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Discussion in 'Character Submissions' started by sothis, Mar 26, 2017.

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    Posted by sothis on Mar 26, 2017
    Have you found an anime or manga that's missing a character? Post about it here!

    Moderators are only adding basic information at this time, and only for missing characters. We'll open full character edit submissions back up in the future.

    Please include the following information (all required except image info):

    • A link to the anime or manga on Anime-Planet

    • A link to the character on another site (if helpful/you have it handy)

    • The character name

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    Hi, thanks for the submission! Just a few questions:
    RE Adult Tag: we add this for characters 20 and over, so I just wanted to check that this was the case (ignoring converting from korean age system) as they are at university, and I'm unsure if it is possible to start University younger than this in Korea?

    Cha Yoon: Is she an actual doctor? The doctor tag wouldn't apply for the job of "love doctor" relationship advice, it's only medical degree doctors.

    Han Yo-Ahn: Is this the official English translation from within the manhwa? There is a chapter titled with her name and it omits the hyphen (and I think perhaps hyphens have been removed from some of the other characters names?)

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    Hi. All updated :) Thank you for your help!
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    Added the character, image, and a few tags.

    Snake tag is only for snakes, same with magical familiar (summoner depends on whether she summons actual snakes). Poison user is whether she directly uses poison as one of her main weapons. Added face marking, only add tattoo if that is confirmed. But to add tags, we need reasons/examples as to why they fit our tag definitions.
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    Added, thanks!
    I couldn't use the images because they were too blurry.
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