So I'm a Spider, So What?

Discussion in 'Specific Anime Discussion' started by Damias, Oct 28, 2019.

  1. KazeVongola

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    I took a break from this anime after episode 12ish since it was annoying me to the point where I really wasn't feeling it, but now that I resumed watching it and binged it all in one sitting, I'm... yeah, still not a fan.

    First problem, the visuals:
    The CG is Berserk (2016) levels of bad, if making 100% of the monsters CG wasn't bad enough, in the later episodes in every single battle, every single human in the field is transformed into this janky PS3 tier CG (yes even the main characters), often running on low framerates, and some times you can't even tell the distance between them. Very lazy. In my opinion, if they're gonna half ass it, just don't make it in the first place. Pick a style and stick with it. Speaking of not being able to choose a style...

    Next problem, the pacing:
    If we take out the Kumoko parts from this anime, it would be a seasonal "dark and edgy" isekai, but at least you'd know what you're in for. However in its current state, it just feels needlessly chaotic. The mood keeps jumping from dark tragic shit to Kumoko motor-mouthing away and getting into funny hijinks. One episode we have dozens of people getting slaughtered, little sister getting mind controlled into murdering her own father and then becoming the crybaby bully character's (implied) c*mdump, and then next episode we get: Haha look at the funny spider, she's singing and dancing and oopsie she got into a bit of trouble teehee pero... (btw we never see what happens to the sister again... so thank you show, for setting up a traumatic scenario that could transform her into a more complex tragic character, only to just pretend it never happened and have everyone forget about it, cause the writers sure have. Aka: artificial drama)
    It just feels off, just pick a mood and stick with it. Not to mention the needless time jumps are also very jarring and because it jumps around from one timeline to another even in the same episode, it can get annoying to follow.

    But I still enjoy the manga, which is 100% Kumoko based, so you'd think I'd enjoy the parts where she's present at least. Not to mention she's voiced by the amazing Aoi Yuuki. But honestly, as much as I enjoyed her in the manga, she's downright annoying in the anime, listening to her motor-mouth every second she's on screen is one thing, but the added dancing and singing and lame gags just kills it for me. Although I will admit, this might just be a "me problem", so take it with a grain of salt.

    Overall, its not the worst anime I watched this season or the previous one, but if this is what we got from such a promising story, maybe it would have been better if it wasn't adapted into an anime at all.
  2. caticornio

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    The hero and his party are just so annoying I really want Shun to die already.
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  3. randomredneck

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  4. randomredneck

    randomredneck Well-Known Member

    So the last episode has been postponed until who knows when.
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  5. hisignalize

    hisignalize Active Member

    Wouldn't expect anything less from Shin Itagaki, a.k.a. CLANGman. It's a miracle it didn't collapse sooner.
  6. KenCoster

    KenCoster New Member

    I was looking forward to it being over today.Ah well.

    Would be funny though if Kumo would show up and curbstomp Shun & Co.
  7. Mayobe

    Mayobe Active Member

    Part of me is like, "Go figure." Another part of me is like, "They should have done this four weeks ago."
  8. MUDMAN2021Chall

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    People are bashing on this show, and to be fair, the past episodes (especially the human parts) haven't been stellar animation or story-wise. But they're not supposed to be, sure that's no excuse for bad animation and rigging, but the star of the show is our friendly little spider, who is looking as good as ever. If only the show would make the show 70%spider 30% human instead of doing it 50/50 this show would be so much better. I also got whiplash from them going from CGI to 2-D, but I genuinely think that the CGI is pretty good (providing that the animators have the time to make it look good) there is very little jank and I am hoping that this final episode will have the polish it deserves.
    This is the first show that Millepensee that is not an absolute dumpster fire, and I for one am looking forward for what's to come.
  9. Sajonji

    Sajonji Well-Known Member

    Final thoughts (yes, there is still one episode to come, but we don't know when & it probably won't sway me in any kind):
    Overall i enjoyed the show way more than i initially thought. The spider parts are adorable, cute, funny, simply what kept me watching. The parts about the humans are your standard run of the mill isekai, not really anything noteworthy about them.
    The humour with our high-energetic spider is probably hit-or-miss for most people, it was an absolute hit for me. Some moments really had me chuckling out loud, doesn't happen too often with anime. And the voice actress of the spider absolutely nailed it imo, best part about the show.
    Coming to the animation and the CGI: yeah it is bad. Especially the constant switching between 2D and 3D got on my nerves.
    But, well, it still looks better than the CGI masterpiece Ex-Arms, so ... that's an achievement .... i guess ?
    The only great CGI i've ever seen in anime was in Land of the Lustrous. Make it like they did or leave it out, arigato gozaimasu.

    8 / 10 from me, looking forward to the last episode whenever that will be and hopefully a 2nd season.
  10. TheRogueNob

    TheRogueNob Member

    Those are mechs…… not golems or literally anything a fantasy show could muster but straight up hawken ass mechs ‍♂️, also the cgi is killing me know at least before there was a split from spidergirl(cgi) and hero boy(animation) now it’s just all messed up also the animations is mostly good why not just stick with that the whole time…
  11. MrLolo

    MrLolo Active Member

    Someone really should make a fan edit of this show and cut out all the human or non-spider story parts. It'd be such a fun show!
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  12. MrLolo

    MrLolo Active Member

    The irony is that the spider character might have ruined the show. It was just way too likable, making every other aspect of the snow uninteresting in comparison. All the politics, medieval power struggles, and even the story was just taking time away from the spider doing it's fun cute spidery things!
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  13. Mayobe

    Mayobe Active Member

    That's like saying the existence of candy detracts from the experience of eating poop.
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  14. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I think it's more a candy/cake vs. broccoli argument.

    While I agree the humans were the negative of the show I think on their own they did have a halfway decent story.
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  15. randomredneck

    randomredneck Well-Known Member

    And I completely disagree. Even on their own, the human plot is about as generic an isekai plot as it gets.
  16. hisignalize

    hisignalize Active Member

    The hiatus is over, it officially ends this Saturday. And as it turns out, the blame is on the outsourcing, at the very least according to someone actually working on it:

    They essentially had to redraw everything in their own studio but at the same time needed to keep themselves to the deadline, otherwise they might lose potential future jobs. So it was not Itagaki's fault.
  17. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Posted by Guest on Jul 1, 2021
    So I've noticed I have this bad habit of over explaining and/or filling in story gaps. Do you mind if I rant about my thoughts either in this thread, on your profile, or via IM? If you'd rather not, totally cool, and if you're down, let me know which method you prefer.

    I guess my first question to you is - why do you think the human side is generic?
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  18. randomredneck

    randomredneck Well-Known Member

    Because it is. It is your bog standard fantasy genre squad. You've got 2 people who could potentially be interesting here. The guy who was reincarnated as a girl, and the one reincarnated as a dragon. But Red (I forget his name...her name? Whatever.) is so secondary I forget about them half the time. And the dragon has been reduced to your generic cute monster girl type.

    Our hero here, whatever his fucking name is (It's kind of telling I find these people so boring that I haven't bothered to memorize their names after 23 episodes) has all the entertainment value of a shoe. He is basically the default option on an isekai protagonist creator. His look is generic, his backstory is generic, his motivations are generic...he is the most whitebread type of isekai protagonist.

    And all the rest are basically ancillary, so who cares about them.

    On their own they'd be a generic isekai show I forget about in like a week. But here, their generic bullcrap takes away from fun times with Spider. And that makes them insufferable.
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  19. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Posted by Guest on Jul 1, 2021
    Here's my view on it (and, understand, I fill in my own head cannon to make things more enjoyable):

    I think it's an interesting concept to have one character with clear memories of the past lives (the teacher) who takes measures to "protect" those former lives (going so far as to kidnap them and possibly kill their families or caretakers). The kids have vague, at best, memories of their past lives, and many appreciate the lives they had in this new world (born rich, royal, etc), while some relent their new lives (born poor, outcast, etc) which causes a rifts between former friends. Cut from two characters with blades locked, ready to kill the other, to their previous lives assisting each other to score the winning goal or whatever else. Some may even believe the teacher and hope to return to their past lives which they sadly lost, since this new world is only a second chance, since their old selves died in their previous worlds, which only bolsters support for the "selfish" kids who want to be OP in the new world.
  20. hisignalize

    hisignalize Active Member

    If I may... I think them being "generic" is on purpose. Especially when it comes to Shun, our "hero". Well, he certainly has a hero complex, but we've seen it in his past that it's only a front. In reality, he's a very judgemental person, as we've seen it how he treated Negishi - the fanged girl who later became Sophia, the vampire girl - as a freak of nature behind her back. He's the typical "nice guy", who's only nice to good-looking girls so he can score points - and possibly something else - with them. But at the same time, he's dumb as a sack of potatoes, not only not noticing the girls advancing on him - which is pretty usual of harem protagonists - but how the world is around him (to be fair, as a child of high-ranking nobles, he lived a sheltered life). Were it not for Sensei, he would long be dead. As a typical hero, he's a pretty shabby one, or to be more precise, an aversion, someone who doesn't fit the role at all.

    In fact, it's been heavily implied at this point that the actual villain of the story is Potimas, and he's supposed to fight on his side.

    I don't disagree about the other 2 girls: they've been put on the back burner for a while. Maybe they'll have more roles in the future, but who knows: 1 episode has left and honestly I don't know whether we'll get more seasons. This one has traumatized the team more than enough.

    Spider-time, of course, is more entertaining, but these 2 stories are supposed to be interconnected, at the very least that was the intention. From what I've heard, last episode is supposed to have a pretty big twist, that is going to clear everything up so far and why was the story told the way it is. Let's hope it succeeds.

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