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    Suggest tags here to be added or removed from any MANGA in the database.

    Browse all existing manga tags here. If you have a NEW tag in mind to be added, request it here.

    How to submit changes
    - Find a manga that you think needs updating. Remember that this tag must be the primary focus of the title - if it's something that only happens in a few episodes or is a minor point, it would not be tagged

    - REQUIRED: Post the name of the manga AND the URL of it here on A-P

    - REQUIRED: include the reason why this title deserves the tag. Use the posted description as a guidepost and give examples/other info as to why it fits. Submissions that do not include this information will be automatically denied

    - If you see someone else's submission and can confirm, please reply doing so, and make sure to include the 'why'

    Thanks for helping out!

    Common questions

    Isekai / Trapped in a Video Game themes
    "Trapped in a video game" series are tricky. We selectively tag Isekai for these series only if it's known that the video game world they are transported to is real, or if the characters are not sure. Most of these series do not fit the Isekai category - they are trapped in the video game in spirit but their body is in the real world. A few examples of series that do get this additional Isekai tag: Death March, Overlord, How to NOT Summon a Demon Lord, and Log Horizon.
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