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    Chapter 85: I just love how Carnby Kim handles character and backstory. He did the same in Bastard, every character has motive. Every character has trauma, he carries this over to Sweet Home.
    The way the MC is portrayed in the first chapter is as a total dick where he neglects his family and only wants to play videogames. He decides not to go on a family vacation in favour of playing video games. then his parents die in the family vacation while arguing about him. He doesn't know this is the reason that they died but his actions at the funeral continue to portray this self centered arrogant ass:
    so we are introduced to this character that he is irredeemable scum, but that was fine for me cause I honestly found him kinda relatable. He was the worst version of me, a version that doesn't exist but could have. So it was interesting, realistic.

    in chapter 85 this whole perception is thrown away. He is revealed to be misunderstood. He is revealed to be a really nice guy. How does he change you ask? Well in being nice he offered the new kid to play with him, then offered the new kid change for the vending machine. Unfortunately for him, little did he know, this new kid was a bully. This new kid bullied him relentlessly and his parents did almost nothing to help. After his parents intervention he was being shunned and his sister joined in. He gives being kind one last chance when he sees the bully telling a kid to jump in front of a car but instead of being thanked he gets grief. Thus he becomes the ass we knew for 84 chapters.
    and this is just a really cool picture I like
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    I just caught up with reading it on Webtoon....
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    Posted by MrMirza on Sep 2, 2020
    it seems they were forced to end it to just get rid of it.
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    I am scared as fuck
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    Where can I read this manga??????
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    What was that ending?! WTH
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    Absolutely fantastic read.
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    Posted by Angey on Jan 14, 2021
    The end is not always the end, after a while something new follows:laugh::laugh::laugh:
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