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Discussion in 'Specific Anime Discussion' started by ZetsubouKaiji, Mar 4, 2018.

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  2. ZetsubouKaiji

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    Smells like an unnecessary side story to me. Studio Gotta grab that cash, though.
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  3. Starletka

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    The original series was alright, although it's way too overhyped and not at all as clever as people claim it is, and every special that came after that (yes, the movie included) was pretty much unwatchable, so I don't have much hope for this.
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  4. RascaI

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    Posted by RascaI on Mar 6, 2018
    I must have supernatural inhuman watching powers since I watched the movie
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  5. Arkthur

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    Posted by Arkthur on Mar 8, 2018
    The movie was dope. If only to give us a glimpse of Okabe and Kurisu's "relationship".
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  6. Helbaworshipper

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    Think of it more like a Heaven's Feel thing.
  7. Shikiya

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    Posted by Shikiya on Mar 8, 2018
    All the fate fans agree that Heaven's feel is the best route out of the three Fate stay nights though... and they were made at the same time, as all three routes were available when the original visual novel by Mushroom daddy nasu kinoko came out. Ufotable has been working steadily to animate all three routes.

    But Steins;gate zero did not exist until they decided to milk more money out of the steins;gate franchise. Steins;gate is kinda old and the hype died down already, albeit the series always being on the top 100 anime list since release.

    So they are different. Heaven's feel was intended since creation and animation of the fate series, steins;gate zero was decided recently since all the other ; series sucked nuts and was unpopular.
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  8. Helbaworshipper

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    Is there a reason you're trying to defend Fate Stay Night when I'm using Heaven's feel as a reference to how Steins Gate 0's story line is like?

    The story felt like a Heaven's Feel like aspect to me. I'm not trying to "spoil" the story line because there are people who won't play the VN. For example, I've never played the original Steins Gate. I can't play my copy because I have a mac. That is life. But I have played 0.

    Also... FSN has far more cash grabs. We aren't going to argue which cash grab is worse than the other.
  9. Shikiya

    Shikiya Well-Known Member

    Posted by Shikiya on Mar 9, 2018
    Well, I'm not trying to attack you. I just have personal connections to the Fate franchise.
    No salt plzzz
    I wasn't trying to start an argument anyways.

    Well, anyways, I love both Steins;Gate and Fate... so yeah.
  10. Helbaworshipper

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    Salt? Nope, I get you want to defend Fate. Just couldn't understand why I got a whole paragraph in response.
  11. Shikiya

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    I just am a talkative person at the keyboard.
    And like talking about the things that is on this site.
  12. g3data

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    it's 23 episodes + 1 that'll be unaired
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  13. Scalpelexis

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    Episode 1

    I prayed and wished for this to start well and it did. I guess the keyword here must be nostalgia. I tried to decipher if this episode can be seen without seeing the first Stein;Gate, but no, it is impossible and it makes sense storywise from the previous season. I like that we were introduced back (or further?) to the characters; it is a good and welcoming refresher with all that is good and bad. Mayuri is like always the smiling shining sun, but it is visible it ain't her the same as before. Makise is not in this timeline alive and she (Mayuri) is older. Daru has the same deep, mumbly voice and we can't miss the fanservicy duo of Farys and Luko. The main character and the spotlight is on Okabe..

    This will probably be depressing and dark to watch, at least from the start. Those memories of him knifing Makise will be returning and we are fully aware how desperately he was jumping through timeline to save Mayuri before. All those dead Makises. I am a little bothered of too much scoping to his face and making him too shocked to remember, but..his reactions are only natural, I guess. However he is the main reason why the show will be moody and sad, it will always follow his emotions and feelings. We will be seeing Makise semi-alive and I am curious where that will lead us.

    I am fine with the slow pace, that is so typical for Steins;Gate. It has to make sure it gets all what it needs set up so it can't be questioned (not that there were too many facts here). Production qualities are good, no bad CGI for Zed here (finally).

    Not much to say except for satisfactory start. Nothing more than I expected, good set up and introduction, but not that much revealed. Stoked for the next episode though.
  14. Zed

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    Posted by Zed on Apr 11, 2018
    Episode 01 Tutturu~

    At first I was very worried that this would turn out bad and ruin what the prequel left, while it wasn't perfect, i still quite liked it, but having finally seen it, I'm quite satisfied with this first episode, from the familiar good artstyle and nice visuals, and the great atmosphere the original had, generally the great production value you'd expect from White fox. It's still too soon to rub off the possibility of it turning out to be bad, but at least it's better than getting another Occultic;nine.

    This show feels like it's following what i would've considered a preferable ending than that weird forced happy one from the first season, while a lot might disagree with me on this one, it ruined the show for me. The episode is generally focused on Okabe's PTSD and I'm interested in where they're going with it from now on.
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  15. Starletka

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    Aaaaaand it's already the 27th best anime on the site. Really? I'm sure the first episode was that great.
  16. Shikiya

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    21st now :troll:
  17. Tents

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    Posted by Tents on Apr 11, 2018
    Episode 1

    I enjoyed it. Pretty standart introduction although it is rather depressing to see Okarin so not Okarin-like.

    Oh my gah, Suzuka calling Daru father was killing me the whole time. So damn awkward. =D

    This really just depends on how the rest of it goes. I generally don't have any hangups about having more Steins even if the original told a satisfying story so I am good until the next week.
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  18. Gens

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    Posted by Gens on Apr 11, 2018
    While I still liked that ending, I can perfectly understand this view point as well. It's shedding light, on a different perspective here, and I can't lie, I'm pretty intrigued about it.

    The direction honestly felt more or less the same, and the conversations/dialogue, still feel very much like the original Stein's gate with slow burner pacing. My impression right now at least, is a positive one. This is just reminding me, how much this franchise, makes all the other semi-colon ones, look like complete shit. Okabe dabes, MAD-O SCIENTIST.

    The original did tell a complete and satisfying story, but I'm honestly not going to mind, if this sequel manages to tell it's own good story in it's own right.

    Gotta admit, there's a certain level of irony, in @Scalpelexis's avatar hur, hur.
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  19. Shikiya

    Shikiya Well-Known Member

    ep 1
    That was a good start. About what you would expect from the direction of the story.
    The character design and vas are all same, thank goodness for no dank cgi.
    the animation style uses relatively darker palette compared to the original series, which I guess is fitting.
    plotwise, it's pretty depressing, but still interested in where this version of steins gate world goes.

    overall the faithfulness to the original series in terms of settings was surprising and positive.
    I hope the plot and the science behind the series is good this time around also though.

    Unfortunately, because Okabe is depressed, he can't bring out his usual charm, and because kurisu is not alive, the frame feels kinda empty(?), which makes sense but makes the show not as good as the original series so far.
    But definitely excited for next episode.
  20. Scalpelexis

    Scalpelexis Database Moderator

    Hur, hur, I love when someone is so attentive! Points to @GenSan
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