It was focusing on this little baby turtle and a crab tried to jump it and bring it back to it's lair but it shook it off! I was so invested in her story, in that little baby turtle to make it and not get plucked by a feathered douchebag. When he made it to the water and avoided the last crow divebombing the water, I celebrated. 1/1000 live from birth to the safe area of the water, and ones that live live to 80+ years. So many were plucked from their crawl to the water, but that one made it.

    It's some real good stuff.
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    Oh, shit.
    We're doing this.
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    I haven't watched any Arrowverse stuff but
    if it's not the Anti-Monitor and Supergirl or one of the Flashes doesn't die it's false advertising

    Ooh wait, they have Batwoman in these CW shows now?
    Looks passable tbh except for the fake-looking hair (but Kate wears a wig in the comics so I guess it's accurate somehow).

    Been re-watching some Count Duckula and Looney Tunes lately because nothing quite beats the classics.
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    ZK and Thrawn's convinced me, to start Happy. YOU CAN NEVER HAVE ENOUGH BLACK COMEDY IN YOUR LIFE.
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    Just watched the second episode and it's pretty great. I like the way it takes what could be a stale main character archetype and mixes it up by making him so repulsive. It's not the first time I've seen this, but the main character here looks like he smells like a dumpster. Usually these kinds of anti-heroes are supposed to play to the lizard brain where you think they're cool because they're gruff, but they get shit done. This guy gets shit done, but usually in a way that is painful and hilarious.
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    Yeah, we officially have Gotham now. She's getting her own spin-off next year, so she made her on-screen debut in the latest crossover. She did...okay. She didn't have a lot of screentime, but she'll grow into hopefully. And yes, it's a wig. Sewn onto the cowl oddly enough. Not sure how she gets the thing on.
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    I always knew you had good taste.

    He looks as well-smelling as the Very Bad Santa, who reminds me of that pedo Santa in Hobo With a Shotgun but less pedo and I don't know where I'm going with this but damn he's creepy uncomfortable in a good bad way. Show has some great style and life to it.
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    Riverdale Mid-Season 3 Finale

    This is so amazingly dumb. It's just absolutely bugnuts and builds up on the bugnuttery of the lunatic second season. At the mid-season break, we get (Massive spoilers):

    More gangs, DnD consuming the lives of kids by name of Gryphons and Gargoyles with the enigmatic Gargoyle King taking roost and kids drinking cyanide spiked koolaid to "ascend", Gargoyle Gangs, more drugs in the form of candy by way of Fizzle Rocks (Pop Rocks druggified), Archie getting convicted for murder and sent to juvenile prison where they have an underground fight ring AND the warden plays GnG, breakout but not before an impromptu football session with Riverdale Vixens cheerleading, breaking Archie out of prison, more cults that might not be the Gargoyle King but takes a back seat for a spell, increasing amounts of people having seizures, the Nuit Blanche (Undergroundish night club) having a gambling night despite not serving any alcohol and not making much of a profit, blatant corruption and abuse of power, Archie and Jughead on the lamb, Archie doing more Archie things, and ending with the town quarantined from what must be contagious seizures.

    Plot threads are picked up and dropped on a whim, a surprisingly good cover of Dream Warriors when musical bits are either hit or miss but usually cheese, out of context barely any of it makes sense and it's just a hilarious, enjoyable mess. So much of it is so ridiculously dumb, plans and reasoning, how things work out, and it's just fun as all hell. And everything Cheryl says is pure gold.

    I'd post the video, but it would not make sense out of context.
    It's also one of the best episodes of the season.
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    ...Well, now I can say I've heard a cover of a Dokken song performed by live action Archie characters.

    What a time to be alive.
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