Talentless Nana

Discussion in 'Specific Anime Discussion' started by Guest, Apr 6, 2020.

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    Posted by Hayane on Apr 7, 2020
    Read the manga years ago when it came out and completely forgot its existence, certainly looking forward to this adaptation especially people's reaction lol.
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    Posted by Thrawn on Apr 8, 2020
  4. Franconator

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    Well, screw me for thinking this was a NANA spin-off.
  5. OkamiHime95

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    I'll be honest, I thought it was too at first, until I read the synopsis lol. XD
  6. Ebonyslayer

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    Yeah, this is nothing like that NANA series. Checking out the manga, it almost made me think of RWBY, although its still quite different. Its attempting to be like Death Note, but the art style and how the first chapter plays out makes me think otherwise. Add the poor world-building and it ends up feeling like a bottom of the barrel shounen.
    Can't say I'm very happy with it, it actually annoyed me, the real reason why its getting an anime. Definitely not watching it when it comes out.:frustrat:
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  7. LastDarkness

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    Save many some time. Watch the first episode and call it there. The manga falls apart immediatly and the only existance of a story is how stupid all the characters are and Nana's
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    when i saw this anime first thing pop up in my mind was "boku no hero academia girls edition"
  9. apoc9

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    Posted by apoc9 on Oct 5, 2020
    At the end of the first episode. dafaq am I watching? :cereal:
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    Posted by Rascal on Oct 5, 2020
    I - The Enemy of Humanity is my Friend

    They did a by bero bakademia but edgy.

    It's a bit strange how these main characters keep having "dull" as a selling point, huh? I guess they're trying to open them up for future development but it's a bit weird that it's apparently difficult to give a protagonist some defining characteristics. I mean, they could have made him a narcoleptic who only falls asleep in compromising positions, or just be constantly shitting his pants or something. Anything would be better than "dull".

    And then if him being dull wasn't enough they basically copied the guy from A Certain Magical Index's power.

    At least Nana is also a main character. She's basically pink haired loli santa clause, who knows if you've been bad or good or recently thought about big chungus meme compilation 22. I would feel so bad for her in a band club in modern-day, all she would hear is the constant flood of memes.

    Or so you thought! Haha, sucker! She's more like a really emotional sherlock holmes. I'll be honest, either because of the title, or because of the very convenient nature of her character, it was pretty easy to predict that she couldn't actually read minds. I mean, there was nothing anime about that ability at all, so it had to be a lie.

    It's not like I can't tell where this show is going, but I am interested in the weird hook at the end. I guess we'll see what happens. My guess is the guy is gonna be fine and that entire twist will have been for nothing because pushing him off a cliff didn't accomplish jack except for shock value.

    Also, I can't believe they didn't expect me to guess what that edgy new guy's power was. It's the power to cast an eternal shadow over his eyes, obviously.


    Tcheh. This show thinks it's so clever, but I'm onto you...
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    You know how to forum, 4* on yelp
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  12. Aerythrin

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    Intrigued, but expecting something trashy/poorly thought out/edgy for the sake of edge. We shall see!
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  13. Aerythrin

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    Seems like I was right. Not sure if I’m here for this or not but could be a glorious dumpster fire, so will probably watch next ep then binge the rest at the end of the season. I actually feel sorry for the dude in episode 2, like real talk, what happened was really cruel.
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    Among us the anime??
  15. Rascal

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    II - Grab her by the pigtails

    This is shaping up to be much more interesting than I originally thought it would be, but there are a lot of flaws in the storytelling. Like, sure there are some people here would be a big problem if they went rogue like people in this world apparently tend to, but would an actual *world government* literally decide to eradicate even the honest and good ones out of them even when their parents know exactly where they are?

    This is some astra lost in space level shit right here if their parents are in on it, but they never established that. That makes pretty much everyone who knows them a liability. I mean, they got sent to an island and none of them ever came back except for a pink haired girl. Even if they don't have that level of detail, that's definitely going to look bad.

    Let's not forget about nana herself though. Offing fake mc-kun in that way was probably one of the worst ways she could have done it, if she's supposedly such a genius. In a remote location with no alibi to confirm her or the boy's whereabouts before his disappearance, literally just leaving somewhere with him and coming back without him, and then he's just gone.

    Also, she's definitely jumping to conclusions about phoenix wright's power.
    Just me? Alright.

    If you can stop time, who says you can't do something like collect all of the water out of the air or straighten somebody's tie? She's just assuming this based on pretty much nothing.

    Nana's also sus as hell now, before you couldn't tell she was a total traitor because we were watching from that one guy's point of view, but now that we're watching from her point of view, she's suddenly *visibly* suspicious. They should really stay consistent here, because anybody would suspect her with how she's acting. Shadow eyes is just a normal guy, asking the most sus person in the room some questions.

    OH man... more bad decisions. Suppose nakajima's body turns up on a beach. Then how will her "nothing was left" story check out.

    But I guess it doesn't matter now. That last play was fairly stylin.
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  17. TayTouchdown

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    Yeah that was really f’d up but man was that a good offing!
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  18. TayTouchdown

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    I 100% thought this was gonna be like a MHA rip...boy was I wrong lol I’m enjoying the twist starting the manga soon
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