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    Posted by Guest on Jul 28, 2017
    You know the drill. If there isn't a dedicated thread, post it here. Any TV goes, cartoons, live action, it's fair game.

    The Shield Season One
    Nowhere else to put this so I guess I'll post TV season reviews here too. Great first season to a show and one of the few television shows I've ever watched where I felt connected to characters and couldn't wait to see where the plot went next. Nearly everyone is fantastic (with the exception of the female beat cop, her acting was pretty awful) and there never seemed to be a dull moment. My favorite show, Justified, seems positively slow by comparison to The Shield where every episode is presenting new cases and it never focuses on the outside character stuff so much it forgets to deliver on the investigative/cop stuff. The last couple episodes were fantastic and that season finale was a wonderful way to wrap things up, forcing everyone to test their allegiances and showing just how far even the good cops will go. There were a couple threads that went nowhere (why did Chiklis kiss the beat cop? That went absolutely nowhere. What happened to the hooker's baby?) but overall, a solid start to the series.
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    yay thank you! now I can stop tormenting movie section for tv reviews.

    first up: Cheo Yong, it's a South Korean (does North Korea even put anything out) horror, supernatural, drama, crime drama two seasons (can't find any more seasons known) where this detective can see spirits and able to solve crimes with this ability. the series is more than an hour long so it took a short bit to binge this series over on netflix. they were cool about blurring out extreme violence as well as products they didn't get sponsors for. it contains, rape, violence, ghosts, crude humor, gangs and alcohol abuse. it's not a bad series and too bad there isn't any more, other than being in Korean it's still easy enough to understand. if you're into this sort of thing you should try to find and watch it.

    second: didn't know it existed but I found it on netflix dvd section of season 2 which is already in my list, but it's Ash vs Evil Dead season one, I'd imagine season 2 is going to be just as adventurous (there's also a third season in the works). it's basically picking up where it left off sort of thing. if you're a big time fan of Evil Dead then you might want to check this out. it's a Starz production. 30 years (I thought it was longer than that) have passed and Ash is still the dead beat loser worker that he always has been until the demons find him, it's basically a run from and towards sort of thing. you won't be disappointed ED fans when it comes to the old school gore and violence along with witty one lies and crude humor. in this there's also sexual content, language, alcohol and drug abuse, racist comments, brief nudity and bad/poor choices. so dust off your boom sticks and get that chainsaw hand ready and remember to shoot first and don't bother to ask questions.
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    for those who are into kid friendly shows then you should look for/check out The Worst Witch. in my humble opinion it reminds me of Little Witch Academia, so perhaps this is their attempt or a take on making it live action? however it's British kid friendly show about a girl who has no magic in her family and who are admitted into a witchcraft school on a trial basis. thus starts up Milly's adventures of making friends, being the odd one out and doing her best to improve her magic. I had no clue who the people were because I don't watch as much British programming as I do otherwise, but, over all I felt they delivered it well. there is a season 2 in the works and the series did end on a proper ending and not a cliff hanger situation like some do. (not all the time do another season comes about, still waiting on this one series to have a fourth season and it has yet to appear anywhere.) but, as for the show, there is bullying, magic use, mild violence, and some romance. over all, if you're into Little Witch Academia you should check this out, it's cute and highly kid friendly, I feel pre teen would have no problem following the plot with this show. so, a great baby setting tool if you're tired of watching shows on nick or something. minus the pilot of an hour, there are a total of 12 episodes around 30 minutes. if the pilot was broken down it would be 13 episodes.
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    Posted by Thrawn on Jul 30, 2017
    You know what's on right now? The second half (5/10 episodes) of American Crime Story: The People vs OJ Simpson on FX, Episode 8: A Jury in Jail. Don't know when I saw a courtroom drama this good. Great way to spend 6.5 hours on Saturday and Sunday.
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    Man, Vikings is such a dumb show. It took me over three years to be bored enough to give the fourth season a go, and the first episode was every bit as silly, unsubtle and uneven as I remembered the series as a whole.

    Lagertha is always cool, but I can't say I give a shit about anyone else in this poorly narrated mess.
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    Take Regular Show, remove the animal people and CN content restrictions, and presto. This thing.

    Guess he figured it ain't broke, don't fix it.
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    so found this series over on netflix yesterday called Van Helsing. it's about a female by the name of Vanessa who has "special blood" that scares vampires. why yes I said vampires, and no they are not even remotely full of sparkles. this is a dark and wicked take on the vampire kingdom. here's further back story, after all if I tell too much I have pretty much ruined the plot. so, it's post-apocalyptic, it takes place 3 years into the future (2019) after Yellowstone National Park volcano blows and the skies goes dark and a large chunk of the united states is now gone thanks to the eruption. now that the sun is no longer out, this gives the chance for the vampires to run amuck. finally a syfy show I actually enjoy! these things are very rare for me to enjoy, a lot of them are horribly done, but I will give vampires a go before anything else. so, if you're interested in the Helsing adventures then you should check this out. just for the record there is a season 2 mentioned, let's hope they bring it, but being syfy they might. so this contains: language (occasional f-bomb), extreme violence, vampire violence, sexual content, drug and alcohol use/abuse, bullying, verbal abuse and peril. over all not a bad watch, I would park a teenager in front of this they'd know what's going on (after all if teenagers can watch American horror story and be the best thing since sliced bread...) so yeah. probably wouldn't park a preteen, they might not understand, get frightened or there will be lots and lots of questions.

    but if you're preteen likes it when actors blows their brains out from sticking barrel of gun into mouth and pulling trigger to brain matter flying out, then hey go for it!
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    Orange is the New Black S5
    This was mostly a frustrating and annoying watch, and it's especially sad after the high note that was season 4. I have my doubts as to if they will be able to salvage this in a competent fashion.

    The show's sense of morality got twisted and it contains several cruel elements played for laughs, instead of horror in season 4.

    There are "hurdy hurr this guy will get raped by at gunpoint and it's fun because it's a guard and now he has no rights whatsoever" combined with torture and degradation and Pennsatucky ends up with her rapist uuuurgh. Fuck that shit so hard. They barely tried to do the "power corrupts" angle, but they went with cheap laughs instead in a failed attempt to have their cake and eat it, too.

    The eighties are still relevant in our increasingly retrospective lives. This is a good show, if off to a boring start and burdened with some tropes that I could have done without. Not that they are bad, it's just that I don't need another show with a bookish brunette earning the respect of a gruff, wizened gent and trying to patch things up with a feisty blonde woman. There could have been more focus on the secondary characters instead. Hopefully that will be the case come season 2.

    The wrestling was really fab, and you could tell that they had fun in the ring. It's a period piece, so the eighties trappings aren't for show, nor is there a lot of obnoxious "remember these things?" thrown in. There is a lot of licensed music, but it's not badly chosen.
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    Posted by Gens on Aug 2, 2017
    Going to be trying to power through some Mr Robot today. I have yet to finish the first season of it, after all this time. >_>;
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    Make a thread for it, if you want to post about it. It'll be useful when season 3 pops up.
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    Was watching an old rerun of Night Court...

    and decided to Google that giant black dude. Guess what? He was the frigging Predator.
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    Posted by Schizm on Aug 4, 2017
    I was scared of the Predator as a child because he was just so friggin' tall. He was taller than Arnie when they fought at the movie's climax and that really impressed me back then. Kevin Peter Hall played him again in the sequel and he does a fine job there too, just love that menacing walk of his. He also played that bigfoot in Harry and the Hendersons.

    I'd love to see a side-by-side comparison of him and Bolaji Badejo, the guy in the original Alien suit:
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    A quick Google check says Predator guy had exactly 1 inch on him.
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    Yes! It took you 4 seasons The Strain, but you finally
    offed that smug, Nazi vampire fuck.
    Oh, that was satisfying.
  15. randomredneck

    randomredneck Well-Known Member

    ...Well, The Strain went out completely weakly. What a bomb of a finale.
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    The Vietnam War Miniseries

    PBS, and its quite possibly the best thing I'll watch this season. It's an episode each day since Sunday instead of once a week but it's pretty gripping stuff.

    American Horror Story: Cult

    Three episodes and it can't decide on being good or being shit.
  17. randomredneck

    randomredneck Well-Known Member

    I think it's picking up. The
    coffin murder opening
    was its first big moment of spooky for me. And even then, it can't get any worse than that shart of a season called Roanoke.

    Though I will say, Paulson's shrieking is starting to wear on my last nerve.
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    Totally agree on the killer opening and the episode kept piling on the good stuff, especially later on when
    Paulson was in the car, wanting all the people to stop swarming her car and Bluebeard just comes up and tells them to leave. That was creepy.

    But it looks like we'll get more shrieking and crying from her as the shenanigans amp up. But her suffering should make up for it.
  19. randomredneck

    randomredneck Well-Known Member

    That new episode of The Orville was pretty good. Leave it to McFarlane to mix in alien gender discussion with Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer.
  20. Thrawn


    American Horror Story: Cult

    Who knew an episode about what happened before could be so compelling? Also sheds a new light on things prior to said episode.

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