Spice and Wolf

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    I feel pretty happy to have finally seen a series that I've heard good things about. Its a shame there is only the 2nd season, the specials and the ova left. I was thinking about the light novels, but there's a lot of backlog and other seasonal anime to watch too. I can only wish like others that a third season may be made at some point, cause like others, I have grown to love the characters and story.
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    I watched this so long ago I almost feel like I shouldn't say I watched it anymore oh my yikes.
    But I KNOW I watched it all. oof​
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    Recently re-watched in sub completely after having watched it in dub almost a decade ago. Excellent anime and my rating for it actually went up from what I gave it based off of vague memory before.

    Hats off to the director and the LN writer. The animation was pretty nice too. Not too many scenes of potato distant shots with stick figure faces and bucket paint jobs.
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    [sadht=Okami to Koshinryo, Wolf and Spice]Spice and Wolf[/sadht][sadhl=1663]spice-and-wolf[/sadhl][sadhdc][/sadhdc]
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    Courtesy of my Secret Santa, I am here and I decided that it might be a good thing to share my thoughts while I’m watching it. Never did something like this before so let’s see how it goes. All I know about Spice and Wolf is that it is supposed to be a romance between a goddess and a merchant, and that back in the days it was good enough to force one of my IRL acquaintances to learn Japanese so that he could read specifically the Spice and Wolf LNs (and to the extent of my knowledge he was successful in his endeavour).

    Without further ado,

    The opening song is nice and seems to set up a serious mood. Lawrence seems like an intelligent and thoughtful guy. Well, he is a merchant after all. Chloe is weird, she seemed to be tempting Lawrence a lot, not sure what she is after but I have a premonition we will see her again and not in a good way. Holo’s personality I couldn’t quite grasp yet but I sense some bitterness towards people of the village from her short ecology lesson.

    I have some apprehension towards how big of a role church and religion will play in this. Not much, I hope. What else? A lot of nudity here, but by the end of the episode Holo was finally clothed.

    Well, Lawrence is indeed quick-witted, but the balance of power in his partnership with Holo appears to be not on his side. In the previous episode Lawrence was thinking how Holo may bring him good luck and eventually more money, but I don’t think he’ll see a profit here. The fact that Holo needs to have wheat to exist seems pretty dangerous. And we had yet another opportunity to see her naked, is that a pattern? Can’t help but think that she looks more like a fox rather than a wolf in her human form.

    I’m curious to see how the plot with Zheren will continue. Moreover, there are a lot of differences between Holo and Lawrency, it would be pretty interesting to see them getting closer to each other.
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    The craving Holo had for apples felt almost palpable. I take back what I said about profits, she seems more than capable enough, at least when it comes to furs. The series starts to dive deeper into economy topics. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised, as we are following the life of a merchant after all. That makes the anime a challenging watch, since you have to pay close attention to the conversations to be able to understand what’s going on, but it’s challenging in a good and fun way.

    Zheren and the plot about currency exchange was not resolved yet. Does having an enhanced hearing counts as cheating?

    This episode just passed so quickly. First, we start with a beautiful scene between Lawrence and Holo, where they are faced with a potential threat of separation quite soon if Lawrence can get enough money out of this venture. Then, we learn about Holo’s extreme feeling of loneliness, now that’s a trait I’ve seen before in many immortal beings. Lawrence is too sweet and succumbed pretty quickly. And after a cute moment of him comforting Holo, things went south. I, too, wondered what Media Trading can accomplish by getting hold of Lawrence, but it seems like Holo was their target all along.

    Can't claim to have understood the economics background of all what's going just yet. Much more event-filled episode, with a darker turn to boot. The church is also getting involved somehow (please, no!) and it all ended on a cliffhanger.
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    Pretty uneventful episode, some dialogue here and there, some crawling through sewers. At least it is clear now what the scheme with the currency is. I guess, Holo and Lawrence had different ideas how to go about the rescue. Chloe is back and my premonition from the first episode was spot on. Also, this:


    Fairly fast-paced episode this time around. Holo is terrifying in her wolf (true?) form, and once she has turned those guys were not as brave as when they had only one wounded merchant and a woman before them. Seeing Lawrence cowering in fear must have been disheartening for Holo, but he managed to find the right words and convince her to stay.

    The idea is to trade in spices now, heh, and the journey will continue.

    With that I’m halfway through. Can’t decide what I think about the series just yet, it feels as though it will keep going in a three-way split between economics, slight romance and a bit of drama. Conversations between Holo and Lawrence are the highlight of the anime so far, keeping the story together nicely.
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    I very much like your understanding of the series and seeing its strengths. Yes, it is a lot about economics, which might get many people bored with this show, pitifully. However, for example me, as master in economics, it was pretty neat to hear about its basics in an anime, to my big surprise. Sometimes animes do dive down into interesting topics pretty deeply: As much as I am not the biggest fan of Food Wars, one cannot deny the knowledge of cooking being imprinted in there, or in Grand Blue secrets and quirks about sea-diving. And it makes sense here, it's not some conjured nonsense from a sleeve.

    Yep, the three-way split will continue and it's pretty much what the show is about. But I don't mind and I mainly appreciate the great synergy Holo with Lawrence has. Generaly Holo is one of my favorite characters in the whole anime galaxy, since I always enjoy witty characters. And not only Ryuk loves apples.
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    A wizard who controls wolfs, huh? Lawrence totally piqued Holo’s curiosity about honeyed apples. I guess, the scale was rigged, but Holo put quite a spectacle there. And she proves time and again how easy it is for her to play on Lawrence’s weaknesses to get what she wants. So, why did she detest the golden-haired woman so much: for being a shepherd, or for being beautiful and getting too much attention from Lawrence, or both? Not meeting any wizards any time soon. In fact, Holo’s existence is the only supernatural thing, so I can assume that everyone else is as normal as possible for the moment.

    A bit puzzled by Holo’s attitude towards Nora. I think she, as a wolf, just dislikes her, but Holo did not miss the opportunity to tease Lawrence, when she was questioned. Nora is lovely, but I don’t believe her employer is any good, and if I saw it right all the townsfolk hurried to get as far away from her as possible for some reason. Another thing I noticed is a weird reaction from the officials upon hearing that Lawrence brought armour.

    I smell trouble brewing: both with Nora, and with armour.

    I am not a master in economics (in mathematics, actually) so it takes some thinking for me to follow the plot at times, but that's good. It certainly doesn't look out of place and it makes sense for it to be a major part. And I like to see unique series with their own spirit, with something setting them apart.
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    Posted by Safaq on Dec 1, 2019
    Holo is such a tease. So, Nora is hated in the city because they think she is a fairy, or a witch, or whatever… And she is employed by the church. Great, just great. Moreover, the market price for armour has fallen and Lawrence is in huge debt now. Also, he has just two days to return it. Then he starts desperately running around the city trying to get help, but everyone he turns to refuses him. As things started looking as if they can’t get any worse, I began to think that there was only one thing remaining to make it even bleaker: a falling-out with Holo. And, yep, there we go, just as expected.

    But the reason for it is just infuriating. Not living according to teachings of god by having a woman with him? I admit that for a medieval Europe setting, it is a reasonable premise, but that doesn’t make it any less infuriating. From the very start I was convinced that church can’t mean anything good and… I guess I’ll cut myself short here before I say something really offensive.

    So many things happened. After a slow start the series has picked up a significant pace. So, Holo is blaming herself for, essentially, providing Lawrence with an opportunity to make a mistake. Lawrence blames himself for lashing out on Holo last episode. The quarrel was fairly short and ended up in a weird scene where it felt as though both were acting a scene in a play and not speaking for themselves. There was a strange moment with Nora too. Did her employers decided that they had enough of her and decided to send her to a certain death?

    Anyway, the wise wolf is quick to come out with a plan and Nora agrees to take part in it. How convenient that there is a heathen city nearby, lol. Still, after depressed Lawrence of the last episode it was great to see confident Lawrence again.
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    Nora proves to quite capable at her job. This episode Holo gets to tease not only Lawrence but Nora as well, which was quite fun to see. Those jabs at Lawrence when she was talking about Enek were really amusing. To be honest I wasn’t expecting any trouble with wolves. But the giant wolf and the sheer numbers of the pack were astounding.

    This episode established two things for me. First, Holo, even though she looks like a human with cute ears and a tail, actually is a wolf and can be terrifying if she wants (or needs) to. Second, the series is not all fun and games. Quite frankly, Lawrence lives in a world, where you can get maimed by church for any arbitrary reason, your own merchant-“friends” are fiercely competitive and would you any opportunity to dump you somewhere and get rid of a rival, and even if they don’t it’s still incredibly easy to go bankrupt by making an unfortunate investment. A very scary world, indeed.

    - Hey, isn’t there something you want to say?
    - You have a wonderful tail.

    A very strong episode to finish off the first season. The way Holo have dealt with the wolves, so unexpected, yet so fitting, showing how much she values Lawrence’s company. He, at the same time still holds on to the cloak she left. The whole chase scene with Lawrence riding on the back of Holo felt so different from what I’ve seen so far in the series, yet again so fitting. And after all that Holo was surprisingly obedient at leaving all major decisions at Lawrence’s discretion. Hope she will get her honey-preserved peaches one day. And in the end it was Lawrence this time who completely played Holo. It seems like he caught up and no longer at the her mercy. Such an amusing pair.

    Overall, after a rather slow start, this anime picked up my interest and kept my attention. It may not have put me in a state of emotional turmoil like I had recently with Key the Metal Idol, but still Spice and Wolf felt like a very strong, fresh, and fascinating anime. The only real shortcoming I can name is that to a large extent it felt like a tip of an iceberg, a preface to something big that ended way too soon. With that I’ll be moving to the second season.
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    I'm planning on watching Spice and Wolf soon since I've always wanted to for quite a long time.
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