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    Posted by sothis on Mar 26, 2017
    This thread is for suggesting an image addition or general update to an existing character.

    Please submit:

    • A link to the character page on Anime-Planet

    • A list of what you think should be changed.

    • If submitting tag changes, you need to include details/proof for why they should receive the tag.

    • Only one series per post, please. Makes answering them easier for mods.

    For IMAGE updates

    • A link to a FULL-SIZED screenshot of the character.
      • Do not crop the character image, include the full screenshot where the character occurred.
      • If possible, remove subtitles from the image (as that can interfere with an ideal crop)
      • You can use a site like imgur to host the image.
      • Original images is preferred, but not 100% required

    • The episode/time where the screenshot occurred, if you have it. (or if manga, the volume/chapter)

    • For images you're changing, any notes about why (the current image is a spoiler, etc)

    Ideal image characteristics:
    • From the first few episodes or chapters, to avoid spoilers
    • Closed mouth (not open/talking)
    • Facing at/looking at the camera
    • Whitespace around the left, right and top sides of the character (no chopped off head, for example)
    • Moderators crop images so that roughly 40% of the image height is the character's head, and 60% is their body (essentially, a bust shot), with a small gap around the character.

    Abnormally Tall / Small Stature / Tiny Person Tags:
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    Posted by Sugao on May 19, 2020
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    [Following up on a previous request]

    I'm going through the HorribleSubs release for Undefeated Bahamut Chronicle, and the subs are a mess with regards to character names.

    For reference, my earlier request was to change the character names Nokuto Leaflet and Sharis Baltshift to Noct and Sharice, to be consistent with the official Japanese site, among a few other changes. The other changes I submitted were accepted, but these two were not, on the basis that the official subs use Nokuto and Sharis. I didn't have the official subs to check names so I mentioned that I'd go get them later. (HorribleSubs isn't strictly speaking "official" but from my understanding they simply rip official subs. Crunchyroll says the series is unavailable in my region "due to licensing limitations".)

    Specifically, I first confirmed that Ms. Leaflet is named "Nokuto" in the subs, and Ms. Baltshift is named "Sharis" in the subs. This is consistent with the information one of you mentioned to me when I first brought up rename requests for both those characters (among others).

    However, Tillfur Lilmit is named "Tillfarr" in the first episode and then "Tillefar" in the second episode, the character Relie Aingram is named "Reiri" (when first named in the second episode), and the character Philuffy Aingram is named both "Philluffy" (with two L's) and "Philphie", twice each, in episode two, and both times within minutes of the other spelling.

    (I have a bunch of screencaps of the names, available upon request.)

    As I mentioned earlier, the anime series's official Japanese site uses Noct, Shalice, Tillfur, Relie, and Philuffy. I understand the idea of using accepted English names from subs rather than simply relying on Japanese sites, but the Japanese site, English Wikipedia, the fandom wiki, and...most of A-P's current character list and most of MAL's current character list currently agree on name spellings, with the exceptions being "Nokuto" and "Sharis" on A-P and "Philphie" on MAL.

    I've only gone through the first two episodes, and I can continue this if you're interested, but I just wanted to post my findings as they (belatedly) relate to our earlier discussion. And I was quite surprised to find such a mess in what's supposed to be the official subs.

    EDIT: Just ran across a scene in episode 11, where Relie Aingram is called "Relie Eingram". (Though, I am not systematically checking the episodes right now.)
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    Posted by Guest on Aug 14, 2020
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    Just checked the chapter. They have a minor cameo in the chapter, so we won't be removing them.
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    Posted by Guest on Aug 16, 2020
    Yeah, you're right. But Rickert isn't in that cameo, Judeau is.

    Below the black line, that's where Judeau is. Rickert is nowhere to be seen. You can see the throwing knives strapped on his armor. Rickert uses a crossbow, while Judeau uses throwing knives. So request to remove Rickert and add Judeau in his place.
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    Posted by Guest on Aug 20, 2020

    Airheaded, Delinquents, High School Students, Honorable Fighters, Hot-Headed, Kansai Dialect, Teenagers

    Whenever he gets especially angry (which is pretty frequent), his Kansai Dialect comes out. Is a delinquent. Is really, really dumb. Gets angry easily. Is 16-17 years old. Goes to high school. He never gangs up on his opponent, he's thinks its dishonorable. Never uses under-handed tricks during a fight and hates it when others do so. One of the characters he fought had a detached retina, so he refused to hit him in the face per his opponents request. Therefore, I think he deserves honorable fighter tag.
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    Character image added. Thank you.
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    Thanks for your help in updating our database!
    I have changed some of the roles you mentioned while others I have left them as secondary roles. The roles I left as secondary are Ginkotsu, Jakotsu, Renkotsu and Bankotsu. They do appear in a single story arc, but the way that the Inuyasha anime works as a whole is that there are several story arcs that form part of the main plot. The characters that I left as secondary roles are the ones that remained relevant the most during their respective arc, and since the arc with Bankotsu and the Gang of Seven is one of the bigger arcs in the later half of Inuyasha, I believe the characters that I mentioned were relevant enough to keep their secondary role.
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  14. Helbaworshipper

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    Posted by mmke on Sep 11, 2020
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    Roles updated. Thank you.
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    Shogo Sasaki

    Vol 1, Chapter 1, Page 39

    Yuko Sasaki

    Vol 1, Chapter 1, Page 3

    Duston Volta

    Vol 1, Chapter 2, Page 17

    Rei Hagakure

    Vol 1, Chapter 2, Page 37

    Randolph Amaranth

    Vol 1, Chapter 2, Page 5

    N'elute Rouh

    Vol 1, Chapter 2, Page 5

    Mog Mogcan

    Vol 1, Chapter 1, Page 13

    Cindy Magus

    Vol 3, Chapter 9, Page 15

    Sandy Magus

    Vol 1, Chapter 6, Page 35

    Mindy Magus

    Vol 3, Chapter 9, Page 17
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    While there are aspects of masochistic behavior in Cinderella, there's a reason he's like that. However, he himself doesn't do it enough to really be that way. Everything else was updated. Thank you.
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    We don't have a psychopath tag. And as Hare is his nickname and we have access to a full name that is mentioned quite a bit, we'll be keeping that as the main name. Hare is still visible and he can be searched for that way. Thank you.

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