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    I have some more updates for Haikyuu characters, though there is still more to come!

    Takeru Oikawa - Image
    - Also missing Child tag.

    Hidenori Uchizawa - Image (the guy on the left)
    - Missing Adult tag.

    Sadayuki Mizoguchi - Image
    - Missing Adult tag.

    Yukinari Mori - Image (on the left )I know its very dark, but he basically doesn't appear, so it was super hard to get a cap of him ://
    Hair Color: Brown
    Missing Adult + College Student tag

    Sakurai - His full name is Taiga Sakurai and he is missing teenager + high school student tag (I could't get an acceptable cap of him, sorry!)

    Shibuya - His full name is Rikuto Shibuya - Image (on the far right)
    Missing tags: Teenager + Higsh School Student + Athlete + Volleyball Player

    Tamagawa - His full name is Hiroki Tamagawa - Image (the guy in the number 5 jersey)
    Missing tags: Teenager + Higsh School Student + Athlete + Volleyball Player.

    I have also submitted some Haikyuu characters in the missing character forum ^ ^
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    These are completed according to the available sources. If I missed any, please let us know with links to the available sources.

    Thanks for the info.

  3. Hesperide

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    OK, this is done. Most of the images were already completed with a screen cap by someone else though, and a couple of your images were not as high of quality as the ones we already have.

    Also, going forward, when updating characters for an anime series, please try to grab episode screen captures instead of static images off the web. Thank you. ^^

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  5. lilybears

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    Yasufumi Nekomata - His tag needs to changed from "Adult" to "Elderly" as he is 68 years old.
    Sakura Oogami - Missing "Material Artist" tag.
    Maylene - Her name is spelled "Mey-Rin."
    I think Poco Loco and Magenta Magenta from Jojos Bizarre Adventure: Steel Ball Run shoul be changed to minor characters.

    Kiyoko Shimizu - Image (the current is not very good, not sure why it got updated to that)
    Shigeo Kageyama - Image. It got recejcted before, beacuse of the hand on the shoulder, but I still think it can be used. It's facing front and better quality ^ ^
    Hinata Hino - Image
    Mao Nonosaka - Image
    - I also think she should get the "Pervert" tag; she loves grapping Hinata's boobs, and if I recall correctly, there is a scene where she tries to take picture of her naked.
    Tsubaki Kasugano - Image
    - Also missing "Hair Ribbons" and "Rapunzel Hair" tag. As you can see here, her hair is actually really long.
    Aru Akise - Image
    - I also think his hair color should be changed from White to Grey.
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    Her current image is perfectly fine, please don't think you know the exact standards better than the character mods too. We're trained on this stuff. Ratio-wise, lighting-wise and position-wise it's a perfect image. The image you submitted doesn't have quite enough chest.

    If it already got rejected before, please don't submit it again, because it'll just get rejected again. There's a reason it was rejected, and those reasons aren't going to change.

    While your image is definitely better in this case, her head is far too big.

    Added Pervert tag. The image you submitted is too blurry. If it's fuzzy/blurry or has low-quality effects to it, please don't submit it.

    Added Hair Ribbons tag. The top of her head is cut off in the image you submitted, so it's automatically rejected. Please only submit images that have a decent amount of space above the character's head, unless there are absolutely no other options.

    For Rapunzel Hair, it needs to be knee-length or longer. It's been so long since I read Mirai Nikki that I can't remember if her hair meets the requirements.

    Same issue with the image as Tsubaki's. I believe you've been told multiple times that we won't accept images with the tops of heads cut off. This is a universal rule (except if there aren't any better options, as I said above). Also, again, the image quality is too low.

    Updated his hair colour, however, it's definitely grey.

    Please only submit images that are full screenshots you've taken yourself when watching the show, not images you find via Google image search or Tumblr. These are rules the character mods have to stick to themselves, as we want only the best quality images available. Yes, a lot of older character images aren't that good, but they were added before these guidelines were put in place. Now that we have these guidelines, we want to make sure they're followed, and if we replace a character image we want it to fully adhere to the current guidelines, not just have images that are somewhat better.

    I promise we do appreciate your submissions, and I'm not trying to be mean! I'm merely telling you this so that you don't spend all your effort posting images that are just going to get rejected right away. I know you can find the right kinds of images and I don't want to discourage you! But if you properly follow the guidelines then that saves both you and us mods time, lol. Plus, it'll make the character images on the site look as nice as they possibly can, which is what we're after!

    I'm aware it may seem like the guidelines are strict, but once you get used to them they're actually super easy to follow. Perhaps you may be interested in taking a look at this guide?

    PS If I seem like I'm being rude I apologise lol, I really am only trying to help you for your own benefit! We don't want to scare you away from submitting, we just want to make sure we're all on the same page here! :drinking:
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    All done, and you're not on bad terms here. The staff is just trying to help you improve. Guidelines can be tricky and sometimes frustrating, I know, but in the end, we're all committed to making the site better! ^_^ So thank you for this and all of your past submissions here on Anime-Planet!
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    @lilybears We don't really want to replace bad old images with yet another temporary image, especially when it's low-quality. That just creates more work in the future where it needs to be replaced again. Hopefully that makes sense?

    With Kiyoko, I do see what you mean, but there's a mod currently going through and watching the show, so they'll replace her image with something else if they find it.

    Like Anna said, we're all good! You're not a bother, and I do understand your frustrations (seriously, I do, lol). We're just trying to explain why we don't always accept your images, and sometimes it's hard to do that without sounding like we're being harsh, sorry! D:
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    This is taken care of. Thanks for the information.

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