Talentless Nana

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  1. Aerythrin

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    More frustrated than anything at the atrociously clumsy writing. Show main character callously murdering numerous classmates, most of whom have done nothing wrong (besides one or maybe two exceptions), then suddenly we're supposed to care about this bitch because she has a "tRaGiC bAcKsToRy" despite the fact that by her own admission the death of her parents was in part due to her own carelessness/selfishness?
    Nah mate.
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  2. Aratakun

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    Episode 12
    Where is this story going. a:it's a story of a serial killer. b:it's detective and killer's now it's neither a nor b. Previously
    Nana's silly flashback. Now inukai's but this flashback is better than Nana's. In this episode unwanted senpai explained that the number of estimated kills are meaningless. Oh CRA.. she already has killed 6 students.
  3. Rascal

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    XI - Mystery

    God the beginning of this episode was just weird, really strange. I feel like the next person who's gonna die is green haired chick if michiru isn't already dead. Just kind of would make sense at this point given past trends.

    Lol, the classic trying their best to make you like a character right before they die trick isn't going to work in this kind of show where the character we're SUPPOSED to be on the side of is Nana. Weird that the only time they'd bring morality into question is when it's concerning an overly unrealistically innocent person. This show has a really twisted sense of moral exceptions.

    Wait, Nana is basically a serial murderer but is now upset that somebody's being insensitive to her feelz? Am I supposed to be upset too? I missed that.
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  4. Rascal

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    XII - Winds of Change

    "And then i met a girl and she had a dog and then she said i could heal her mother but i couldnt and then i healed someone and then i fainted and then she had cancer and then she died anawhanaauah"

    LMAO I was right she is going after greenie next. I would not be surprised if she did it but I also wouldn't be surprised if it was some other random person who hasn't come into question yet in order for the show to pretend it pulled the wool over our eyes again. Maybe it was OG protag guy come back to life.

    I can't fathom why jin is letting her do her own thing especially after realizing the death count is bogus.

    Nana may be even stupider than we think, I mean, so the evil organization took advantage of her hatred of supers to fool her into doing this and its actually not the government? Aight. That's hardly even a twist, They just un-twisted the twist from episode 2 so it's not a twist anymore.
  5. Hayane

    Hayane Well-Known Member

    I am pretty sure we all saw that ending coming. It wasn't bad per se and it was entertaining enough to turn off my brain after coming back to work on Mondays (watching it a day late). However, I still find everyone having zero personality...pretty boring...meanwhile kyouya....was just there....really. Dude didnt even solve the last mystery and just listened to Nana, who presumably he suspected to be the killer of the previous cases....
    Michiru scenes with Nana could have had a more bit of work and development if they wanted my heart to itch for them. Cause Michiru looked like a complete brainless idiot.
    I don't even know what to rate it since I didn't expect anything and it wasnt as bad as others *cough*rap battle*cough*.
    Average it is.
  6. Etue

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    Posted by Etue on Dec 27, 2020
    Honestly, this anime was sort of a guilty pleasure of mine. It's just such a dumb show that's ultimately largely predictable with a few twists here and there so the plot doesn't stagnate and become repetitive. The setup of the final episode was blatantly obvious and of course it doesn't really hold up to scrutiny. I mean, Nana should have obviously gone after the m.b. and tied it up or something if you think about it but that's basically the whole show. Almost everything on hindsight in this show seems to be unnecessarily convoluted or there was an obvious way to resolve the situation better.

    There's practically no decent character writing in this whole show and while there was some decent backstory setups I have to admit this show again comes down to the age old lesson that many writers struggle with.

    "Trying to make a main character smarter than the person who writes said character is neigh impossible."

    It's possible to write a character smarter than yourself, it it takes a lot of effort as a writing it's your duty to think long and hard about the quick conclusions your character makes making sense. As well as thinking about their actions. The first part Nana does quite well, drawing the right conclusion of course is easy but taking smart action seems to be a bit hard.

    So what this anime end up being is a bit of a creative ''gore-fest''. The mystery part of the show barely holds any importance as the veil is paper thin. A big problem is that the main character isn't relatable. Sure things get shaken up but the logical leaps taken with this supposedly smart character is a bit much.

    Overall, this show could have done with a main character that wasn't irrefutably called highly-intelligent and the show would have had much more leeway in terms of the dumb actions that have occurred.

    Eitherway, for quote on quote dumb entertainment this show is fine. It's sort of a spectacle.


    Still if your looking for something like this that doesn't lower your intelligence i'd definitely say
    Rokka: Braves of the Six Flowers is a couple of steps above this.
  7. g3data

    g3data Well-Known Member

    There's cliffhanger endings, and then just ending after seeing someone fall off the cliff. Sheesh that was abrupt.
    He did solve it, partially. The anime just skipped over this, but he did figure out that the body was relocated by his girlfriend with her wind powers so it could be found more naturally since he was actually murdered in the middle of the forest, and she cut him across the neck to make it seem more in line with the injuries of the dead animals to connect the incident to the animal killer, since the victim told her with in last moments it was him who was responsible. This whole thing was removed in the anime to make it seem like the astral projection guy actually did kill the victim in his room, for the sake of the runtime.
    As easy as a series this was to clown on, I did unironically enjoy my time with it. Probably the worst thing I could say about it is how straight it plays tropes regarding anime intelligence.

    Like in order to make huge leaps in logic, they first need to prattle off a series of minute details and factoids that no actual person would be able to keep track of on the fly that just so happen to line up perfectly with their conclusion. It's a not a type of storytelling I find unappealing however but it does indeed give off a stronger sense of contrivedness than plenty are just willing to accept. I love shit like Danganronpa and Death Note so I feel like I should be at home here. That said, I do think the character appeal here on the whole is pretty lacking compared to all the wacky, plot hole ridden mystery tales I tend to enjoy, so it's not as though I ever find myself actually caring about any of these kids. Not by a long shot.
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  8. Rascal

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    XIII - Flag

    That was a really weird note to end it on, but if there's any good thing I can say about this show in the end, is that even though michiru was written to be too stupid, she did force the show to venture into some kind of morality themes and even though the show deliberately tried to make you expect michiru to also be fucked up like everyone else in the show, she wasn't in the end.

    Actually this show is better than my hero academia in that regard. Deku had literally no connection to that girl in season 4 but the show made a big fucking deal out of him saving her. meanwhile this show spent episodes and episodes building up michiru and nana's complicated relationship and didnt make too big a deal out of it the whole time.

    Yeah this show is better than MHA.

    IDK if it really matters though. because even if they were trying to make you question if what nana was doing was right with that shit, they undercut it by having everyone else also be a piece of shit, and now the government is apparently lying to nana about how much they could kill.

    So idk if i even care.

    That's my sentiment in general. This show may have had some things go for it. but idk if i really care in light of how much they undercut themselves with stupidity.
    This was fun though.

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  9. RavenheartN1Anime

    RavenheartN1Anime Well-Known Member

    They really think I forgive a blood-coated murderer after this "forgiveness" episode? Nana deserved every bit of sin on her shoulders and now even that is gone.
    1/5 - the trash of Fall 2020
  10. JamesP7

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    Imagine hating a traumatized brainwashed child smh

    This show was amazing, with excellent writing, great character development , and a shocking plot twist nearly every episode. I've watched the entire series literally 4 times, and I am going to watch it more. And then I'll go read the manga.
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  11. Sajonji

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    Really enjoyed the 13 episodes, almost no dull moments.
    Still some point deduction for "how stupid can some characters be" and also for pulling out new characters right and left. Like how big is this "school" ? Especially episode 11, nearing the end of the season, here are 5 new characters never heard of or spoken of before. Felt as bad as The Walking Dead in Alexandria where every episode new background characters popped out only to quickly die. Like having a factory producing those.
    Still a fun ride, would watch a continuation, 7 / 10.
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  12. meeshmint

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    I started to binge this series 2 days ago in order to procrastinate studying for my competency exam, and then I watched the last 3 eps today after I finally finished my 3hr exam. Since I'm fresh out of brain cells, lemme rant here for a while:

    First off, the show has an interesting premise: ordinary person infiltrates a special school for extraordinary people in order to discover their secrets +/or kill them. I love spies and underdogs and the sort of omniscient-level of cunning needed to carry this sort of plot, so I was excited. I also really didn't want to study. why are you always watching school dramas/animes though meeshmint....

    The first few episodes were a little slow, but I think they set up the background alright. The students don't seem aren't very smart, but then again they're in high school and apparently classes are also optional since so many people skip, so whatever. It felt a little rushed that some characters were only introduced for one episode and then they were gone, but the focus is on Nana and her mission, so I tried to pay more attention to her actions.
    I think somewhere halfway through the series, the plot holes got too big to ignore/aka Nana somehow miraculously still got away with stuff even after people had evidence/literally witnessed her trying to kill. Nana's excuses for why she's always at the scene of the crime but totally not guilty were fun for the first two deaths, but after like four people in four days someone has to have enough of a bs meter to say its sus. And even after she's been caught, the people who have caught her conveniently have some reason to keep her alive and/or keep her secret. I swear, this girl's real talent is being able to stay alive. Even Kyoya, who was supposed to be the smart detective to Nana's serial murderer, comes off as stupid even when he literally figures out Nana's entire plan.

    And then in the last few eps, the show tries to cram 5 different storylines together with less success than me trying to cram 5 lectures for my quiz this morning: a tragic backstory for Nana (also full of holes) that's supposed to justify why she decided to kill all these kids, question the true motives of the government/agency in charge of Nana, introduce another murderer, showcase the new genuine friendship between Nana and Michiru that goes beyond using Michiru, and share Michiru's backstory that shows just how unironically wholesome she is, which also then totally disrupts our current storyline of getting revenge and leads to the entire mess that is the ending??? of ep 13.
    I can try to understand why they added all these things, but the fact that they didn't finish addressing the previous storylines (like what was up with the thing with Jin and the previous students on the island? Maybe I just missed it, but he stayed afterwards for...what? and you never know if he comes back. And what happened with the phone call with the school officials? Or with Kyoya after he subdues the astro-projection guy. Also literally WHAT HAPPENS AFTER MICHIRU DIES) made me so unsatisfied I literally said "wut" and had to check multiple times to make sure that this was actually the last ep. This was so much worse than the last episode of the Teen Titans (which is also one of the worse episodes ever, because of all the things to end a fantastic multi-season series on, you choose to do so on a cliffhanger?? boo hiss) but I don't wanna waste the time or energy being angry at something I won't ever watch again so I'll just stop here. But I swear, that last ep caused my feelings for this show to drop by -10.

    ALso sidenote: I was really hoping that Michiru would have some secret that gave her more dimension. Like, I thought with the Dark Michiru mini-arc, yeah! now we're getting somewhere with this character, but no, it turns out that if it looks like a sheep and she talks like a sheep, it's probably a sheep. She lowkey reminded me of those girls who are always....so...nice that I just wanted to see her snap one day. She was so freaking nice that I couldn't even be mad at her for sacrificing herself. I guess she does play an important role in transforming Nana and changing her opinion of the Talented, but even that transformation came off as a little insincere bc it came so late. Like, I guess you can develop feelings for someone if you're always in close proximity, but for me, Nana's realization that she saw Michiru as a friend totally jarred with her previous serial-killer character attitude that I didn't want to accept just how much she had changed from the cool detached spymaster she seemed like the in earlier episodes. Like, I get that Nana's poise and plans lowkey went out the window when she started getting sloppy, but Michiru's character tries to redeem Nana completely just because she was nice to her. It's not convincing because of all the stuff Nana has already done, and any attempt to make me sympathetic to Nana is thwarted by this poor buildup and Nana's underdeveloped backstory. I guess this is one of those moments we are supposed to accept because of ehem #poweroffrienship

    ALso last thing: the show totally underutilized Kyoya. He's featured so much in the OP + ED but we never get more of his story besides "my sister came here" and "I can't die." It's not like he's one of those characters whose powers we learn about for half the episode before they die. Why did the sexual harassing pervert or necromancer-stalker have more depth than the supposed other MC???
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  13. puppy0cam

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    I have discovered vodka. I thibnk I[m ready to watch the rest of this series.
  14. ShuuKurei

    ShuuKurei Active Member

    I'm halfway through now - does ONE character with a brain appear to stop the psychopath murdering them all? Like, just ONE? Or may I just well drop it now before wasting 2 more hours of my life?
  15. ShuuKurei

    ShuuKurei Active Member

    Well, I did watch the rest of it. And what can I say, I was not disappointed. The show kept being trashy and even topped itself, to the point it was worth watching just because of that. Geez, how does this have 4 Stars?
  16. JamesP7

    JamesP7 Member

    Not naming any names, but it would be rather unfortunate to dislike this show for something as miniscule as giving side characters depth–especially characters that aren't going to last more than an episode or two… I mean, how ridiculous would it be to let the characters with a low amount of time to exist leave an impact on the audience and allow the sustaining characters room for more development later? We should just learn nothing about who is being killed and let them die like nameless, faceless extras–who needs characters in a story, am-I-right?

    This is sarcasm btw
  17. OagnwstosX

    OagnwstosX Member

    Maaan, I hate characters with superpowers in anime. That’s why I enjoyed so much this anime. I was thrilled to watch Nana eliminating characters with superpowers.

    The only characters that I wished to live is the Nakajima (got killed at the start of the show), Sorano Fuuko and Odonera Kyouya.
  18. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Funimation began streaming all 13 episodes of the English dub of the television anime of Looseboy and Iori Furuya's Talentless Nana (Munō na Nana) manga on Sunday. The cast includes:

    Michelle Marie as Nana Hiiragi
    Caleb Yen as Nanao Nakajima
    Stephen Fu as Kyoya Onodera
    Emi Lo as Michiru Inukai
    Jordan Dash Cruz as Moguo Ijima
    Phillip Reich as Seiya Kori
    Lucien Dodge as Rentaro Tsurumigawa
    Marc Swint as Homeroom Teacher
    Phillip Reich as Shoichi Kosakai
    Courtney Lin as Kirara Habu
    Heather Gonzalez as Kaori Takanashi
    Marc Thompson as Nanao's Father
  19. ThatOneFriend

    ThatOneFriend New Member

    yea i think that it was way better than stereotypical superpower anime
    i was happy to find something unique like this
    ngl i was getting tired of shonen anime until i found this
    deff in my top 15
  20. Nemurin238

    Nemurin238 Active Member

    After watching some episodes and reading some of the chapters in the manga, I love how the protagonist doesn’t have any powers at all and figures out ways to elimating people with powers. It’s so unique and finally something that isn’t a regular shounen anime that has a person with powers protagonist. This also gave me lots of among us and MHA vibes mixed together.

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