Taisho Otome Fairy Tale

Discussion in 'Currently Airing Anime' started by Hoozuki, Dec 19, 2020.

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    I was actually shaking when I found out this was getting an anime. I didn’t expect it to get an anime. Damn. This was the first ever manga I read back in 2015. I read it right when my family moved to a new house and I had to change schools. So this is kind of a shock to me, it getting a new anime and all. Hopefully the anime is as good as the manga was.
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    This looks like it could be cute
  4. Thrawn


    Posted by Thrawn on Jan 24, 2021
    It actually looks... good. I’m game.
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    Whoa, why did no one tell me?? My powers jinxed this into existence?! YAAAA
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    It really, REALLY is.
    Tell me about it. A lot of stuff I had read many moons ago has gotten animu(Tensei Slime, Paladin, Duke of Death, Jahy, Bakarina,). Makes me hopeful for Undead Adventurer.
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    Oh look it's Senko-san paying a sudden visit to the Duke Of Death this time. Some good shit right there.
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    I can already tell these two are going to be adorable together.
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    Episode 1:
    The characters are charming, have good chemistry and the writing is good. It's cute. Characters are really expressive and I like the more "squishy" design.

    I just don't understand why she needed to have an age-gap and have a child-like design. I mean.. I understand why the author did that, but I don't think it was necessary.
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    Finished episode 1 of Taisho Otome and it was incredibly good, cute, and wholesome and now I am very angry and upset that I'll have to wait another week for more of it. ☹️

    I'm actually a bit curious about this part since I think I might be able to explain it. Keep in mind the setting/time period is very much played straight in terms of values dissonance(hence why Tamahiko is basically cast out).
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    Posted by Madoka on Oct 8, 2021
    A Slice of Life show... based on a pessimist who hates the world with bags under his eyes? I'm getting concerned someone has either tapped into my brain and is combining things i love into a anime series or they are studying my life and making gold for me!

    Pretty damn great! Really enjoyed it, both the guy and girl was good, I always like the more pessimistic characters, maybe because they are more relatable, maybe because I'm a pessimist myself or maybe just because it is something not often covered in media making it feel more unique and not so over used... maybe it's all the above (it is). Regardless, the guy was pretty decent, his family is odd though, why him? Like all of his siblings clearly dislike him, his parents never loved him... makes you wonder why him specifically, though i guess it's a minor detail, just made me wonder is all.
    As for cheery child, she look like she is 8... but that aside i liked her bubbly personality, it's certainly what he needs right now, he seems pretty down and possibly depressed so her cheery mood might rub of on him. Not so bothered in their "relationship" side of things over just having them live together but i guess i can see why it was done, I suppose if nothing else it offers them the chance to use more story lines but i hope we just enjoy the casual daily life of her brightening his life up slowly over watching them evolve as a couple.

    Good first episode though.
    ... I can see this! When i saw this guy, i couldn't help think of the Duke but to be fair, he wasn't really all that miserable, Alice made him pretty happy! But that aside, when she let the hair loose and said about it... all i thought was Senko's Mofu Mofu!!!
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    It's not HIM per se...imagine a combination of Kaguya-sama's household with a dad that's a mix of Vinsmoke Judge from One Piece and Muzan from KnY. Their attitudes are more of en extension of their dad's that since he's "broken" he is now beneath them as a person.

    Some of them are also very messed up people as well with similar issues to his in some ways.

    Still super bummed we have to wait another week since the next episodes are gonna be more of what we got just now.
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    Well she is just sweeter than syrup, isn't she? My kind of show.
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    Posted by g3data on Oct 8, 2021
    Despite knowing of this manga for years, I was completely unaware of this anime being a thing, much less a thing this season. What a pleasant surprise!
  16. Episode 1
    This show is so cute! It's really charming and fun. Looks like this and Komi are going to be the wholesome shows of the season!
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    Tell me about it. I was shocked when I heard about the Anime since it had long since ended(read the series on Batoto years ago). Had been looking forward to it for months since then.
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    I also thought this was really cute and adorable. Absolutely loved the main characters. I agree with other commenters that it might have been a bit nicer if she hadn't been depicted quite so childlike and the age gap a bit less. Just a year less, 15 to his 17 really makes a lot difference at that age.

    However, there was one little nagging concern I had when watching that 1st episode. Now I admit I never read the manga, so I don't know if I'm worrying for nothing. But one thing that struck me was the old trope of the MC having "misunderstood" his father and family. That the things they said and did were somehow in his "best interests" all along. That the MC is at fault for not "understanding" this. And of course there will be family harmony at the end when the MC acknowledges his "fault".

    I really hate this sort of trope because it usually tends justify things that aren't really justifiable just for the sake of family harmony in the end. Parents weren't really bad parents, siblings weren't really mean siblings, and we as readers/viewers are supposed to accept that all the obviously cruel and hurtful things that were said and done were meant to be "helpful". Because they cared? Nope. So I really hope that this story doesn't go down that route as I really loved and enjoyed everything about the 1st episode.
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    Episode 1:

    The manga has been on my to-read list for ages now and never really gotten around reading it. Anyway, this is pure sweetness. Always been a sucker for stuff set during the Taisho-era.
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    Allow me to answer your concerns and I also hope that people in the future, watching this anime, might read this message.

    For anyone judging this anime by the 21st century standards, just do not do it, this makes 0 sense to do it. ‘Taishou Maiden Fairytale’-the anime’s title already has all the answers you need, absolutely, all. The only word in this title that you need is ‘Taishou.’ As you might have already read somewhere, Taishou era was from the year 1912 and ended in 1926, so the anime takes place somewhere between these years. Now guess when were Japanese women recognized as equal to men? Exactly, it only happened after the second world war.
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