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    Posted by sothis on Oct 27, 2014
    Suggest NEW tags (that don't exist in the database yet) here. Include the following information:

    1. The tag name you suggest
    2. What qualifies for the tag
    3. Why you think the tag should be added
    4. Examples of anime or manga that would get the tag

    In progress/planned tags

    -Short episodes (series with short eps)

    Denied tags

    -Tragedy - high spoiler risk
    -Yandere - high spoiler risk
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  2. Drahken

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    Multiple/Split Personality

    This should be both an anime/manga tag for series which prominently feature multiple personalities and as a character tag for people with said multiple personalities.
    On a related note, there's a question of how multiple personality chars should be listed in the database. Should each personality be listed seperately, or should it just be listed as the primary personality, or....? This decision might also affect if/how a MP char tag would be used. Current practice is inconsistant at best. Todays' Cerberus lists 2 of the char's 3 personalities as independant chars & doesn't list the third at all, while Gun x Clover lists just the char's main personality and doesn't mention the others at all (though whether this was an intentional decision to list it as just 1 char or if the other personalities simply haven't gotten added yet is unknown).

    Some manga and character examples include;
    Motoko Gettou
    Houdzuki Maika
    Houdzuki Maito
    Kotonoha Nanase
    (This one presents a conundrum regarding the "primary" personality though, as Kuro features the most in the manga, but Roze was the original one.) (sequel)
    Kisaragi Maki
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  4. ZetsubouKaiji

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    Requests like this or any question to add/remove a tag from an anime should go in this thread:

    As for the request itself. The mod team is probably going to either amend the definition to include animation or create a new tag for things based on a non-anime animation. I'll leave the tag for now until we decide what we want to do with it.

  5. glassblower45

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    1. The tag name you suggest

    2. What qualifies for the tag
    Theme of disability and physical or mental impairment. Some examples would be deafness, muteness, blindness, paralysis, not physically growing past a child's body, and down's syndrome. Central character(s) whose disability is a central feature and driving force in the story's plot. Also included are works portraying working with disabled people (service, community and treatment, not abuse).
    Not included would be works that simply have disabled characters in the cast. Mental sickness (versus mental disability) would not qualify.

    3. Why you think the tag should be added
    There are wonderful titles with emotion, drama and (often) social awareness that features primary characters with a disability. Half of the titles I know are also poignant romance stories. Many of those works have raised my own awareness of what things are like--especially socially--for those living with disabilities. A number of the works I've read treat their subject matter with respect, sensitivity, and realism.

    4. Examples of anime or manga that would get the tag
    Hidamari ga Kikoeru
    Nanohana Boys
    A Silent Voice/Koe no Katachi
    See, Hear, Love/Can't See Can't Hear but Love
    The Friendly Winter
    Kanashii (Itoshii) Kotoba
    (even though the disabled character--he had become mute--is able to speak again at the end of the story)
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  6. LupaLunae

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    I've been trying to get that tag added for a while, but it was rejected (I don't remember why), so I made a custom list of the ones I've found if you wanted to find more. I'm not sure they all meet you standards, though, since I've just included any manga that has a main character with a disability, regardless of the realism/emotional depth of the story.
  7. glassblower45

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    Awesome, thanks! I've been working on my own list as well. Looks like we both have titles the other doesn't have.
  8. Dtc

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    Posted by Dtc on Apr 6, 2018
    I'm not sure if this is a great place to put this, but do we have some kind of tag for nekos or human-animal sorta things like werewolves or youkai could be included, I just really like stories like this but they're too hard to find sometimes Edit: I found the correct place to put this sorry lol. Edit 2: link not working
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    We have some character tags that would help you find what you're looking for. Like:
    Animal ears:
  10. ShinShini

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    Can we get a NTR/Netorare tag to know what pieces of art to avoid? Quite a lot of people are more pissed about NTR than anything else.
    It's much more prominent in Yaoi and Borderline Hentai manga than anime, but it's needed as an containment tag to exclude shit.
  11. sothis

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    So we've discussed this one actually, but I was told it's pretty much 99% of the time only in hentai. We can look into it again potentially if that's not true
  12. ShinShini

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    I occasionally stumble upon it in Yaoi manga and MU shows 3 1/2 pages if you search for netorare and exclude hentai:

    So I'd argue that there is actually quite a number of non-hentai cases. At least there are tags that have less entries than that.
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  14. JMaeflowers

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    A general non-human protagonist tag might be nice , where the protag/main characters are non-human . It might include dragons, aliens , demons ,youkai and etc just so long as they were never human. This tag would exclude anime/manga that go into the animal protagonist tag and the food protagonist tag. I don't like anime/manga with human protagonist so it would make non-human protagonist stuff easier to find without only focusing on animal/food protagonist work. I'm thinking of stuff like Hozuki's coolheadedness and Dragon goes House-Hunting.
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  17. ZetsubouKaiji

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  18. sothis

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    We've been internally discussing this. How would you suggest we handle cases where it's more of a comedy thing? Example:

    We've been checking for how other sites do this tag btw, seems like Spies and also Secret Agents are tag ideas, but they are separate. Espionage is a decent way of grouping them but seems like it would be weird when it's a comedy situation perhaps. Thoughts?
  19. sothis

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    We tried finding examples of this but just can't find any. All we know of is the Unico series, and I found a single untranslated manga about unicorns.

    So, denied unless we can come up with some others that exist (for unicorns)

    We don't currently have a "magical creatures" tag but we do have magic, monsters, etc
  20. BlaizeV

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    I don't think it matters if some are more comedic, happens with plenty of genres. City Hunter (which could fit the tag) is very comedic also. I mean the tag system means if someone wanted something only serious then they could disallow comedy tagged shows from appearing so I think it's fine personally.
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