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Discussion in 'Character Submissions' started by sothis, May 28, 2015.

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    Added, it must've been missed. Thank you!
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    Posted by Guest on Aug 8, 2019
    I think Squalo and Tiziano should get their Gay tags removed, as there isn't really anything canon matarial to support it, especially considering how strict the LGBT guidelines here on AP can be. Jojo's Bizarre Adventure in general is a very flamboyant show and men getting hand on each other isn't very unsual.
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    Inukashi (No.6)

    Suggested tag: Change 'Female' to '?'

    Reason: Gender never explicitly stated in novels, manga or anime (in Japanese; English translations take the usual liberties). Uses male pronouns. Assigned gender hinted at the end of the novels to be
    , but that's both a spoiler and something that they'd obviously rather people not know.
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    Fire Emblem (Tiger & Bunny)

    Suggested tag: Non-binary gender

    Reason: Strongly hinted in The Rising movie ("They say a man is made of courage and a woman is made of love. So what does that mean for people who are both? We are invincible!"), and apparently explicitly stated in 'Hero TV Fan Volume 2' (an official book featuring character profiles). Also, they were tagged NB yesterday before being removed at some point earlier today, so someone agrees with me!
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    While it's not explicitly stated in the short time they're on screen, it is extremely heavily implied that their partnership is more romantic than professional, so we're keeping the tags for now. Thank you!
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    Re-added! Thank you!
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    Updated, thank you!
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    Posted by Guest on Aug 8, 2019
    Then I wil suggest that Gelato and Sorbet get the Gay tag as well! Their case is extremly similar, and they have even been called a couple by the other gang members ^ ^

    Also, would it be okay if a submitted a bunch of characters where their sexuality isn't really explicitly stated, but heavily implied, for you to look into? Thanks in advance!
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    Whoops, I thought I already added the tag back when the show was airing. Tags added
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    but that quote is proof that Ferris is a trans girl. There's no possible non-transgender way to interpret that quote. [​IMG]
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    I understand your argument here, but that is one quote kind of taken out of context. I don't want to spoil the series for you, since I see you haven't read or seen it, but he promised someone he'd stay girly and he basically teases the main character for a bit before revealing he's a boy.

    Also, if you could please submit requests only for things you've read/seen because I see this quote in a lot of places and it's some tweet that since got deleted (because it's from a spin-off novel in which Felix also reveals he's a boy).
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    Don't forget that LN authors aren't necessarily the most educated or most sensitive people about transissues. The author for Re:zero for example has stated in an interview that he simply wanted to make a girly boy and to his credit, he used some topics that are reflecting the reality of transgender people.

    However, there is a difference between using themes that are relating to the trans experience and creating a transgender character. I don't speak for the admin and mods, but as an encyclopedia site, AP has to pay more attention to the author's intent and stay as close to the canon as possible to avoid adding information that are based on speculation and inference.
    Your inference that Ferris/Felix has to be a transgender person may still be valid for you and nobody wants to negate your experience, but even if a character can fit a certain headcanon, sometimes it's not written with that experience in mind. Like I said, most LN authors or fiction writers in general are not necessarily the most sensitive about transissues, so a character that uses certain themes or invoke that experience may still not be an actual transgender person.

    In this case the mod team has to add the information based on the insensitivity on trans issues of the original author, which does not reflect their aim for inclusivity. I hope this clears it up for you.
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    Apologies for the intrusion - we're going to change around threads in the Character Submissions section to be more inline with other sections. As these LGBT changes went live ages ago, we ask that folks now submit updates via the normal channel (the "edit an existing character" thread)

    Will keep this locked/in the forum section for awhile for historical reasons, or in case anyone wanted to follow up on earlier posts. Please do so in the update thread though.
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