Sword Art Online: Alicization - War of Underworld

Discussion in 'Specific Anime Discussion' started by Zed, Mar 24, 2019.

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    Posted by Zed on Mar 24, 2019
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  2. Etyo

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    Posted by Etyo on Mar 25, 2019
    I am enjoying how lame this show is. Yes it's a big meme by now, but to be honest I am enjoying it. I have only disliked one episode out of the whole first part of season 1. I am looking forward to see what shenanigans Reki came up with for the next part. I wonder if the 15 minute exposition sessions will stop xD.
  3. Guest

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    Posted by Guest on Mar 30, 2019
    Oh boy, I guess? Was expecting more from Part 1 and was mostly let down. I will probably at least commit to the first couple episodes of this though then figure out if I can be hyped or need to drop/stall.
  4. Kuroshima

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    I enjoyed the music and fights within the first part of Alicization, when I reached episode 24 I was surprised by how sudden it felt like it ended and felt slightly disappointed but also curious so I am happy to see that they are making this second part and look forward to seeing it.

  5. gokussj

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    is episode 1 on this the recap???
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  6. Coalescence

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    Nope. It is boring as all fuck though.
  7. PurpleCatAngel

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    I surprised that the first epsiode didn’t show us Kirito being all badass like usual. But instead, he was a vegetable. I hope he gets well soon so we can see his badass swordsman skills.
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  8. Teophan

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    Nope. He stays that way forever. It's Alice and Asuna that take over now. It's all about them.

  9. Teophan

    Teophan Well-Known Member

    Ep 1

    The recap was what you'd expect.

    As far as the first episode goes it sets the plot nicely. The situations, struggles and personal dilemmas are all set so we know what to expect. Finally seeing the real world helps creates the chaos needed.

    This looks to be a decent season. Nice to see other characters take the lead. Question is how long will he stay that way. If you noticed in the OP he was shown in that state which makes me think we can expect at least 5 ep of Vegito-kun.
  10. BurntJelly

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    Here we go again. It's 2-cour this time... which means it will once again be about 12 episodes of content stretched out over 24. How "good" this is will depend on how much Asuna is in it... not getting my hopes up.

    Sword... cuddle...

    Wasn't that dude dead?... weren't they all dead?...

    What a boring way to start the season. At least there was a cliffhanger of sorts.
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  11. Ebonyslayer

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    Just to be clear, I have seen the first three seasons of SAO, and not once did I feel like I was invested in the story or the characters. The author writes the way he does cause he knows his fans will eat it up regardless of quality. People say they watch it for the memes but the thing about memes is that they get tiresome and eventually die. Why would I go out of my way to watch a show that I know I won't like when there are other shows I can enjoy investing my time into.

    I'm just here to say that I'm done with the series and I'm glad to be moving onto better shows. Good riddance SAO, the show that is dumb and continues to be dumb in a not so good way, both with the shit storm of isekai and its many other problems.
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  12. Dissey

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    Man..SAO is always a rollercoaster, one day it's kinda nice and the other day it's a huge ???
    I must say that the war of the underworld series is actually pretty neat ~ enjoying it so far.

    EP2 - Asuna I know what you are thinking..go for it!
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  13. BurntJelly

    BurntJelly Well-Known Member

    You tell 'em who's boss.

    Laser dragon.

    Nobody monitoring the sub bay?... really?... fine, it's an inside job...
  14. Crua9

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    Posted by Crua9 on Oct 26, 2019
    Why couldn't the people in the sub control room delete the bad guys out of the system while they are in it?
  15. Guest

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    Posted by Guest on Oct 26, 2019
    If Kirito is going to be doing nothing for awhile, this is going to be a rough few episodes. I really don't care about any of these other characters. At the very beginning of the episode, before they even started talking about the Fluctlight thing. I was like, "I know Kirito wasn't that badly injured at the end of last season..." So the whole time I was like, "How is it that Kirito loved Eugeo so much that he just gave up? That's like, literally the opposite of what he's done for everyone else." He's just over here now like, "I can't speak or move but I need you to bring me Eugeo's sword so I can cling to it desperately." He's never done that for Asuna, just saying.

    It was terrible that the primary antagonist of mankind came back for the beginning of this arc: Billion-HP Tree. And, unfortunately, Alice has had to take care of Kirito so much that her abilities have diminished significantly. Even with all her might she barely killed that demon. But, you know what? I bet once Kirito stands up out of his wheel chair he's going to have the exact same amount of power, if not more, than what he had at the end of last season. His bullshit main character powers know no bounds.

    I was really hoping that Alice would just go full Sith and kill those lumberjacks too. Kind of disappointed that she didn't.

    That episode went by pretty quick despite being mostly an info dump.

    The main reveal here being that Kirito was more aware of being Kirito during the previous season than we were lead to believe.

    Higa fucked up. He clearly remembered that they didn't password protect the Dark Territory characters and was like, "Oh well. What's the worst that could happen?" That's almost suspicious. Like, maybe he knows more than what he's saying. Maybe he betrayed everyone.

    Other than that, when Yui called Sinon and was like, "I need you to login to AOL." I immediately was like, "Ah, shit... their pulling out the dial-up in this bitch. I didn't even know that still existed." Then I realized they probably meant Alfheim. Which, I guess, somehow... Yui is going to log the remaining main cast from Alfheim into Underworld. Which is fine I guess... none of the new characters are doing anything for me anyway. I feel like we could've involved the whole cast without having to cross all these unnecessary boundaries. It'll probably come down to the World Seed though. Since it's all of Kayaba's tech, it's just all connected and anyone can access anything from one of his things to the other.

    The real bullshit thing was when they were like, "If someone just forgives Kirito he'll wake up." Like, some random person could just be like, "Yo. I'm sorry." And Kirito would be like, "Alright, cool. I'm getting up now." I feel like this whole, mental breakdown doesn't really hold up as a plot point and, again, they just are trying to find an excuse to get Asuna and the gang involved. It just seemed like an unnecessary amount of drama, especially since it didn't get established at the end of last season. We just jump into this season like, "Oh by the way, Kirito's mind is broken."

    Uh, I mean, I feel like there is no real reason, but I also feel like there is probably some bullshit reason. Like, they said that logging in as the villains created a load test that shattered the boundary between the two realms and caused an in-game war event. So, is it possible to just delete characters that cause that event? Does their death result in some other in-game event? Would simply removing them crash the system? They might have to be there for the event to successfully occur. Now that they are logged in does Critter have the ability to lock the access of those accounts so the people in the Sub-Control room can't delete them anyway?

    There are so many reasons it could be and we probably won't know for sure until Higa realizes they logged in and tries to access those accounts. And, at the end of the day, there really probably isn't any reason they couldn't delete them, or force them to logout, other than because it's more dramatic for Kirito to fight them.
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  16. Crua9

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    Posted by Crua9 on Oct 31, 2019
    My point is it seems they aren't in their bodies during this. If you delete them from the game, I would think this would kill them in the real world or cause some serious brain damage. Like it doesn't seem to be like taking off a VR headset.

    Also, I thought the entire point of the project is to get some AI that can kill in the real world. If they are worried the in-game world will be forever messed up, then couldn't they just back up everything? And wouldn't causing these events help them in their overall goal?
    Personally, I think they should've went the route of having the in-game world as some area they are preparing so people can transfer themselves into the virtual world fully. That or make it into another game. I mean I agree with you that SAO doesn't know what it wants anymore.
  17. BurntJelly

    BurntJelly Well-Known Member


    They should have STARTED the season with this episode.

    If they hand Sinon a real sniper rifle before this is over...

    What's with this last scene? It pretty much destroyed any hype the rest of the episode built up.
  18. Dissey

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    Posted by Dissey on Nov 3, 2019
    I don't know if I should compliment this or not but SAO always manage to have the most disgusting, cruel and heartless villains...IT makes me sick to even look at them.
    This season is really good though! wow! SAO is actually delivering in my opinion :D
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  19. SkyOnAnime

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    The first three episodes were so boring that I had absolutely nothing to say about them. As for episode 4...

    Much of it was boring as well -- they introduced a bunch of societies we'd never seen before, gave them really obscure names, and then tried to make us care about them really quickly. The rest of it was them trying really hard to make that Gabriel guy seem like a sociopath, and in part, succeeding.

    But none of the fucked up parts skeeved me out as much as the sound it made when he squeezed that praying mantis's head. UGHHHH.
  20. Guest

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    Posted by Guest on Nov 3, 2019
    This episode was like watching an entirely different anime. It doesn't help that Kirito isn't wrapped up in any of the plot at the moment either. He needs to wake up real quick. I'm not really invested in any of these other characters.

    I'm not sure how this show manages to make a really interesting villain like Kayaba and then push out gunk like Gabe. At least with the previous seasons both Sugou and Laughing Coffin had a direct relationship with Kirito. So it made sense that they would antagonize and go after him. So, thinking ahead with Gabe in mind: Gabe lost to Kirito in a GGO match one time and Kirito didn't even realize who he was fighting. So really, Gabe could be replaced by any other random person and this show would be the exact same show it is right now. As far as I'm concerned he's a wannabe villain and I remain unimpressed indefinitely.

    On a side-note: I didn't even realize that Lipia was the one who tried to assassinate the emperor. I thought it was the dark elf because she pledged her body to him in a previous scene. So, I guess it's good that they had that scene at the end where they clarified it was Lipia. That being said, it's just too early to care about these characters. She was introduced like an episode ago, and barely had any screen time. They could've had Gabe kill any random character, and built up the Lipia thing a little more, killing her off later. I think that would've had a little more of an emotional impact. You want me to hate someone, attack one of the important characters.

    Looks like this episode clarified that. If they lose their current "super accounts" then they can simply log back in with "grunt" accounts. So there is no real danger to their real bodies.

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