Smile Down the Runway

Discussion in 'Specific Anime Discussion' started by Zed, Sep 13, 2019.

  1. Zed

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    Posted by Zed on Sep 13, 2019
  2. BrainBlow

    BrainBlow Well-Known Member

    Yass! This will hopefully be done well. Whatever studio is doing this will have to be one that's good at moments of flair.
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  3. Gens

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    Posted by Gens on Sep 16, 2019
  4. BrainBlow

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  5. Gens

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    Posted by Gens on Sep 16, 2019
    I mean I can at least futilely hope although I'd prefer a studio with a well known name than one I've barely heard of before and doesn't have much of a reputation.......
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  6. BrainBlow

    BrainBlow Well-Known Member

    Well, all famous studios start somewhere, and not always with an instant bang...
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  7. randomredneck

    randomredneck Well-Known Member

    ...Too short to be a model? I am like 99% sure that's not a thing.
  8. Nicknames

    Nicknames Database Moderator

    AFAIK there's some sort of an unwritten rule that models should be between 1.70 and 1.90 (with about 1.80 being the ideal height)
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  9. BrainBlow

    BrainBlow Well-Known Member

    It absolutely is for runway models. It might not be strictly codified, but it's the reality.
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  10. ZetsubouKaiji

    ZetsubouKaiji Forum Moderator Database Moderator

    This thing better pull out all the stops for the runway stop. That shit needs to be the smoothest sexiest animation in the world.
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  11. Thrawn


    There should be two criteria to being a model:

    1. Be attractive.
    2. Don't be unattractive.

    For runway models, those two and:

    3. Sexy, long and sexy legs.
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  12. BrainBlow

    BrainBlow Well-Known Member

    Which is basically part of why there's an implicit height requirement most of the time.
  13. BrainBlow

    BrainBlow Well-Known Member

    New preview. Doesn't show all that much. Sound quality sounds odd.
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  14. BrainBlow

    BrainBlow Well-Known Member

  15. randomredneck

    randomredneck Well-Known Member

    Hard pass.
  16. OneCraftyLady

    OneCraftyLady Well-Known Member

    I expected this one to be less interesting than the Synopsis made it sound based on the picture. I'm going to give it a chance ^_^
  17. Wakasagihime

    Wakasagihime Member

    I've been reading the manga since it was at about like chapter 10-15 ish. It's not GOAT material, but it's pretty decent if not good. Despite being published as shounen as well. It's good to not set expectations too high, but I'm looking forward to watching it to say the least.
  18. Ebonyslayer

    Ebonyslayer Well-Known Member

    I've been reading it all the way up to chapter 97, and I really like how the author has progressed the story and the characters. Although I think the industry is trying to give more experience to newer studios, even if that studio hasn't really done anything memorable. But I think what really got my attention for the series is that its a shonen that is focused on fashion modeling. Its interesting to see a shonen series explore something really different.

    I know there's also Paradise Kiss, but it felt kind of short and maybe didn't get too balls deep with the fashion. Overall, I feel hopeful for this adaption.
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  19. ZetsubouKaiji

    ZetsubouKaiji Forum Moderator Database Moderator

    First episode was pretty good. If you don't like the determined shounen sports protagonist type then Fujito will probably get on your nerves. She's dogged about her dream despite a physical barrier she can't surpass. I found her to be bearable for the most part.

    I liked that her father was a good dude and none of the fashion people rejecting her were outright villains they really were just trying to make her see she didn't have the physical attributes to be a runway model. When she gets Tsumura involved her father doesn't just steal the dress design, but offers the kid a job.

    Overall, it's a typical start to this kind of show, but it has some charm. The art is nice and the animation is decent in spots.
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  20. knoxyal

    knoxyal Database Moderator

    I like the first episode and the premise. Sheer will power doesn’t always buy you everything, but it’s also true that there’s no way if there’s no will.

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