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    Posted by sothis on Mar 26, 2017
    This thread is for suggesting an image addition or general update to an existing character.

    Please submit:

    • A link to the character page on Anime-Planet

    • A list of what you think should be changed.

    • If submitting tag changes, you need to include details/proof for why they should receive the tag.

    For IMAGE updates

    • A link to a FULL-SIZED screenshot of the character.
      • Do not crop the character image, include the full screenshot where the character occurred.
      • If possible, remove subtitles from the image (as that can interfere with an ideal crop)
      • You can use a site like imgur to host the image.

    • The episode/time where the screenshot occurred, if you have it. (or if manga, the volume/chapter)

    • For images you're changing, any notes about why (the current image is a spoiler, etc)

    Ideal image characteristics:
    • From the first few episodes or chapters, to avoid spoilers
    • Closed mouth (not open/talking)
    • Facing at/looking at the camera
    • Whitespace around the left, right and top sides of the character (no chopped off head, for example)
    • Moderators crop images so that roughly 40% of the image height is the character's head, and 60% is their body (essentially, a bust shot), with a small gap around the character.
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    Posted by Kari5 on Feb 11, 2018
    While we really appreciate the large amounts of characters everyone is submitting, maybe divide up your requests in seperate posts if there are a lot? Easier for us to moderate that way :)
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    Posted by Disino on Nov 28, 2018
    Possible Tag Update for
    I believe he fits dual wielders as he wields to CADs during fights. However, this is subjective as to wether CADs are considered to be a weapon although this character is also considered under the gunfighters tag which makes it likelyhe is also applicable to the dual wielders tag
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    Thanks for your submission but I'll have to deny it, since the quality of the pics isn't good. We would prefer if the submitted images aren't upscaled, and if they are from the anime even better :)
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    Main characters:

    Sicily von Claude
    Tags: Crybaby, Huge Breasts, Magic User, Nobility, Teenager

    August von Earlshide
    Tags: Magic User, Royalty, Teenager

    Secondary Characters:

    Merlin Walford
    Tags: Facial Hair, Magic User

    Melinda Bowen
    Tags: Glasses, Ponytail, Magic User

    Maria von Messina
    Tags: Magic User, Nobility, Teenager

    Alice Corner
    Tags: Hair Antenna, Magic User, Small Stature, Teenager

    Rin Hughes
    Tags: Glasses, Magic User, Small Stature, Teenager

    Thor von Fregel
    Tags: Glasses, Magic User, Nobility, Small Stature, Teenager

    Julius von Littenheim
    Tags: Magic User, Nobility, Teenager

    Tony Freed
    Tags: Magic User, Teenager

    Yuri Carlton
    Tags: Magic User, Huge Breasts, Teenager

    Mark Bean
    Tags: Magic User, Teenager

    Olivia Stone
    Tags: Magic User, Teenager

    Oliver Strom
    Tags: Dark-skinned, Demon, Magic User
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    Characters have been added. Please use the "Suggest New Characters to be added here" when adding in characters. Thank you for your help.
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