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Discussion in 'Character Submissions' started by sothis, Mar 26, 2017.

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    Posted by sothis on Mar 26, 2017
    Have you found an anime or manga that's missing a character? Post about it here!

    Moderators are only adding basic information at this time, and only for missing characters. We'll open full character edit submissions back up in the future.

    Please include the following information (all required except image info):

    • A link to the anime or manga on Anime-Planet

    • A link to the character on another site (if helpful/you have it handy)

    • The character name

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  2. NayanSaysNya

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    Information is on website ^-^
  3. Helbaworshipper

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  4. Helbaworshipper

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    If you have a specific character in mind, please give the name and anime of the maid with red hair you'd like us to add. Thank you.
  5. Kari5

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    We can't add a character without attaching it to a series. Do they appear in any of the anime or manga listed on our site? If not, we cannot add them.
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