Spirited Away

Discussion in 'Specific Anime Discussion' started by cinnabarhat74, May 28, 2010.

  1. cinnabarhat74

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    Spirited Away
    Alt title: Sen to Chihiro no Kamikakushi

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    I'm going to take a stab at this movie and post it in here because I saw no post for it, surprisingly. Without a doubt this is Hayao Miyazaki's #1 masterpiece and even though it's a bit below my maturity level I still find myself enjoying this movie eveytime I watch it. Maybe it's because of the quality of the animation or the characters or that it brings my back to my childhood, I don't know but this movie will always be special. Weather it's the English version or the Japanese version both are masterful and I think Disney did a wonderful job doing the voiceovers and marketing this movie, it's definetely one of the few things Disney did well. All Studio Ghibli movies are wonderful but this one stands out, it's no wonder it was one of the few Japanese animes to ever win an Academy Award. Of course, that's all based on my opinion. Feel free to voice your own in here.

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  2. SuperMudkipz

    SuperMudkipz New Member

    I find this movie fairly overrated, IMO not one of Miyazaki's best works.
    I liked Laputa and Grave of the Fireflies alot more. Maybe I wasnt paying enough attention when watching Spirited Away to admire its true potential. Ill have to watch it again sometime.
  3. r18

    r18 Ojii-san

    Posted by r18 on May 29, 2010
    i found it to be an amazing movie that was on of the best i had ever seen ......but admittedly i'm easy to please...
  4. PhoeNiX

    PhoeNiX New Member

    I also think its overrated....but lets think bout what isnt these days...
  5. Average

    Average New Member

    It was a very good film, but one of my sister's friends stole my copy of it 3 years ago and won't give it back...
  6. Coryne17

    Coryne17 Member

    It's a spellbinding movie, and far more mature than you give it credit for tbh. Along with Nausicaa, this is Miyazaki's masterpiece, and I doubt he'll better it.
  7. Viduus

    Viduus Member

    Posted by Viduus on Jun 18, 2010
    I think in terms of the message if nothing else, Princess Mononoke was his top work.

    Well, at least they're all better than Ponyo. I really don't know what was up with that one. By the way, is it just me or do Miyazaki's protagonists get younger as he gets older or what?
  8. valondar

    valondar Active Member

    Ponyo felt a lot like a throwback to Totoro, really... which is all right by me.

    Anyway, I'm very fond of Spirited Away as it was the first Miyazaki film I'd ever seen and it left me suitably floored - the sheer level of imagination in this film wasn't quite like anything I'd ever seen in animation. There aren't many introductions to anime better than this one.

    Beyond that I can't say anything very interesting about the film. It's not my favourite Miyazaki film - that would be Nausicaa, with its shades of Fantastic Planet-esque trippiness - but it's definitely one of the strong points in his canon and anime films in general.
  9. Verified

    Verified Member

    Definitely a great film. There is really nothing much to discuss though. Miyazaki's films have always been fairly family friendly. Easy enough for children to understand, but not so boring that an adult would groan. Easily a must watch for anyone who considers themselves to be an anime fan.
  10. mlove

    mlove Member

    Posted by mlove on Jun 25, 2010
    Miyazaki didn't do Grave of Fireflies (although I agree that it is an outstanding film).

    I love Spirited Away, in fact, it is my number one animated film. I'm a self-confessed Miyazaki junkie, but this one is my favourite.
  11. Aylia

    Aylia Well-Known Member

    Posted by Aylia on Jul 27, 2010
    Cameron says it best: "Beauty, power, mystery, and above all, heart." Some of you say 'overrated' but this is one of my most favourite movies overall. Mononoke-Hime is my top. I honestly think Ghibli has more mastery than Disney. A team comprising partly of Hayao Miyazaki and Joe Hisaishi is unrivalled. Those two, together, have produced some of the most memorable and heart-felt movies I've ever watched.

    By the way, during Chihiro's attempted escape from the ghost town - at the beginning after Haku tells her to run and the spirits start appearing for the first time - what is the name of that song that plays?
  12. Serpico

    Serpico Well-Known Member

    If I'm not mistaken it's: Spirited Away OST - Dragon Boy
  13. Basketcase

    Basketcase New Member

    I watched this the other night with my friends. It was certainly not my first viewing, I love this movie very much and it has earned a privileged spot on my rainy day list. Afterwords, though it led to a surprise. A best friend of mine didn't like it at all. She said it 'just wasn't her thing' and was 'way too out there'. After more probing and pushing from my other friends who thoroughly enjoyed the movie (some new to anime themselves), she admitted she just doesn't like anime. This, obviously, confused me. I know this girl very very well and I know that she was smiling and laughing during the movie, the cutesy scenes had to be right down her alley. I think her predisposition against anime as a whole stops her from admitting the truth -she liked this movie.

    I'm glad the Academy honored this film, it was justly deserved.
  14. kurohoshi

    kurohoshi New Member

    I agree. Princess Mononoke was his best work (although I believe it all to be good). I would have to say that Princess Mononoke and Spirited Away were my favorite, though.
  15. NinjaPirate101

    NinjaPirate101 Database Moderator

    ~~~~for find your anime buddy or whoever~~~~~
    OKay well this is my 2nd time watching it and i still love it, it never gets old. This movie and Howl's moving castle were my favorites of his movies.. I found this movie made me laugh and feel really low in some parts. I loved how you can get a feel for the characters. What did you think of the movie?

    DRASTICC New Member

    Okay, due to a busy schedule and constant interruptions I will watch this. I'm anime bud, for I had failed you. Since this will be my first viewing of this anime, I will go into this with a clear head. So far the artistry seemed a lil' childish, but the buzz around it was too loud to ignore. So wish me luck!
  17. xmasGhost

    xmasGhost Guest

    I've watched this movie several times and every time I watch it, I always find it extremely saddening.

    DRASTICC New Member

    Why so saddening? Well I enjoyed this. Yea, it's seemed kidish at first, but the dialogue was great, the characters were interesting, and even the small moments was enjoyable. And most of all they didn't leave any noticeable gaps in the story. I can see now why it was such an epic classic by so many.
  19. NinjaPirate101

    NinjaPirate101 Database Moderator

    i agree with you wholeheartly. I love this even if it does seem kidish, but the dialoge, the scenes way outlevel a simple kid movie, making this one really admirable in letting all different ages be able to enjoy this movie numorous times. xD

    DRASTICC New Member

    I agree, that whole childish fairly tail look sorta threw me off. I enjoyed the dialog the most simply because it made it interesting no matter how old you are. The character development, and the well thought out plot made this anme on my top favorites.

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