Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse (2018)

Discussion in 'Entertainment' started by Remond, Jun 6, 2018.

  1. Remond

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    Posted by Remond on Jun 6, 2018

    Plot: "Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse" introduces Brooklyn teen Miles Morales, and the limitless possibilities of the Spider-Verse, where more than one can wear the mask.
    Release Date: 13 December 2018
    Directors: Peter Ramsey, Rodney Rothman and Robert Persichetti Jr.
    Screenplay: Phil Lord

    Miles Morales – Shameik Moore
    Peter Parker – Jake Johnson
    Gwen Stacy / Spider-Gwen – Hailee Steinfeld
    May Parker – Lily Tomlin
    Jefferson Davis (Miles’ Father) – Brian Tyree
    Rio Morales (Miles’ Mother) – Luna Lauren Velez
    Aaron Davis / Prowler (Miles' Uncle) – Mahershala Ali
    Wilson Fisk / Kingpin – Liev Schreiber

    Not big on the idea of Spider-Gwen (or Spider-Verse), and Peter's voice sounds kinda lame (lacking that cheerful and energetic tone), but the rest of it and the concept of the movie itself already look more interesting than Spider-Man: Homecoming ever did (especially with the appearance of adult Peter, probably the oldest incarnation of the character that's ever appeared on-screen). It also looks like a very fun movie full of quips and wit. Might check out the movie, but I'll wait for the reviews first.
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    Posted by Schizm on Jun 6, 2018
    I'm actually pretty hyped for this movie and even though I know not too much about the Spider-Verse I freaking love Miles and Spider-Gwen. The CGI animation style looks a bit choppy to me but I guess that's what they are going for, like trying to find their own style. Definitely fits Miles, though.
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  3. Remond

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    Posted by Remond on Jun 6, 2018
    I actually like that the animation has a comic book style to it. Reminds me of the Activision "Ultimate Spider-Man" video game released in 2005, which had a similar 'sketchy' kind of animation to it.
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  4. randomredneck

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    Tap dancing Christ, that animation is an affront to the eyes.
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  5. Fargo

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    Posted by Fargo on Jun 7, 2018
    I'm all for the animation, it feels like it's got a tinge of Laika in it.

    I'm actually very excited for this, that new trailer helped raise this hype for me just below Avengers 4 for movies I'm looking forward to. I was skeptical back when Sony first announced an animated Spider-Man movie but I think they're gonna delight this time.
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  6. niotabunny

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    I'll give it a go, mostly because I'm a Spiderman and cartoon fan, but it looks like one more dvd for the road. in all honesty it's not really all that eye catching to me, so it just might be one of those I don't bother pushing up to the top of the list like I do other things. not really appreciated how they ran with this one, so I'll judge officially when I see it, but this is seriously not an anticipated one for me.
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    I posted this in WMMD a few days ago because it's nothing short of a masterpiece :3

    Bongo peni parker is what we all need
  9. SerialExperimentsTox

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    Im still shocked I enjoyed this movie to the extent I did. I mean, sure, I knew the animation was going to be good, but I wasn't expecting the plot to be good. Between this and the PS4 game Spider-Man has become one of my favorite heroes in the marvel universe.

    So part of the reason I wasn't expecting much is because Bendis can't write good characters for the life of him, Jessica Jones being the only exception. Miles was written horribly in the comics, and I assumed they were just going to stick with that. Even if they changed it though, Sony was writing this so there was still every chance it'd be done terribly. So imagine my surprise when it became one of my favorite superhero movies of all time.

    I especially need to gush about how they handled his uncle. In the comics he was straight up abusive once he found out Mile's identity, blackmailing him to commit crimes and then blaming Miles for his death with his dying breath, despite the fact that Miles didn't do anything. It was the most botched part of his origin, and they fixed it just by making him react in a way that matched how he acted previously. He went from a dying like a douchebag to being the one who gives Miles a reason to become Spider Man and it's amazing.

    I can gush and gush about the music and the animation and the jokes and literally everything about it forever, but I'll just end it here because this is already way too long. Baby I'm a wreck
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  10. ZetsubouKaiji

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    Dad bod sweat pants wearing Spider-Man is my new spirit animal. It's really all that I aspire to be. A Spider-Man so beaten down by an uncaring world that he's become a cynic and yet he still has the gumption to be a hero when the time calls is really as a high as I think I could reach.

    Also, that Spiderverse movie was pretty groovy. The soundtrack was shit, though. It peaked at Biggie and sucked for the rest of the run.

    Really though if someone wants to jump into Spider-Man then this movie is the place to start because while it's not comic book accurate, it's more importantly true to the spirit of Spider-Man and it gets the morals and themes that were essential in the character's creation. There have been multiple versions of the character, but in all the good ones the core of the character has remain consistent and that's what is truly important.

    Also, giving Kingpin an actual motive beyond just being the bad guy was cool. 7 out of 10
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  12. Gens

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    Posted by Gens on Mar 8, 2019
  13. BrainBlow

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    They made an entire spin-off series for that one pink cat lego thing from The Lego Movie, so why not.
  14. TurkeyGami

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    But by that line of logic Spider-Ham will be the one to get the spinoff
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  16. ZetsubouKaiji

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    Whatever as long as we get a noir parody starring Nick Cage as Spider-Man Noir.
  17. BrainBlow

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    Isn't Nick actually the VA of Noir?
    Yes, yes he is.
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  18. ZetsubouKaiji

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    Also, hopefully more Spider-Man 2099 in the sequel and I wouldn't mind another cameo from 1960s cartoon Spider-Man. It'd be neat to include Ben Riley as well. As much of a mess as the clone saga was Scarlet Spider is actually pretty cool.

    He sure did and I would like that to continue. He didn't get to do much in the movie, but he nailed every line that he did have.
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  19. ZetsubouKaiji

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    The real burning question is: were Aunt May and Liv totes in lesbian with each other in the past?
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  20. randomredneck

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    ...Just gonna put that concept in the ol' 'Story idea' folder...
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