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Discussion in 'Anime/Manga Tag Submissions' started by sothis, Nov 1, 2014.

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    Posted by sothis on Nov 1, 2014
    Suggest tags here to be added or removed from any ANIME in the database.

    Browse all existing anime tags here. If you have a NEW tag in mind to be added, request it here.

    How to submit changes
    - Find an anime that you think needs updating. Remember that this tag must be the primary focus of the title - if it's something that only happens in a few episodes or is a minor point, it would not be tagged

    - REQUIRED: Post the name of the anime AND the URL of it here on A-P

    - REQUIRED: include the reason why this title deserves the tag. Use the posted description as a guidepost and give examples/other info as to why it fits. Submissions that do not include this information will be automatically denied

    - If you see someone else's submission and can confirm, please reply doing so, and make sure to include the 'why'

    Thanks for helping out!
  2. Warpuppy

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    The AP Bingo team have been discussing the Isekai tag and a few anime have come up that we can't seem to agree on, so I figured its time to bring in the tag experts.

    Death March to the Parallel World Rhapsody currently has the Isekai tag while Overlord and Sword Art Online don't have it but have "Trapped in a Video Game" instead. All 3 of these anime seem fundamentally the same as far as getting trapped inside the world of a video game, I feel like Death March should also have Trapped in a Video Game instead of Isekai.

    Spirited Away was another point of disagreement for us. It is currently classified as Isekai, but the amusement park full of spirits doesn't seem to be any kind of alternate world but rather part of the existing world becoming visible. I couldn't think of any similar anime to compare this one to for reference.

    Also GATE (2016) had characters from the alternate world invade Japan and later characters from the alternate world came to Japan to negotiate with the Japanese government. I feel like this should qualify it to be both Isekai and Reverse Isekai. I believe Outbreak Company might have had similar Reverse Isekai aspects, but I haven't seen it for a while so I don't remember.
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  3. Anime24angel

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    I'm really glad that anime-planet has its own tag "Secret identity", but very little anime are actually mentioned with it, so I have a few more suggestions:

    Darker than black (hero in shadows) https: //
    Voice of Fox (shadow singer for model who can't sing)
    Ao no Exorcist (exorcist student x son of Satan)
    Code Geass (normal student x Zero, hero of justice, can persuade by power of Geass)
    Tokyo Ghoul (human x ghoul)
    Brand New Animal ("normal" wolf man x sacred wolf worshipped by animal peaple)
    Nurarihyon no Mago (normal human student x can change into youkai master at night, people doesn't know about it)
    Magical Girl Ore (cute singer and "mahou shoujo" x macho mahou man, a hero of some sorts, fights the demons)
    Rage of Bahamut: Virgin Soul (cute, strong girl x red dragon, if common people knew about it, she would be probably hunted)
    Mo Dao Zu Shi (grandmaster who founded the Demonic Sect x reincarnated into lunatic person, hides his previous identity)

    There is probably much more to suggest, but I'll leave it with that... I hope all of the mentioned animes can be understood in that manner :)

    Magic Kaito (thief)
    Magic Kaito 1412 (thief)
    Detective Conan (older detective in kids body, very few people knows it)
    Death Note (normal student x holder of death note, killing bad peaple by writing name)
    Durarara!! (motorbike rider with special powers, we don't know her identity for quite some time)

    Hataraku Maou-sama! (Mc part-timer x demon lord)
    Ouran High School Host club (cute girl x cute boy, host, in high school host club)
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    Sorry for the very large delay, we did add the tag
  5. Sarcataclysmal

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  6. sothis

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    Cleaning up the tag threads and noticed these all got added but apparently no one replied to you about it yet? So yeah, these are done, thanks
  7. AnimeJunkee

    AnimeJunkee Database Moderator

    Comedy, Panty Shots and Swordplay have been added. Ninja was not added because it's not a main focus.

    Thank you for the suggestions! >w<b
  8. AnimeJunkee

    AnimeJunkee Database Moderator

    Fantasy, Isekai and Magic have been added to the pilot and Adventure has been added to the main series.

    Adventure for the pilot was not added since they don't do a whole lot of traveling in it, unlike in the main series.

    Thanks for the suggestions! >w<b
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  9. sothis

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  10. Hoozuki

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    We've determined there isn't enough of a focus on Sakura's romantic feelings for Nozaki to warrant the tag, so it will not be added at this time. I apologise for the wait. :sweat:
  11. sothis

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    we discussed this one and added the tag, thanks
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  12. sothis

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    Sorry for the delay on this. Added the suggestions for Beasts, Pilot and Osomatsu. Gargantia was trickier and we've decided to not add the tag for now. The tag is usually used for cases where the society has no idea if others exist or assume they're the last. One example of an exception is Kabaneri - there's multiple train stations/settlements so its not just one society. But the difference is they still believe they're the last/and there's an Outside World element where they don't know what's outside the society. With Gargantia it's just water, so we feel it's more of a "spread out society" situation.
  13. sothis

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    Sorry for the delay. We've added all of these (plus a few others) to the anime and manga. OP wasn't added though. We don't tag OP for cases where someone is just special in a world with regular humans. Here are examples of series where we do tag:
  14. sothis

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    Not sure if the reply got missed somehow, but these got updated some time ago, thanks
  15. sothis

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    Added for Yuuki and Strain, but the others are denied. Similar reason for these - it needs to be the main focus of the series or there needs to be a lot of action where the powers are constantly used.

    - I scanned ~5 episodes of Leviathan and it looks pretty much like a slice of life show where one of them transforms in the last 1-2 minutes of the show and does a single thing using a power. So even though they have elemental powers definitely not enough of a focus.

    - Marksman the MC has powers but isn't around for a lot of the show / doesn't use the powers often

    - Dragon Crisis is a deny so that the request doesn't sit open for forever. We have many mods who have seen it and no one remembers the powers being a strong focus, and it doesn't seem like a cut and dry situation, so we're leaving it off for now.
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  16. sothis

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    Responding to some of these up front and will reply again after we discuss others. I'll remove ones from the orig post that have been dealt with.

    In general, we use secret identity only for when the identity and hiding it/keeping it hidden is the primary focus of the show. And when they're in their secret identity they need to not be recognizable/known. For example, no one knows Batman is Bruce Wayne.

    - Death Note
    - Magic Kaitou

    - Ouran - this isn't the spirit of the tag. Having a job you are embarassed of for ex isn't the same as a secret identity being a focal point
    - Durarara: not a focus of the show, only one character (not the MC)
    - Hataraku Maou-sama! - I understand why this was suggested but it's also not the spirit of the tag. Someone hiding their past is different than, say, a normal high school student who turns into a thief in the evening and steals jewels.
  17. GlennMagusHarvey

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    Tag removal requests:
    This second half of The Tower of Druaga starts a while after a major dramatic event that ended the first half, leaving the characters trying to figure out what to do next, and piecing back together an adventuring party. The story no longer parodies anything, nor is it focused on comedy anymore (even though there are comedic moments). It's pretty much just Adventure (which it's already tagged with).
  18. GlennMagusHarvey

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    + Melancholy
    This story is a drama with slow pacing and a focus on character interactions and the more serious emotions behind them. This is complemented by its soundtrack, which helps to reflect such things as bittersweet moments and feelings of self-doubt. While there are light-hearted moments, they belie a consistent undercurrent of less-than-positive emotions and an increasing frequency of tragic events. (The show's premise is also similar to that of Madoka Magica.)
    + Melancholy
    Contemplative slow piano music, rain scenes, dour colors, a display of discarded pieces of civilization, and a short story that reflects on memories of the past.
    + Melancholy
    The consistently dour skies and the post-apocalyptic abandoned city ruins surrounding the planetarium, as well as the broken-down planetarium itself, set a backdrop for the interactions of our main characters, one of whom is blissfully oblivious of the conditions outside, in an example of tragic irony.
    + Melancholy
    The story as a whole has a melancholy backdrop, as the lead character cares for an android whose days are numbered, while at times reflecting on leaving his band a while ago and the awkward memories since then.

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