Special 7: Special Crime Investigation Unit

Discussion in 'Currently Airing Anime' started by Zed60K, Mar 20, 2019.

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    Posted by Zed60K on Mar 20, 2019
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  2. Zed60K

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    Posted by Zed60K on Mar 20, 2019
  3. daisicles

    daisicles Well-Known Member

    Well, I watched the first ep for one reason and one reason alone: Kenjiro Tsuda's voice. And I definitely wasn't disappointed.

    Ep 1
    This is some fine quality dumb fluff right here, I approve.

    Is this ep great? Nah, it's straight up by the numbers intro-with-action and reminds me of a bunch of different action shows. The op in particular looks like they stole half of it from Midnight occult civil servants' op, which is fine bc they're both pulling from that same small pool of urban fantasy govt bureau tropes (such as they are), so might as well go all out in borrowing aesthetics too.

    But does it also have a lady vampire with a cool sword slicing up bullets? Fuck yes, it does. I didn't even know I wanted a lady vampire with a cool sword slicing up bullets until I got it and now that's all I've ever needed. Hopefully she'll get some more character development going on later, but at the very least, I'll be happy with the cool sword. (The cool sword + Kenjiro Tsuda talking, anyway)

    I only watched this in the first place for the cast (which is excellent), but I reckon I'll watch for at least a bit longer bc it's pretty promising on the enjoyable dumb fluff front.
  4. Akishima

    Akishima Well-Known Member

    Episode 1 wasn't terribly attention grabbing, but this is the sort of show I adore, so I'll be watching it all season regardless of whether it does anything new or not. The central mystery sounds mildly intriguing at any rate, and as I just finished Cop Craft today, this means there will be no gap in my fantasy action cop mystery watching. Lackluster as the year has been in most regards, I've never had three seasons of back to back detective action like this before. It's amazing, and I hope this is a new trend in anime. Also, Kenjiro Tsuda...I'm with @daisicles here- I'd probably watch it just for him.
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  5. Cherstal

    Cherstal Well-Known Member

    Episode 1

    I dig it.
    It's neat how this show takes place a good amount of time after the introduction of vampires/elves/etc into society, to the point that enough time has passed for people get integrated and work out the issues. Now everyone's mostly just chilling (and trying to deal with the terrorists together).

    The character designs are cool, I haven't seen any that look quite like this before so they're nice to look at even if they don't animate well.

    Action plotline aside, there's definitely more to our MC than what meets the eye. I call BS on him "dodging" that bullet, our guy totally took the hit but absorbed the damage somehow. And was it just me or did the guy from the beginning look just like the MC, just with a different haircut? I was honestly thinking that he was supposed to be a future version of him or something (kinda like Josuke's savior in Jojo's).
    I haven't seen a lot of detective anime before but I think I'll keep up with this one for the time being.
  6. daisicles

    daisicles Well-Known Member

    The guy in the beginning definitely looked a lot like him, to the point that even though I know "onii" doesn't just mean older brother, I was briefly under the impression that they were brothers and was confused about why they were acting like strangers. There's definitely something going on - the shot to the stomach was too obvious - but I hadn't really thought about the potential connections between the main character and the cop from the fire that way.
  7. randomredneck

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    It has potential. Also has a hot vampire with a sword.

    I'll watch.
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  8. BurntJelly

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    heavy breathing....

    The entire thing should be animated like the OP.

    Shouts: "Don't go for the alarm, they'll shoot you!" ...

    1.0/5 dropped
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  9. daisicles

    daisicles Well-Known Member

    Yup, this show isn't winning any awards for originality any time soon.

    Ep 2:
    The crime was mildly interesting this time but that resolution was so perfunctory. "Yup, the secretaries got together and planned all four murders. Here, have this drink, we gotta go tell the families we made arrests." And in the scuffle, it looked like Mr Newbie got hurt again, but I couldn't tell if that was actually the case or not - if they're building to a revelation with that, I hope they start to make it clearer soon.

    Anyway, they obviously would much rather spend time on the main characters right now and that's fine by me bc I'm def still watching for characters' voices. I think it'd be fun if they had at least one ep devoted to the team trying to scrounge up a case from another department (though the whole "actually we have to go hunting for cases!" thing does make Mr Newbie's addition to the team even more inexplicable than usual with this trope) bc then they wouldn't even have to bother showing the crime stuff that they obviously don't care that much about.

    Or they could hurry along to the terrorist ringleader with the interesting hair, I'd be fine with that too.

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